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Solar Flare Competitive League - Season 3 - Qualifier 1

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[e][h]Solar Flare Competitive League - Season 3 - Qualifier 1
League Information
Solar Flare Competitive LeagueSolar Flare Competitive League Solar Flare Competitive League
North America North America
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


  • Swiss System
    • All matches are Bo1.
    • Nine rounds.
  • Top 10 teams advance to the Closed Qualifier.

Prize Pool[edit]


S Pouldy
2 Stocky
Main Roster
1 Saucy
2 Reckless
3 perca
4 Magnus
5 para
1 Thrtn
2 Tensa
Main Roster
1 E-X-0
2 Alpacka
3 Zanky
4 Crookid
5 Stevie
Alter Reality
1 Min
Main Roster
1 Kobe
2 Nico
3 Tristan
4 Mthw
5 Candle
Breakpoint Esports
1 Empress
2 Asher
3 Hydros
Main Roster
1 Ahwni
2 Yeji
3 Shy
4 Kyuhz
5 Squeaky
Brothers of Intelligence
1 ender
Main Roster
1United States Tvco
2 splashy
3 cherub
4 gizmo
5 chi
Coastal Gaming
1 Army
2 Sabes
Main Roster
1 Relajado
2 Sakuta
3 Bumza
4 Gohan
5 Hanzo
SUnited States lilHomie
Main Roster
1United States Fate
2United States Cobra
3United States Kardama
4United States Fry
5United States SgtTaylor
Gaming Next Elite
1 Oeadr
Main RosterStaff
MCanada Fayte
Main RosterSubstitutes
1 ChromaTi
2 Kayzen
3 Lynix
4 Zaaxh
5 Ryxzer
InControl Nation
1United States Esteem
Main Roster
1United States JJBlazt
2United States Indy
3United States Max1ly
4United States Salt
5United States Nah
Infamous eSports
1 Cuban
Main Roster
1 ProXii
2 Decep
3 Hazmat
4 Joba
5 Gekyou
1 Chance
Main Roster
1 Kain
2 Revise
3 Zee
4 Xez
5 Wokeja
1 Bobster
2 Nuroxed
3 Corn
Main Roster
1 Alzomo
2 Viper
3 Carnadzy
4 Bxxming
5 Mrm
Lunar Cloud eSports White
1 ImEmilio
2 elyKooo
Main RosterStaff
C Uncrowned
Main RosterSubstitutes
1 Stoches
3 AlmiightyZack
4 Nanashi
5 rroiid
Mouse 1 4head
1 Goose
Main Roster
1 tru
2 bicks
3 cashy
4 trist
5 serve
N7 eSports International
1 Gryff
2 Shantzy
Main Roster
1 Lemon
2 Pineapple
3 Toaster
4 Bun
5 Zen
Nascent United
1 Jixhi
Main Roster
1 Skarping
2 Roxo
3 Shoe
4 Zurs
5 Barlow
SUnited States JiGGG
SCanada Smithers
Main Roster
1Canada Nebula
2United States Stern
3Canada Vasdex
4United States Mxreaper
5Canada Dunnie
Overture Gaming
1 Mitch
2 Benster
Main RosterStaff
C Benster
Main RosterSubstitutes
1 Hawks
2 vim
3 Cineaux
4 Blade
5 Shaca
Remy Boyz
1United States Zigalo
Main Roster
1United States iMatt
2United States Jettcon
3United States Taco
4United States Spaz
5United States Anarchy
Revenge Nation
S Hulldown
Main Roster
1 Kenny
2 Chosen
3 Skunky
4 Bigguy
5 Trevmak
SH Esports Bravo
SUnited States Reedsink
Main Roster
1United States Braction
2United States beeno
3United States Slothi
4United States Khal
5United States Riot
Siesta Stans
1 corn
Main Roster
1 eJay
2 Shraydi
3 Needlz
4 Sn6wz
5 Slinky
Striking Vipers
1 Baahaa
Main RosterStaff
C AC Brotherhood
Main RosterSubstitutes
1United States Retrospect
2 Walker
3United States Papa Star
4Canada Dame
5 Joey
Team Aviate
1 SyyKo
Main Roster
1 NotExil
2 Ppinos
3 Donut
4 Hox
5 Yaikel
1 SyyKo banned from SFCL indefinitely under evidence of cheating. [1]
Volauk Esports
S Cop
Main Roster
1 Falcon
2 Inferno
3 dz
4 Matt
5 Benny
Zero Frequency
1 strrife
2 Catto
3 CrusWarden
Main Roster
1United States Roc
2United States Woos
3 Ashfault
4 Angel
5 Kmp


#TeamMatchesRoundsRDPtsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9
1.InControl NationInControl Nation InControl Nation8-160-33+2724pMouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head7:3S8S87:3OrglessOrgless7:1Revenge NationRevenge Nation7:0WoofWoof7:5SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo8:7AviateGGAviateGG3:7Phantom LegionPhantom Legion7:4Team VersityTeam Versity7:3
2.WoofWoof Woof8-163-38+2524pLAG GamingLAG Gaming7:4Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports7:5DubiumDubium7:1SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo8:6InControl NationInControl Nation5:79-39-38:7Remy BoyzRemy Boyz7:4AviateGGAviateGGW:FFPhantom LegionPhantom Legion7:4
3.Remy BoyzRemy Boyz Remy Boyz6-357-46+1118p9-39-37:5Team ValkyrieTeam Valkyrie5:7Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite7:2Team VersityTeam Versity7:4Siesta StansSiesta Stans7:4AviateGGAviateGG5:7WoofWoof4:7Revenge NationRevenge Nation8:6SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo7:4
4.Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite Gaming Next Elite6-356-39+1718pSurf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy5:7Breakpoint EsportsBreakpoint Esports7:3Remy BoyzRemy Boyz2:7Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports7:3S8S87:3Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports7:4Phantom LegionPhantom Legion7:8St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans7:1AviateGGAviateGG7:3
5.SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo SH Esports Bravo6-361-48+1318pOverture GamingOverture Gaming7:4Siesta StansSiesta Stans8:6AviateGGAviateGG7:2WoofWoof6:8Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:1InControl NationInControl Nation7:8KingsmenKingsmen7:5DubiumDubium8:7Remy BoyzRemy Boyz4:7
6.Team VersityTeam Versity Team Versity6-351-42+918pPhantom LegionPhantom Legion1:75FPS5FPS7:3LAG GamingLAG Gaming7:1Remy BoyzRemy Boyz4:7Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy7:3Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White7:5Siesta StansSiesta Stans8:7OrglessOrgless7:2InControl NationInControl Nation3:7
7.AviateGGAviateGG AviateGG6-349-48+118pNew School OriginalsNew School Originals7:5St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans7:2SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo2:7S8S88:6Phantom LegionPhantom Legion8:6Remy BoyzRemy Boyz7:5InControl NationInControl Nation7:3WoofWoofFF:WGaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite3:7
8.9-39-3 9-36-361-43+1818pRemy BoyzRemy Boyz5:7Brothers of IntelligenceBrothers of Intelligence7:3Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports7:4New School OriginalsNew School OriginalsW:FFAlter RealityAlter Reality7:5WoofWoof7:8DubiumDubium7:8Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports7:4S8S87:4
9.Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports Achieve Esports6-357-46+1118pTeam RubyTeam RubyW:FFWoofWoof5:7S8S84:7Elation EsportsElation Esports8:7Mouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head8:7Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite4:7Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:2Siesta StansSiesta Stans7:4DubiumDubium7:5
10.OrglessOrgless Orgless6-347-45+218pInfamous eSportsInfamous eSports7:5Phantom LegionPhantom Legion7:3InControl NationInControl Nation1:7Siesta StansSiesta Stans2:7Striking VipersStriking Vipers7:3Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:5St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans7:4Team VersityTeam Versity2:7KingsmenKingsmen7:4
11.Phantom LegionPhantom Legion Phantom Legion5-453-50+315pTeam VersityTeam Versity7:1OrglessOrgless3:7Alter RealityAlter Reality7:5KingsmenKingsmen7:5AviateGGAviateGG6:8DubiumDubium7:3Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite8:7InControl NationInControl Nation4:7WoofWoof4:7
12.DubiumDubium Dubium5-452-48+415pLunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White7:4Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:3WoofWoof1:7St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans7:1Revenge NationRevenge Nation7:4Phantom LegionPhantom Legion3:79-39-38:7SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo7:8Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports5:7
13.Mouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head Mouse 1 4head5-455-39+1615pInControl NationInControl Nation3:7Elation EsportsElation Esports7:8Brothers of IntelligenceBrothers of Intelligence7:0Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports7:2Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports7:8Team ValkyrieTeam ValkyrieW:FFRevenge NationRevenge Nation3:7Striking VipersStriking Vipers7:55FPS5FPS7:2
