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[e][h]PioneersPioneers Kronovi
Player Information
Cameron Bills
August 30, 1997 (age 24)
North America North America
Years Active (Player):
2015 - 2021
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Kro ^-^, Kro
Approx. Total Winnings:
Starting Game:
2015-07-09 – 2015-10-30
2015-10-30 – 2016-09-07
2016-09-07 – 2019-01-07
2019-01-07 – 2020-11-01
2020-11-30 – 2020-12-29
Zero Issue (Stand-in)
2021-01-31 - 2021-05-14
2021-05-14 – 2021-09-04
2021-09-04 – 2022-01-01
Pioneers (Substitute)
2022-01-01 – Present
Pioneers (Content Creator)
Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Matches

Cameron "Kronovi" Bills (born August 30, 1997) is an American Rocket League streamer and former player.[1]



Camera settings (list of)Last updated on 2021-12-29 (18 days ago).
Camera shakeFOVHeightAngleDistanceStiffnessSwivel speedTransition speedBall camera
Control settings[2] (list of)
PowerslideAir roll (left/right)BoostJumpBall camBrakeThrottle
l1l1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Deadzone settings (list of)Last updated on 2021-12-29 (18 days ago).
Deadzone ShapeDeadzoneDodge DeadzoneAerial SensitivitySteering Sensitivity


 Sony DualShock 4 (Blue) ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q Logitech G933


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2020-03-21 A88th A1S-Tier RLCS Season 9 - North America RogueRogue 3/6 Grp. S. $26,397.36
2019-11-16 A66th A1S-Tier RLCS Season 8 - North America RogueRogue 2 : 4 eUnitedeUnited $23,531.25
2019-06-23 A33 - 4th A1S-Tier RLCS Season 7 - Finals RogueRogue 0 : 4 G2 EsportsG2 Esports $40,000
2019-05-11 A44th A1S-Tier RLCS Season 7 - North America RogueRogue 0 : 4 NRG EsportsNRG Esports $26,531.25
2018-10-13 A22nd A1S-Tier RLCS Season 6 - North America G2 EsportsG2 Esports 2 : 4 NRG EsportsNRG Esports $33,531.25
2018-04-21 A11st A1S-Tier RLCS Season 5 - North America G2 EsportsG2 Esports 4 : 3 NRG EsportsNRG Esports $20,500
2018-01-28 A22nd A2A-Tier DreamHack Open Leipzig 2018 G2 EsportsG2 Esports 3 : 4 PSG EsportsPSG Esports $12,000
2017-12-03 A11st A1S-Tier ELEAGUE Cup 2017: Rocket League G2 EsportsG2 Esports 4 : 3 Gale Force eSportsGale Force eSports $70,000
2017-11-12 A44th A1S-Tier RLCS Season 4 - Finals G2 EsportsG2 Esports 2 : 3 Cloud9Cloud9 $11,000
2016-08-07 A11st A1S-Tier RLCS Season 1 - Finals iBUYPOWERiBUYPOWER 4 : 2 FlipSid3 TacticsFlipSid3 Tactics $27,500
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Date Tier Tournament Team Award Prize
02Tournament Awards
02 2019-08-16 022 A2A-Tier 02 Rocket League Summit 1 02Script error: The function "get" does not exist. RogueRogue 02Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion 0283.33$83.33
02 2019-05-11 021 A1S-Tier 02 RLCS RLCS Season 7 - North America 02Script error: The function "get" does not exist. RogueRogue 02Savior of the Season 2nd 020$0
02 2018-04-21 021 A1S-Tier 02 RLCS RLCS Season 5 - North America 02Script error: The function "get" does not exist. G2 EsportsG2 Esports 02Regular Season MVP 3rd 020$0
02 2018-04-14 021 A1S-Tier 02 RLCS RLCS Season 5 - North America 02Script error: The function "get" does not exist. G2 EsportsG2 Esports 02Clutch Playmaker 02500$500
02 2017-11-12 021 A1S-Tier 02 RLCS RLCS Season 4 - Finals 02Script error: The function "get" does not exist. G2 EsportsG2 Esports 02DFH Community Award 02500$500
01Weekly Awards
01 2018-04-21 011 A1S-Tier 01 RLCS RLCS Season 5 - North America 01Script error: The function "get" does not exist. G2 EsportsG2 Esports 01Regional Championship MVP 010$0


