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[e][h] FormalCasting
Player Information
Maximillian VonNeumann
February 16, 1991 (1991-02-16) (age 29)
Current Role:
Starting Game:
2019-08-10 - Present
RL Oceania (Staff)
2019-12-07 - 2020-03-01
Team Esper (Staff)

Maximillian "FormalCasting" VonNeumann (born February 16, 1991) is an American Rocket League caster who moved from USA to Australia.

Notable Events Casted or Hosted[edit]

Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2020-07-31 A4C-Tier Upsurge Premier League Upsurge Premier League - Season 1 Commentator/Analyst
2020-07-12 A2A-Tier APL_Esports/The_Kickoff The Kickoff - Asia Commentator
2020-07-05 A7Qualifier APL_Esports/The_Kickoff The Kickoff - Asia: Qualifier 2 Commentator/Analyst
2020-06-28 A2A-Tier Rocket League Oceania RLO Grand Slam Commentator/Analyst
2020-06-28 A7Qualifier APL_Esports/The_Kickoff The Kickoff - Asia: Qualifier 1 Commentator/Analyst
2020-04-26 A3B-Tier ANAZAC Invitational ANZAC Invitational Commentator/Analyst
2020-04-19 A2A-Tier Lets_Play_Live/Rocket_League_Oceanic_Championship RLCS Season 9 - Lets Play Live Rocket League Oceanic Championship: Finals Commentator/Analyst
2020-04-02 A3B-Tier Yumi_Cheeseman/The Gauntlet The Gauntlet Season 3 - Final Commentator/Analyst
2020-02-01 A5Monthly APL_Esports/The Clash APL Esports: The Clash S2: January - Finals Commentator/Analyst
2019-11-02 A3B-Tier Frequency 3v3 Frequency 3v3 1K Commentator/Analyst
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