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[e][h]Thunderbird Thunderbird
“Air or ground, you find your balance or end up with a face full of dirt.”
Operator Information
Canada STAR-NET Aviation
Team Rainbow:
Operator Role:
Real Name:
Mina Sky
(1985-04-01) April 1, 1985 (age 37)
North Star (2021-06-14)
Renown price:
22,500 SP
R6 Credit price:
540 SP
Has Elite Skin:
Competetive CG
Base Stats
Light (100 HP)

Mina "Thunderbird" Sky (born in the Nakoda Teritories, April 1, 1985) is an defending operator featured in the Operation North Star expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.

Unique Gadget[edit]

Kona Station
When deployed on the ground, the Kóna Station acts as a point of safety for injured and downed Operators. All they have to do is approach the device, and the Kóna Station automatically boosts the Operator's HP or offers a revive.
HP Recharge:
Healing Radius:
Healing Recharge:
Prioritisation 1:
Prioritisation 2:
Prioritisation 3:
Prioritisation 4:
Countered by: 
 X seconds
 Defender, DBNO
 Defender, lowest health.
 Attacker, DBNO
 Attacker, lowest health.
 IQ Twitch Flores Thatcher



A Russian .308 bullpup prototype, composed almost entirely of polymers. It has impressive power and accuracy in a relatively compact format.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 42 (32 Sup)
 700 RPM
 241 PVP (241 TH)
Magazine-fed, semi-automatic shotgun, bringing a modern twist on the SPAS-12.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 37 PVP (72 TH)


Short to medium range submachine gun with high rate of fire and mobility. Best used in close quarters.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 33 (28 Sup)
 1100 RPM
 101 PVP (151 TH)
This 9mm semi-automatic pistol is highly accurate and lightweight with low recoil.
Rate of fire:
Magazine size:
Total ammunition:
 60 (42 Sup)
 61 PVP (91 TH)


Impact Grenade
Grenade that explodes on impact.
Nitro Cell
Remote detonation C4 explosive.


Recruitment Info[edit]


Having someone who can watch your six, stitch you up, and fly you out is quite the trifecta. I’ve worked with Specialist Mina “Thunderbird” Sky before and I’m confident with her at my back.

Mina may seem like she takes risks as a pilot, but they’re calculated, she’s always in control of herself and adaptable to her surroundings. Though I investigated her background more extensively I am still affected by something she said when we first met.“If you break something you should learn to fix it, if you fear something you should seek to understand it, and if you hurt someone you should know how to stitch the wound.” I now know this wisdom came from her mother, and like all her teachings, Thunderbird honors it.

Growing up in the Nakoda Territories, it was her passion for preserving her community’s traditions that first led to her work in hydrology. She studied water storage, wastewater, and river management. She believes that understanding water’s relation to the earth is the first step in ensuring essential and accessible water sources for all peoples.

Thunderbird is nothing if not resourceful. I’ve seen her splint a broken bone with two sticks and a shoelace. But in our line of work we don’t always have time to tie shoelaces, let alone search for sticks. Her healing tech has come a long way since I first saw it. What impresses me most is the distribution method. She can’t be everywhere at once so I’m grateful to have another medic on the field, we can use as many friends as we can get. Sometimes a comforting presence while you heal is just as important as keeping you alive, luckily, she excels at both.

I wouldn’t have suggested we make Thunderbird an offer if I didn’t think she was a good fit, and I’m not just saying that because she saved my life."

Specialist Sanaa “Nomad” El Maktoub


“Air or ground, you find your balance or end up with a face full of dirt.”

Born in the Nakoda Territories of Saskatchewan, Thunderbird’s first lesson from her mother was the importance of community. Her first introduction to engines was at her father’s knee; he taught her to understand helicopters before she learned to fly one.

Always eager for new experiences she enrolled in the Bold Eagle Program at seventeen where she excelled in basic military training. While benefitting from the guidance of community elders and indigenous instructors, this program sparked an interest in preserving and protecting what she loved most, the Nakoda way of life.

