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Unified Premier - Premier League - Fall '21

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[e][h]Unified Premier League - Fall '21
League Information
North America North America
Prize pool:
$2,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Unified Premier League is a tournament organized by Unified Premier.


  • Group Stage
    • The 16 participating teams are split into two Groups, Raven Conference and Rogue Conference, with 8 teams each.
    • Single Round-Robin.
    • All matches are Bo1 with infinite overtime.
  • Playoffs
    • Top 4 teams from each Group advance to the Playoffs.
    • Single Elimination Bracket.
    • All matches up to the Grand Finals and 3rd place decider are Bo3.
    • Grand Final and 3rd place decider are Bo5.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

$2,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 


Group Stage[edit]

Qualified for Playoffs
Raven Conference
1.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports1-07-1+63p
1.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming1-07-1+63p
3.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf1-07-2+53p
3.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault1-07-2+53p
5.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees0-12-7-50p
5.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic0-12-7-50p
7.AuraAura Aura0-11-7-60p
7.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co0-11-7-60p
1.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault▲22-014-2+126p
2.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports▼12-014-3+116p
3.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf2-014-5+96p
4.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming▼31-110-8+23p
5.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic1-19-8+13p
6.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees▼10-24-14-100p
7.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co0-22-14-120p
8.AuraAura Aura▼10-21-14-130p
1.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf▲23-021-6+159p
2.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports3-022-10+129p
3.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault▼22-114-9+56p
4.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic▲12-116-9+76p
5.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming▼11-217-16+13p
6.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co▲11-29-14-53p
7.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees▼10-35-21-160p
8.AuraAura Aura0-32-21-190p
1.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports▲14-029-12+1712p
2.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault▲13-121-9+129p
3.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf▼23-123-13+109p
4.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic3-123-14+99p
5.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co▲12-216-19-36p
6.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming▼11-322-23-13p
7.AuraAura Aura▲10-47-28-210p
8.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees▼10-45-28-230p
1.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault▲14-128-11+1712p
2.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports▼14-133-19+1412p
3.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic▲14-130-19+1112p
4.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf▼13-228-20+89p
5.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co3-223-19+49p
6.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming1-424-30-63p
7.AuraAura Aura1-414-32-183p
8.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees0-55-35-300p
1.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault5-135-12+2315p
2.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic▲15-137-23+1415p
3.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports▼14-237-26+1112p
4.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co▲14-230-22+812p
5.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf▼13-329-27+29p
6.AuraAura Aura▲12-421-32-116p
7.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming▼11-527-37-103p
8.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees0-65-42-370p
1.303 Esports303 Esports 303 Esports▲25-245-32+1315p
2.Team AssaultTeam Assault Team Assault▼15-241-20+2115p
3.Team GusicTeam Gusic Team Gusic▼15-244-31+1315p
4.Cosmic WolfCosmic Wolf Cosmic Wolf▲14-336-27+912p
5.JJ and CoJJ and Co JJ and Co▼14-330-29+112p
6.AuraAura Aura3-429-39-109p
7.Coastal GamingCoastal Gaming Coastal Gaming2-534-37-36p
8.ieatbeesieatbees ieatbees0-75-49-440p
Rogue Conference
1.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC1-07-1+63p
2.EmergenceEmergence Emergence1-07-2+53p
3.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion1-07-4+33p
4.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports1-08-7+13p
5.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports0-17-8-10p
6.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming0-14-7-30p
7.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane0-12-7-50p
8.GDKGDK GDK0-11-7-60p
1.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC2-014-3+116p
2.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion▲12-014-4+106p
3.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports▲12-015-10+56p
4.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming▲21-111-10+13p
5.EmergenceEmergence Emergence▼31-19-903p
6.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports▼10-210-15-50p
7.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane0-25-14-90p
8.GDKGDK GDK0-21-14-130p
1.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC3-021-8+139p
2.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports▲13-022-14+89p
3.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion▼12-014-4+106p
4.EmergenceEmergence Emergence▲11-19-903p
5.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming▼11-215-17-23p
6.GDKGDK GDK▲21-28-14-63p
7.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane0-310-21-110p
8.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports▼20-310-22-120p
1.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC4-028-12+1612p
2.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports4-029-16+1312p
3.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion3-126-18+89p
4.EmergenceEmergence Emergence2-223-19+46p
5.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming2-222-21+16p
6.GDKGDK GDK1-310-21-113p
7.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane0-414-28-140p
8.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports0-412-29-170p
1.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC5-035-12+2315p
2.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports5-036-20+1615p
3.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion3-230-25+59p
4.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming▲13-229-25+49p
5.EmergenceEmergence Emergence▼12-327-26+16p
6.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane▲11-421-32-113p
7.GDKGDK GDK▼11-414-28-143p
8.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports0-512-36-240p
1.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports▲16-043-20+2318p
2.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC▼15-135-19+1615p
3.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion4-237-25+1212p
4.EmergenceEmergence Emergence▲13-335-32+39p
5.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming▼13-335-33+29p
6.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane1-421-32-113p
7.GDKGDK GDK1-414-28-143p
8.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports0-612-43-310p
1.2 Relax Esports2 Relax Esports 2 Relax Esports7-050-20+3021p
2.Team MystiCTeam MystiC Team MystiC6-142-19+2318p
3.Team OblivionTeam Oblivion Team Oblivion4-337-32+512p
4.EmergenceEmergence Emergence4-342-37+512p
5.Overture GamingOverture Gaming Overture Gaming3-435-40-59p
6.Team ArcaneTeam Arcane Team Arcane2-428-32-46p
7.GDKGDK GDK1-519-35-163p
8.NeVe EsportsNeVe Esports NeVe Esports0-712-50-380p

Detailed Results[edit]

→ For detailed results on Raven Conference
→ For detailed results on Rogue Conference


November 29, 2021
November 30, 2021
December 6, 2021
December 1, 2021
December 2, 2021
December 7, 2021
December 9, 2021
Third Place Match
Third Place Match
3rd Place Match
3rd P. Match
3rd P.
December 8, 2021