Early Days[edit]

At the very beginning of Rocket League's history, Kronovi was already one of the top players, as he had been one of the best players in the prequel to Rocket League, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, along with players such as kuxir97, paschy90, and M1k3Rules. Kronovi quickly became a well known figure in the Rocket League and was one of the most popular Rocket League content creators. On July 9th, 2015, Kronovi formed Cosmic Aftershock alongside Randy "Gibbs" Gibbons and Kais "Sadjunior" Zehri. The team performed well, getting consistent top 2 finishes in ESL weekly and monthly tournaments. After finishing 2nd place in the MLG Pro League - Season 1 Group Stage, the team went on to underperform at the MLG Pro League - Season 1 Finals, placing 5th-8th at the first ever Rocket League major.

On October 30th, 2015, the team was signed by iBUYPOWER.

RLCS Season 1[edit]

Going into RLCS Season 1 the iBUYPOWER roster consisted of Kronovi, Lachinio, and Gambit. Many people considered this roster to be a "super team" and expectations for the team were high. They got 1st place in the First Qualifier and 5th place in the Second Qualifier, making the team the 3rd seed from North America going into the Season 1 Finals. In addition to having a lower seed than expected, Gambit was having health issues due to the stress of competitive Rocket League and stepped down from the team prior to the finals. As a result, their substitute 0ver Zer0 took over the 3rd position on the team. At the time, 0ver Zer0 was relatively unknown, so few people expected the team to finish very high. However, the team proved the doubters wrong with a fantastic performance. The team faced off againt FlipSid3 Tactics in the first round with iBUYPOWER coming out on top. They then went on to defeat The Flying Dutchmen and Northern Gaming to reach the Grand Finals, where they faced FlipSid3 Tactics again. After six games, iBP defeated F3 with a score of 4-2 and won the first season of RLCS.

Exactly one month after winning RLCS Season 1, on September 7th, 2016, iBUYPOWER Cosmic was picked up by G2 Esports, with Gambit returning to the team as coach.

RLCS Season 2[edit]

Going into RLCS Season 2 the former champions were expected to continue with their success. However, G2 had a disappointing season, finishing 7th place in league play and not qualifying for playoffs. Due to the struggles the team had with fixing their issues during the season, Lachinio chose to leave the team. Shortly thereafter, Gambit was removed from the team. A few months later, 0ver Zer0 left the team and retired from competitive play. This left Kronovi as the only remaining member on G2 and he had to find 2 new players for the team.

RLCS Season 3[edit]

Shortly before RLCS Season 3, Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo from Take 3 and Jacob "JKnaps" Knapman from Selfless Gaming joined the G2 roster. This roster would become one of the longest standing rosters in Rocket League histroy. The season started strong for the squad, with the team finishing league play in 3rd place. However, the team lost to Denial Esports in the regional playoffs, meaning they would miss out on LAN once again.

RLCS Season 4[edit]

For RLCS Season 4, the team stayed with the same roster and performed much better than the previous season, finishing League Play in 2nd place with a 6-1 record, losing only to FlyQuest. The top 2 finish locked in their spot at LAN. In the reigonal playoffs, G2 lost to Ghost Gaming and NRG Esports, making them the 4th seed going into the Season 4 Finals. The team did well, making it to the losers' semifinals after being defeated by Gale Force eSports in the upper bracket. The team lost to Cloud9 in the losers' semifinals but finished 4th place.

One month later, the team competed in the first ELEAGUE Cup, featuring the top teams from RLCS Season 4. They finished group stage with a 3-1 record, beating Ghost Gaming and Chiefs Esports Club and losing to Gale Force eSports. In the playoffs, G2 beat Mock-It eSports to make it the Finals where they faced Gale Force once again. This time, G2 was able to beat them, taking home first place for the tournament, Kronovi’s first major win since RLCS Season 1.

