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[e][h]Sick!Sick! KuXXeon.
Player Information
Laurence van der Wel
March 14, 2001 (age 21)
Europe Europe
Years Active (Player):
2020 - 2022
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Starting Game:
2020-06-27 – 2020-08-14
Sick! (Coach)
2020-08-14 – 2020-12-14
mCon Orange (Coach)
2020-11-?? – 2021-09-27
2021-01-14 – 2021-03-06
2021-03-09 – 2021-03-21
Kolkdreyers (Coach)
2021-03-21 – 2021-05-24
2021-08-09 – 2021-10-30
Sick! (Coach)
2022-01-06 – 2022-01-15
Sick! (Coach)
2022-01-20 – 2022-02-19
Sick! (Coach)
2022-01-31 – 2022-02-19
2022-02-20 – 2022-10-09
KVM Esports (Coach)
2022-04-24 – 2022-05-07
2022-05-07 – 2022-05-16
2022-05-22 – 2022-06-01
Sick! (Coach)
2022-10-03 – 2022-10-07
2023-01-15 – Present
Sick! (Coach)
Upcoming Matches
SICK Sick!Sick!vs.FishboxFishbox FBOX
January 30, 2023 - 17:30 UTC

Laurence "KuXXeon." van der Wel (born March 14, 2001) is a Dutch Rocket League player, coach, caster and analyst.



Camera settings (list of)Last updated on 2021-11-12 (442 days ago).
Camera shakeFOVHeightAngleDistanceStiffnessSwivel speedTransition speedBall camera
Control settings (list of)
PowerslideAir roll (left/right)BoostJumpBall camBrakeThrottle
l1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Deadzone settings (list of)Last updated on 2021-11-12 (442 days ago).
Deadzone ShapeDeadzoneDodge DeadzoneAerial SensitivitySteering Sensitivity


2022-03-169th - 16thA7Weeklynicecactus Weekly Elite: 3v3 - Cup 53Nicecactus CupNicecactus Cupnicecactus Weekly Elite: 3v3 - Cup 53Lisas MinionsLisas MinionsLisas MinionsL : WMonkaSquadMonkaSquad 
2022-03-045th - 8thA6MonthlyRocket Benelux Masters February 2022Rocket Benelux MastersRocket Benelux MastersRocket Benelux Masters February 2022Sick!Sick!Sick!0 : 3mCon LG UltraGearmCon LG UltraGear 
2021-12-273rdA5D-TierEsports Nederland: Online WintergamesEsports NederlandEsports NederlandEsports Nederland: Online WintergamesSick!Sick!Sick!1 : 3Vlaamse Vlaai?!Vlaamse Vlaai?! 
2021-07-019th - 16thA8QualifierEURAT July JoyEURAT Rocket LeagueEURAT Rocket LeagueEURAT July JoySick!Sick!Sick!1 : 3Mustu FluckMustu Fluck 
2021-06-1713th - 16thA6MonthlyEURAT June ShowdownEURAT Rocket LeagueEURAT Rocket LeagueEURAT June ShowdownSick!Sick!Sick!0 : 2Watch ThisWatch This 
2021-06-102ndA8QualifierEURAT June JinxEURAT Rocket LeagueEURAT Rocket LeagueEURAT June JinxSick!Sick!Sick!1 : 4Skelp EsportsSkelp Esports$90
2021-05-311stA5D-TierMonday MadnessMonday MadnessSick!Sick!Sick!4 : 1Join The ForceJoin The Force$109
2020-07-235th - 8thA8QualifierBubble Hub #1EU Bubble Hub SeriesEU Bubble Hub SeriesBubble Hub #1Sick!Sick!Sick!1 : 3Alpenfestung EsportsAlpenfestung Esports 
2020-06-057th - 8thA6MonthlyRocket Benelux: Pro Monthly #1Rocket Benelux: Pro MonthlyRocket Benelux: Pro MonthlyRocket Benelux: Pro Monthly #1The PigeonsThe PigeonsThe Pigeons1 : 2Bloemkool EsportsBloemkool Esports 
2018-09-3013th - 16thA8QualifierGameForce Masters 2018 - PlayoffsGameForce MastersGameForce MastersGameForce Masters 2018 - PlayoffsSneaky Criminals AcademySneaky Criminals AcademySneaky Criminals Academy0 : 2Corax GamingCorax Gaming 
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2022-11-202ndA3B-TierEMEA Predator League 2022Predator LeaguePredator LeagueEMEA Predator League 2022Sick!Sick!Sick!3 : 4Guild EsportsGuild Esports$4,635
2022-11-121stA8QualifierEMEA Predator League 2022 - Benelux FinalsPredator LeaguePredator LeagueEMEA Predator League 2022 - Benelux FinalsSick!Sick!Sick!4 : 3Zoom ZoomZoom Zoom$2,587
2022-10-091stA3B-TierElite Series Summer 2022 - Grand FinalElite SeriesElite SeriesElite Series Summer 2022 - Grand FinalKV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen Esports2 : 0HEET BNLXHEET BNLX$2,668
2022-06-041stA4C-TierRedux 2v2 Dreamers Cup - Grand FinalRedux GamingRedux GamingRedux 2v2 Dreamers Cup - Grand FinalKV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen Esports4 : 0FuryFury$803
2022-04-171stA3B-TierElite Series Spring 2022Elite SeriesElite SeriesElite Series Spring 2022KV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen Esports2 : 0DynastyDynasty$2,912
2021-12-193rd - 4thA4C-TierRocket Benelux Winter ShowdownRocket Benelux Winter ShowdownRocket Benelux Winter ShowdownRocket Benelux Winter ShowdownMCon esportsmCon LG UltraGearmCon LG UltraGear1 : 4Team SingularityTeam Singularity$370
2021-08-221stA5D-TierDESA Community OpenDutch Esports AcademyDutch Esports AcademyDESA Community OpenSick!Sick!Sick!4 : 1Team DESATeam DESA$105
2021-04-301stA6MonthlyInfinitude Series #3Infinitude SeriesInfinitude SeriesInfinitude Series #3Sick!Sick!Sick!4 : 3CarryoCarryo$120
2021-04-251stA7Weeklynicecactus: Cup 96Nicecactus CupNicecactus Cupnicecactus: Cup 96Sick!Sick!Sick!2 : 0Off The DomeOff The Dome$56
2020-10-061stA6MonthlyRocket Benelux: Monthly Finals September 2020Rocket Benelux: Monthly FinalsRocket Benelux: Monthly FinalsRocket Benelux: Monthly Finals September 2020MCon Rotterdam OrangemCon Rotterdam OrangemCon Rotterdam Orange4 : 0Blue SamoyedBlue Samoyed$106
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