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Champions Field

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[e][h]Champions Field
Map Information
Competitive, Normal, Rumble
Soccar, Rumble
Normal, Day


Champions Field is an arena that was added during the 2 year anniversary of Rocket League within Patch v1.35. There are 2 variants of Champions Field: Normal and Day.

The Day version was added in Patch v1.37, and made available in all the Casual, Rumble and Competitive playlists on the 28th September 2017.[1]

Champions Field features the winners of every Rocket League Championship Series season hanged on banners at the top of the stadium, and the giant RLCS World Championship trophy, hence its name.


Champions Field is one of the standard maps and is used in tournaments. Since season 5 of the Rocket League Championship Series, Champions Field became the map used in the final tie-breaking game in a series (5th game in BO5, 7th game in BO7). As such, it's played in only a fraction of the games. Since then, other tournaments also play Champions Field as the tiebreaker.

The map made appearances in tournaments such as the ELEAGUE Cup, Gfinity Elite Series Season 1 & 2, and the Northern Arena Invitational.