14.Alter RealityAlter Reality Alter Reality5-457-43+1415pElation EsportsElation Esports7:5KingsmenKingsmen7:5Phantom LegionPhantom Legion5:7Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy7:29-39-35:7St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans5:7Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports7:8Overture GamingOverture Gaming7:2Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White7:0
14.KingsmenKingsmen Kingsmen5-454-40+1415pN7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports International7:3Alter RealityAlter Reality5:7Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports7:4Phantom LegionPhantom Legion5:7Team ValkyrieTeam ValkyrieW:FFSurf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy7:3SH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo5:7Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White7:2OrglessOrgless4:7
16.S8S8 S85-451-48+315pStriking VipersStriking Vipers7:5InControl NationInControl Nation3:7Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports7:4AviateGGAviateGG6:8Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite3:7Nascent UnitedNascent United7:2LAG GamingLAG Gaming7:3New School OriginalsNew School Originals7:59-39-34:7
16.Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports Volauk Esports5-447-44+315pSiesta StansSiesta StansFF:WOverture GamingOverture Gaming7:3KingsmenKingsmen4:7Mouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head2:7Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming8:6Striking VipersStriking VipersW:FFAlter RealityAlter Reality8:79-39-34:7Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports AcademyW:FF
18.Revenge NationRevenge Nation Revenge Nation5-447-45+215pCoastal GamingCoastal Gaming7:2Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy7:3Team ValkyrieTeam Valkyrie7:5InControl NationInControl Nation0:7DubiumDubium4:7Siesta StansSiesta Stans2:7Mouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head7:3Remy BoyzRemy Boyz6:8Zero FrequencyZero Frequency7:3
19.St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans St. Louis Leviathans5-443-44-115p5FPS5FPS7:4AviateGGAviateGG2:7Striking VipersStriking Vipers7:5DubiumDubium1:7Nascent UnitedNascent United7:2Alter RealityAlter Reality7:5OrglessOrgless4:7Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite1:7New School OriginalsNew School OriginalsW:FF
20.LAG GamingLAG Gaming LAG Gaming5-448-46+215pWoofWoof4:7Team RubyTeam Ruby7:0Team VersityTeam Versity1:7Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White4:7Brothers of IntelligenceBrothers of Intelligence7:5Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports7:1S8S83:7Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy7:5Siesta StansSiesta Stans8:7
21.New School OriginalsNew School Originals New School Originals4-543-43012pAviateGGAviateGG5:7Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming7:1Siesta StansSiesta Stans5:79-39-3FF:W5FPS5FPS7:3Elation EsportsElation Esports7:0Overture GamingOverture Gaming7:4S8S85:7St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis LeviathansFF:W
22.Siesta StansSiesta Stans Siesta Stans4-556-47+912pVolauk EsportsVolauk EsportsW:FFSH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo6:8New School OriginalsNew School Originals7:5OrglessOrgless7:2Remy BoyzRemy Boyz4:7Revenge NationRevenge Nation7:2Team VersityTeam Versity7:8Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports4:7LAG GamingLAG Gaming7:8
23.Zero FrequencyZero Frequency Zero Frequency4-542-44-212pBreakpoint EsportsBreakpoint Esports7:1DubiumDubium3:7Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White7:4Team ValkyrieTeam ValkyrieW:FFSH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo1:7OrglessOrgless5:7Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports2:7Elation EsportsElation Esports7:4Revenge NationRevenge Nation3:7
24.Elation EsportsElation Esports Elation Esports4-548-43+512pAlter RealityAlter Reality5:7Mouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head8:7Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy3:7Achieve EsportsAchieve Esports7:8Team RubyTeam RubyW:FFNew School OriginalsNew School Originals0:7Breakpoint EsportsBreakpoint EsportsW:FFZero FrequencyZero Frequency4:7Nascent UnitedNascent UnitedW:FF
25.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming4-546-43+312pSH Esports BravoSH Esports Bravo4:7Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports3:7N7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports International7:2Breakpoint EsportsBreakpoint Esports7:3Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White5:7Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming7:3New School OriginalsNew School Originals4:7Alter RealityAlter Reality2:7Team ValkyrieTeam ValkyrieW:FF
