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[e][h]Thatcher Thatcher
“What you can feel, what you can touch – those are the things that are real. Everything else is just a distraction.”
Operator Information
Team Rainbow:
Operator Role:
Real Name:
Mike Baker
(1961-06-22) June 22, 1961 (age 63)
Launch (2015-12-01)
Renown price:
500 SE
1,000 SE
1,500 SE
2,000 SE
10% off SP
R6 Credit price:
270 SP
Has Elite Skin:
Base Stats
Heavy (125 HP)

Mike "Thatcher" Baker (Born in Bideford, June 22, 1961) is an attacking operator included in the original release of Rainbow Six Siege.

Unique Gadget[edit]

EG MKO-EMP Grenade
Throwable Electromagnetic Pulse grenade capable of disabling most hostile electronics within a short radius, even through walls. Disabling hostile cameras for 10 seconds instead.
Disable duration:

Countered by: 
 5.2 meters
 10 seconds
 Smoke Mute Pulse Kapkan Jäger
 Bandit Valkyrie Echo Lesion Ela
 Vigil Alibi Maestro Clash Kaid
 Mozzie Warden Wamai Melusi Aruni

 Jäger Wamai



Auto, semi, and burst capable assault rifle used by the S.A.S., best in medium range encounters.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 749 RPM
 201 PVP
Assault rifle favored by SAS for medium to long range combat. Takes 5.56x45mm rounds.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 670 RPM
 30 + 1
 241 PVP
12-gauge pump action shotgun favored by SAS, optimal at close range.
Rate of fire:
Total ammunition:
 36 PVP


S.A.S. 9mm handgun with a large magazine. Packs a good punch for short to medium range assaults.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 61 PVP


Breach Charge
Deployable charge capable of blowing up walls, floors and barricades.
Anti-personnel mine.



“What you can feel, what you can touch – those are the things that are real. Everything else is just a distraction.”

Baker comes from a long line of dockworkers and soldiers. At the age of eighteen he enlisted for active military duty despite family pressure to join the family trade as a stevedore. Immediately thrown into politically-charged conflicts, Baker’s performance was exemplary. Further training and another conflict gave him a Distinguished Flying Cross and Conspicuous Gallantry Cross. His keen sense of observation and decisive manner, combined with his close-quarter combat techniques, made him invaluable on VIP protection detail.

With extensive field experience and proficiency in SAS tactics, Baker is a critical asset to any Rainbow operation. He has honed his expertise with protective measures and electronic counter-measures and frequently works with engineers to advance the equipment. As a Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major) Baker serves as a respected and effective mentor to new recruits. Baker maintains his agility training, continuing abseiling, and has broken numerous mountain climbing records.
In-Game, Ubisoft (Ubisoft)

Psychological Report[edit]

Knowing that Specialist Mike “Thatcher Thatcher” Baker is cynical toward bureaucracy, I wasn’t surprised that he was reluctant to meet me. I needed a different approach. Baker lives aboard the Iron Maggie, a boat in drydock that he repairs in his spare time. It’s his “retirement plan.” I suspect he moved there temporarily when his wife divorced him, but now he knows no other civilian home. […]

Baker has a distinguished record of military service. He’s respected and in some cases idolized by those he mentors. When he welcomed me to his home, I could see why people describe him as down-to-earth. There’s more to Baker’s gruff, no-nonsense exterior – it just required some effort for him to trust me. […]

Raised in a coastal town, Baker has a strong connection with the water. We spent our entire meeting on the deck of his ship, overlooking the cold sea. Being someone who isn’t handy – mastering a paper airplane as a kid was the peak of my craft – I wanted to know what Baker likes about boat building and working with his hands. He told me that besides appreciating the precision of it, he liked shaping the wood into something that has a purpose. I suggested it was similar to how he mentors recruits. He replied that he doesn’t care about the “why” of things the way us “Uni types” do. […]

Specialist Seamus “Sledge Sledge” Cowden is one of his few close friends. Thatcher’s tolerance of Specialist Mark “Mute Mute” Chandar surprised me, since Thatcher is impatient with youthful bluster. When asked, Thatcher would only say: “Mute’s a clever kid.” He sounded almost envious. I wonder if Mute reflects someone Thatcher wishes he had been. […]

While by no means a Luddite, Baker does have an aversion to technology. To him, it’s a tool – like a hammer or screwdriver – nothing more. The idea that people come to rely on it as a crutch is what annoys him. I suggested that he spend time in the engineering lab with Specialists Masaru “Echo Echo” Enatsu and Emmanuelle “Twitch Twitch” Pichon. They have a lot to teach one another.
Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow (Ubisoft)


  • British Army: Parachute Regiment
  • British Army: S.A.S. Bravo Two Zero
  • British Army: S.A.S. Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major)

Relevant Experience[edit]

  • Operation Nimrod
  • Operation Barras
  • Operation Telic
  • Operation Lightwater
  • Operation Green Viper
  • Operation Ellamy


Device: EG MKO-EMP Grenade

Operator: Specialist Mike "Thatcher Thatcher" Baker
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Jack "Pulse Pulse" Estrada

One of the biggest challenges for a team is Specialist Mike "Thatcher" Baker's EG MKO-EMP grenade since the electromagnetic surge can disable electronic gadgets within its radius. The EG MKO-EMP disrupts - in some cases it can destroy - quite a few of our devices. It locks up my Cardiac Sensor as it can't detect another pulse!

The EMP is deceptively simple. It's the grenade's impact that charges the electron particles. That concentrated energy cascades across an area - even through walls - and spike nearby electronics. Short of wrapping ourselves in a Faraday shield to protect our devices, there isn't much that we can do against that.

Despite how... exhausting Thatcher's "I told ya so" can be, I appreciate how the EG MKO-EMP is an extension of his personality. The same could be said about each of use, but Thatcher really owns it, man. It's as straightforward and direct as he is and keeps us on our toes... and he loves every damn minute of it.

Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Thatcher now has 3 Health and 1 Speed (was 2 Health, 2 Speed).
  • Increased the number of Claymores to 2 (from 1).
  • Thatcher's EG MKO-EMP Grenades now only temporarily disable instead of destroying enemies gadgets
  • The throw curve of Thatcher's EG MKO-EMP Grenades has been changed to be easier and more comfortable to use
    • As a result they can be thrown further
  • EMP Grenades will now temporarily disable cameras instead of destroying them
  • Operators now move faster with a pistol out
  • Stun Grenades have been replaced with a Claymore
  • The effective range of the EMP Grenade has been reduced from 7 meters to 5.2 meters
  • EMP Grenades will now also disable enemies' sights for 10 seconds
  • Thatcher now has access to the M590A1 shotgun
  • New Operator

Notable Players[edit]

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