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A crucial part of Rocket League Liquipedia are team templates. They are used to easily link team icons and team names in tournament and other pages, for instance in brackets. For example, you can use {{team/g2}} to show G2 Esports. Depending on where it is used, there are several different templates, which are listed below.

But don't worry, you don't need to create all these on your own - there's a tool for that ;)

Creating a team template[edit]

If a template is missing, it will display red: Template:Team/idontexist. You probably came here because of this, so how do we fix it? Before you create a team template, make sure that it really doesn't exist. Most importantly, the name of the team has to be lowercase. For example, {{team/G2}} will not work. Additionally, check the name for typos. If you're confident the template really is missing, there is an easy way to create all the different team templates at once:

The tool <CreateTeams>[edit]

Under the headline "Create team templates" you will see:

  • Team name: The name of the team that is displayed. This is the full name of the the team. For example if we were to add G2 Esports, it's G2 Esports. Simple, eh?
  • Template team name: The name of the link to the template: {{team/template team name}}. In our example of G2, this would be g2. Make sure this is lowercase. If empty, this defaults to the lowercase version of the team name.
  • Team page title: The page that is linked if the template is clicked. Only fill this in if the page title differs from the team name. Otherwise, leave this empty.
  • Team short name: If the team has an abbreviation, it is to be filled in here. In our example: G2.
  • Image: The icon that is shown besides the team name. If the team doesn't have an icon, use Rllogo_std.png. Dimensions of the icon must be 120px x 50px.
  • Overwrite if already existing: Select this if you want to overwrite a template rather than create a new one. Only select it if you know what you are doing!

An example of the above is in the image on the right. The name of the team we're creating is Feared E-Sports. Here, Rllogo_std.png is the default RL image, because we did not have an image for the team as of that moment.

Screenshot showing how to use the tool

List of team templates[edit]

G2 EsportsStandard, whenever a team is to be linked with no place constraints.
G2Abbreviation, when space is limited.
G2 Esports Same as {{team/___}}, but mirrored.
G2 Same as {{teamShort/___}}, but mirrored.
Just the icon.
Just the icon, but aligned to the right, for example in tables.
G2 Esports
Similiar to {{team/___}}, but with a smaller Image. Used in brackets.