26.Striking VipersStriking Vipers Striking Vipers3-539-3909pS8S85:7N7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports International7:0St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans5:7Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming7:4OrglessOrgless3:7Volauk EsportsVolauk EsportsFF:WBrothers of IntelligenceBrothers of IntelligenceW:FFMouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head5:7W:FF
27.5FPS5FPS 5FPS3-539-41-29pSt. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans4:7Team VersityTeam Versity3:7Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming5:7N7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports International8:6New School OriginalsNew School Originals3:7W:FFNascent UnitedNascent UnitedW:FFBrothers of IntelligenceBrothers of IntelligenceW:FFMouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head2:7
28.N7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports International N7 eSports International3-533-36-39pKingsmenKingsmen3:7Striking VipersStriking Vipers0:7Overture GamingOverture Gaming2:75FPS5FPS6:8W:FFBrothers of IntelligenceBrothers of Intelligence1:7Team RubyTeam RubyW:FFBreakpoint EsportsBreakpoint EsportsW:FFInfamous eSportsInfamous eSportsW:FF
29.Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White Lunar Cloud eSports White3-536-46-109pDubiumDubium4:7W:FFZero FrequencyZero Frequency4:7LAG GamingLAG Gaming7:4Overture GamingOverture Gaming7:5Team VersityTeam Versity5:7Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports7:2KingsmenKingsmen2:7Alter RealityAlter Reality0:7
30.Surf Esports AcademySurf Esports Academy Surf Esports Academy3-637-50-139pGaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite7:5Revenge NationRevenge Nation3:7Elation EsportsElation Esports7:3Alter RealityAlter Reality2:7Team VersityTeam Versity3:7KingsmenKingsmen3:7Team ValkyrieTeam ValkyrieW:FFLAG GamingLAG Gaming5:7Volauk EsportsVolauk EsportsFF:W
31.Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports Infamous eSports3-636-54-189pOrglessOrgless5:7Nascent UnitedNascent United7:39-39-34:7Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite3:7Breakpoint EsportsBreakpoint Esports7:5LAG GamingLAG Gaming1:7Lunar Cloud eSports WhiteLunar Cloud eSports White2:7Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming7:4N7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports InternationalFF:W
32.Team ValkyrieTeam Valkyrie Team Valkyrie3-626-49-239pNascent UnitedNascent United7:2Remy BoyzRemy Boyz7:5Revenge NationRevenge Nation5:7Zero FrequencyZero FrequencyFF:WKingsmenKingsmenFF:WMouse 1 4headMouse 1 4headFF:WSurf Esports AcademySurf Esports AcademyFF:WTeam RubyTeam RubyW:FFOverture GamingOverture GamingFF:W
33.Nascent UnitedNascent United Nascent United2-623-47-246pTeam ValkyrieTeam Valkyrie2:7Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports3:7Team RubyTeam Ruby7:1Brothers of IntelligenceBrothers of Intelligence7:4St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis Leviathans2:7S8S82:75FPS5FPSFF:WW:FFElation EsportsElation EsportsFF:W
34.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming2-634-48-146pRevenge NationRevenge Nation2:7New School OriginalsNew School Originals1:75FPS5FPS7:5Striking VipersStriking Vipers4:7Volauk EsportsVolauk Esports6:8Overture GamingOverture Gaming3:7W:FFInfamous eSportsInfamous eSports4:7Breakpoint EsportsBreakpoint EsportsW:FF
35.Brothers of IntelligenceBrothers of Intelligence Brothers of Intelligence2-626-43-176pW:FF9-39-33:7Mouse 1 4headMouse 1 4head0:7Nascent UnitedNascent United4:7LAG GamingLAG Gaming5:7N7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports International7:1Striking VipersStriking VipersFF:W5FPS5FPSFF:WTeam RubyTeam RubyW:FF
36.Breakpoint EsportsBreakpoint Esports Breakpoint Esports1-719-49-303pZero FrequencyZero Frequency1:7Gaming Next EliteGaming Next Elite3:7W:FFOverture GamingOverture Gaming3:7Infamous eSportsInfamous eSports5:7Team RubyTeam RubyW:FFElation EsportsElation EsportsFF:WN7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports InternationalFF:WCoastal GamingCoastal GamingFF:W
37.Team RubyTeam Ruby Team Ruby0-81-56-550pAchieve EsportsAchieve EsportsFF:WLAG GamingLAG Gaming0:7Nascent UnitedNascent United1:7W:FFElation EsportsElation EsportsFF:WBreakpoint EsportsBreakpoint EsportsFF:WN7 eSports InternationalN7 eSports InternationalFF:WTeam ValkyrieTeam ValkyrieFF:WBrothers of IntelligenceBrothers of IntelligenceFF:W

Detailed Results[edit]

 Click here for detailed results of Day 1 matches

 Click here for detailed results of Day 2 matches

 Click here for detailed results of Day 3 matches


  1. SFCL (2021-07-18). "Competitive Ruling" (in English Speaking English). Twitlonger.