DFH Stadium

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Map Information
Competitive, Normal, Rumble, Snow Day
Soccar, Rumble, Snow Day
Normal, Stormy, Snowy, Day

DFH Stadium is one of the arenas included with the original release of Rocket League. There are 3 variants of DFH stadium: Normal, Stormy and Snowy. The name comes from the initials of Psyonix studio director Dave Hagewood.

The Snowy version was added in Patch 1.10, and made available through the Snow Day playlist on December 14th 2016. [1] While initially intended to be a seasonal playlist, and going away a couple of times, it was added as a permanent playlist in Patch 1.13.[2] It was added to the Snow Day gamemode in private matches with Patch 1.11. [3]

The Stormy version was added in Patch 1.22.[4] Also in Patch 1.22 DFH Stadium was added to the Rumble playlist and gamemode 7 initial maps, with the variations Normal and Stormy.[4]


DFH Stadium is one of the standard maps and is thus frequently used in tournaments. It is the default map in Gfinity and ESL tournaments and is always the first map in RLCS matches. The RLC Pro League and the MLG Pro League were both won on DFH Stadium. It also featured in the final of RLCS Season 1.