After joining the Canadian Armed Forces, Thunderbird worked her way through flight school. Remembering her mother’s emphasis on the value of balance, Thunderbird felt since the CAF taught her to take lives, she should also learn how to save them. She completed her Basic Medical Training (CFHSTC) and continued to serve in the CAF as an Aerial Medic.

In-Game, Ubisoft

Psychological Report[edit]

“Steady hand and a clear head, I’m still not up for a joy ride with Thunderbird.”

You wouldn’t think such a calm individual on the ground was wildfire in the sky, but sometimes risks are necessary to save lives. Specialist Mina “Thunderbird” Sky’s quiet strength does nothing to hide her passion and dedication to her community.

Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

When Nomad first brought Specialist Mina “Thunderbird” Sky to our attention, I wasn’t surprised by her recommendation. Sky is an accomplished medical officer, aviation mechanic and pilot. She seems to have the necessary drive, training and temperament to meld with Nomad’s team. I was, however, surprised that this was the first I have heard of her.

Had it not been for Sky’s medical training, Nomad may not have survived the incident in the North. I wonder if that encounter inspired Nomad to welcome the friendship of a hunter like Specialist Frost. Given her background I feel that Frost and Sky would have much to bond over. Family is clearly important to Sky, and that goes beyond immediate blood ties. The Nakoda community had as big an influence on and hand in raising Sky as her parents. The knowledge passed down is not solely a history, but a heritage to be practiced and preserved as a way of life.

Overall, Sky has an emotional awareness that’s born from understanding and acceptance. She seeks balance in everything she does. She describes the world and the human body as an engine. First you need to understand its purpose, and then how it functions. If a wire is shredded you can’t fix it with a screw, but a screw can hold a bone in place as it heals. I can appreciate the analogy, listen first then find a solution. That’s not to say she doesn’t lose her temper. What “gets under her skin” as Sky puts it, is lack of respect. Respect for others, whether it’s their way of life or their right to life, is essential to her principles.

Sky’s evaluation of risks seems to be tempered by her confidence and experience. After discussing some of her more harrowing adventures, I was concerned about her daredevil tactics. I did ask her what it felt like when she was in the air and if it was the adrenaline rush that fueled her. Her response was a smile and a simple, “It felt like flying.” I guess I deserved that…

Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow


  • Bold Eagle Program (BMQ)
  • Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)
  • Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology (CFSATE)
  • Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
  • Basic Medical Officer (CFHSTC)
  • Operational Readiness Aeromedical Course (ORAC)
  • 8 Wing Trenton
  • 426 Transport Training Squadron

Relevant Experience[edit]

  • Eagle Assist
  • Active Skies
  • Numa Survey
  • Casara Volunteer


Upon examination I will say I'm impressed with both the creativity and technical ability Sky used to put this healing station together. Finding chemicals with biocompatibility and bioabsorbable properties was critical to the success of the polyurethane foam capsules. The sensor, combined with its 360 directional rotation, allows the station to distribute the agent unassisted, enabling the operator to focus on other tasks and strategic placement. The Kóna healing station is almost as good as having an extra member on the team. The addition of chitosan, with the pressure from the expanding foam, can seal a bigger wound than medical cyanoacrylate adhesives. I think Doc will be excited at the prospect of no longer needing to extract fibers from healing wounds.

The only downfall of the station is its inability to distinguish between friend and foe, though that likely wasn't a priority in its practical application. That and its inability to withstand blunt force trauma. While I focused on its capacity to administer medical aid, I did not neglect to test its defensive abilities. Withstanding damage from conflagration is a desirable advantage; I'm glad Mira found a way to incorporate the technology onto Sky's existing tech.

Specialist Lera “Finka” Melnikova


Version History[edit]

Version Balance Changes
  • Thunderbird's Kóna Station will only heal players below 100% health.
  • New Operator

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