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Colin "CoJo" Johnson
Team Captain:
Denmark Nicolai "Snaski" Andersen
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The team Fnatic (occasionally stylized as fnatic) is a world leader in multiple games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO , Halo and more. Fnatic's players attend more than 75 events per year, representing Fnatic in over 25 countries. More than 1,200,000 fans on social media follow the team.

In Europe, the US, India and South America, Fnatic stands as one of the best eSports organizations, whose players have achieved numerous tournament wins. Fnatic also won the ESPORTS Team of the Year Award in 2006 and 2009.

The management around founders Sam and Anne Mathews resides in London, where Fnatic's main office is located.

I'm ecstatic that we've decided to move into Rocket League and I'm even more excited about the group of guys we've signed.
Colin Johnson ()


Season 4[edit]

Fnatic picked up The Leftovers prior to week 5 of RLRS S4, with the team sitting on a record of 6-0 after being knocked into the Rival Series by Aeriality (now Team Secret). They beat Endpoint 3-1 in their final match of League Play to head into the Promotion Playoffs with a record of 7-0. In the promotion playoffs, they immediately got their revenge on Team Secret with a 4-1 victory, before securing their promotion to RLCS S5 by coming back from 3-1 down to overcome Team EnVyUs. The offseason brought with it mixed results, with 1st place in the Shift Pro League: Gauntlet against Team EnVyUs being their best result. In the only non-invitational major of the offseason, DreamHack Leipzig, they took down Rocketeers and Guess Who on Day 1, before falling to G2 Esports in a close 3-2 series on Day 2, therefore missing out on the Playoffs. However, a 9-12th finish was still respectable in what was considered the most stacked tournament to date, and Fnatic fans remained confident going into RLCS, especially after they made it to the top four of the Ting Open Finals.

Season 5[edit]

Fnatic's RLCS run began well in Week 2, with a reverse sweep against exceL Esports giving them some momentum before coming up against world champions Gale Force eSports. Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome the powerhouse team and went down 3-1 in a relatively close series. However, Week 3 proved to be a disaster for the team, as they were swept by both CompLexity Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics to put them at 1-3. Things wouldn't be getting better anytime soon, as they were beaten 3-1 by Team Vitality in Week 4. Their first series in Week 5, against Team EnVyUs, had to be delayed due to a power outage around the area of the RLCS Studio. Even after this delay, and despite going into the rematch with a one game advantage (as they had won the first and only game before the power outage), they were still taken down 3-2 before losing 3-1 against PSG eSports to finish a disappointing RLCS season in the bottom 2, and so they would have to play in the Promotion Playoffs once again. Elsewhere, in their debut season at the Gfinity Elite Series, Fnatic would perform decently, despite using substitutes for every week of the Group Stage. They finished 2-2 in their group, leaving them in 3rd place and progressing to the quarter-finals. However, here they would come up against a Renault Vitality side who were looking like the favourites to win the entire tournament and were defeated 4-1. Finally, the Promotion Playoffs rolled around, and Fnatic's first opponent would be the red-hot Team Secret, looking to take revenge for the previous season, which they did as Fnatic were beaten 4-2. After they overcame exceL in a 4-1 victory, Fnatic would once again have to face Team Secret. However, Secret had just lost an incredible series against Servette Geneva eSports, in which they were just moments away from securing a promotion. Despite this, Servette fought back and managed to push Secret down to the Losers' Finals in a winner-takes-all game. After losing game 1, Fnatic began to dominate, taking the second game 9-1 whereupon Secret began to crumble, falling back into the RLRS, meanwhile Fnatic would keep their spot in the RLCS for another season. The following off-season wouldn't see very much activity from Fnatic, as Sikii was removed from the team and was replaced by MummiSnow in order to make Fnatic the Danish super-team of Rocket League.

Season 6[edit]

Fnatic entered Season 6 with high hopes once again, as MummiSnow had been one of the top players of the RLRS. Despite these high hopes, they were crushed 3-0 by Team Dignitas in their first matchup of the season. To make things worse, they then lost to mousesports 3-1 to put them at a record of 0-2. The next week saw Fnatic gain their first victory, denying Renault Vitality a reverse sweep in game 5. It didn't get much better from there though, as they lost their next two series' against We Dem Girlz and FlipSid3 Tactics respectively, before sweeping CompLexity to give them a chance of escaping the Promotion Playoffs. However, they were swept by PSG eSports in their final game, pushing them down into the bottom two.


Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Denmark Snaski
Nicolai Vistesen Andersen
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Denmark Maestro
Nicolai Bang
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Denmark MummiSnow
Mohamad Salameh
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Czech Republic Lauty
Petr Lauterkranc
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 

Gfinity Elite Series - Season 4 Squad
ID Name New Gfinity Team
Denmark Snaski Nicolai Vistesen Andersen
Denmark Maestro Nicolai Bang
Denmark MummiSnow Mohamad Salameh
Czech Republic Lauty Petr Lauterkranc
Finland Andom Antton Anttila
Germany Gnagflow06 Alexander Böttcher

Former Players Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany Sikii
Alexander Karelin
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
Gfinity Elite Series - Season 3 Squad
ID Name New Gfinity Team
Denmark Snaski Nicolai Vistesen Andersen Fnatic
Germany Sikii Alexander Karelin
Denmark Maestro Nicolai Bang Fnatic
Czech Republic Lauty Petr Lauterkranc Fnatic
France Hell0 Michel Leo
Czech Republic Nalmon Marek Weiser


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2018-12-09 A22nd A2Major Gfinity United Kingdom Elite Series - Season 4 2 : 4 $19,778
2018-12-05 A11st A6Weekly Gfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 23 4 : 0 $191.21
2018-10-07 A77th A1Premier RLCS Season 6 - Europe 2/5 Grp. S. $20,531.25
2018-09-01 A33 - 4th A3Minor Rewind Gaming: The Colosseum 1 : 4 $557.11
2018-08-20 A11st A6Weekly Gfinity Challenger Series Season 4 - Competitor 13 4 : 3 $318.48
2018-04-19 A88th A1Premier RLCS Season 5 - Europe 1/6 Grp. S. $10,500
2018-01-23 A11st A3Minor Ting Open - Qualifier #3 3 : 1 $300
2018-01-18 A11st A6Weekly Gfinity Challenger Series Season 3 - Competitor 8 4 : 0 $346.48
2017-11-05 A11st A3Minor The Gauntlet: Season 1 - Europe 4 : 0 $1,000
2017-10-06 A11st A2Major RLCS Season 4 - Europe: RLRS 7/0 Grp. S. $6,500
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. Team
2018-12-0916:00 UTCA2MajorGfinity United Kingdom Elite Series - Season 4Gfinity United Kingdom Elite Series - Season 42 : 4 MET
2018-12-0915:00 UTCA2MajorGfinity United Kingdom Elite Series - Season 4Gfinity United Kingdom Elite Series - Season 44 : 3 EPS
2018-12-0521:30 UTCA6WeeklyGfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 23Gfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 234 : 0 Ballco
2018-12-0519:50 UTCA6WeeklyGfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 23Gfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 233 : 1 HG
2018-12-0519:00 UTCA6WeeklyGfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 23Gfinity Winter Series 2018 - Cup 233 : 1 xL
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