RLCS Season 5[edit]

Going into RLCS Season 5, the team was hot off of their recent win at ELEAGUE and had a fantastic season, finishing 2nd place with a 6-1 record, losing in League Play only to NRG Esports. Their 2nd place finish secured G2 a spot at the Finals in London. However, the team wasn’t done yet. In the regional playoffs, they swept Cloud9 and then defeated NRG 4-3 in the finals, making them the 1st seed from North America. The season was especially good for Kronovi, with him being awarded Clutch Playmaker, 3rd place for regular season MVP, and Regional Championship MVP. Unfortunately, despite the team's dominant season, they significantly underperformed at the Season 5 Finals, losing to compLexity Gaming and then again to Evil Geniuses, knocking them out of the tournament without any wins.

RLCS Season 6[edit]

Coming off of the previous season's disappointing LAN, the team dominated in League Play, coming in 2nd place with a 6-1 record. In the regional playoffs, the team once again faced NRG in the regional finals. They lost 4-2 to NRG, which meant they would be going into the finals as the second seed from North America. In the first round of the finals, they played against FlipSid3 Tactics, the first time Kronovi had played against kuxir97 in an RLCS match since the Grand Finals of Season 1. This match was an extremely anticipated match and after a close series, F3 beat G2 3-2 and sent them to the lower bracket where they lost 3-2 to PSG Esports, knocking them out of the tournament.

After two seasons in a row of not winning any matches at LAN, Rizzo and JKnaps made the decision to kick Kronovi, the founder and captain of the team from the G2 roster and replace him with Reed "Chicago" Wilen.

RLCS Season 7[edit]

After getting kicked from G2 Esports, Kronovi joined Austin "AyyJayy" Aebi and Nicholas "Wonder" Blackerby on Rogue (previously FlyQuest) to replace PrimeThunder prior to the start of RLCS Season 7. His first major with the team was Dreamhack Leipzig, the first event in the DreamHack Pro Circuit. The team performed poorly, finishing 17th-24th, leaving lots of people asking questions about Kronovi and whether he would be able to continue to stay relevant in the scene.

Going into RLCS Season 7, a lot of eyes were on the team, especially on Kronovi, to see how they would perform. The team underperformed again, finishing league play in 6th place with a 2-5 record. However, the team was able to kick into gear during the regional playoffs, defeating Ghost Gaming and Spacestation Gaming in a commanding fashion, securing them a ticket to the finals.

Before the RLCS Season 7 Finals however, the team had another opportunity to prove themselves at Dreamhack Dallas. After such a shaky league play but strong playoff performance, there were a lot of questions about the team and how they would perform. They performed better than they had at Dreamhack Leipzig, however, they were still underperforming, finishing in 9th-12th place after being defeated by G2 Esports and mousesports on Day 2, leaving the community still questioning the team's ability.

The squad answered these questions at the RLCS Season 7 Finals. During the group stage of the finals, Rogue defeated Renegades and FC Barcelona. They then went on to defeat Triple Trouble before being swept by G2 Esports in the semifinals. Despite being swept out in the semifinals, the team performed better than anyone would have expected at the start of league play, with a 3rd-4th place finish.

RLCS Season 8[edit]

After the RLCS Season 7 Finals, Rogue were considered a top team in North America, but underwhelming performances in Dreamhack Valencia and Dreamhack Montreal left fans wondering. After 3-0 losses to Pittsburgh Knights and Ghost Gaming, Rogue were underperforming once more. They moved from 0-2 to 1-3, with a 3-1 win over Birds but a 3-1 loss to G2 Esports. Week 4 came and went, but Rogue were still doing terribly. However, week 5 was incredible for Rogue, with wins over Cloud9 and NRG Esports. Despite their incredible show of form, they lost to eUnited in the regional playoffs, sending them home in 6th.


  • He is also known as "The Mountain". This was coined by the community after he described himself as 'the mountain that everyone else has to climb' in his RLCS Player Spotlight video.
  • His name is a mash up of Chrono Sphere, the ult of the Dota 2 character Faceless Void, (except with a 'K' instead of a 'Ch') and Vi, from League of Legends.