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List of player control settings

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Control settings quickly become outdated. To fix this issue, please help keep the list up to date by going to player pages and updating their settings if needed.

This page collectively displays all sets of control settings included on player pages. The section is split into 2 tabs - "notable" players and others. A notable player has earned more than $500 in their career. The gray, blue and red backgrounds indicate a retired, inactive and banned player, respectively.

Control Settings for Notable Players[edit]

PlayerTeamPowerslideAir roll (left/right)BoostJumpBall camBrakeThrottle
United States 0ver Zer0 LBLBBAYLTRT
South Africa 2Die4Bravado GamingBravado Gaming BVDsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States 2FastPositivePositive PSTV⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Spain ASN_RuBiiX l1l1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AYYJAYYFaZe ClanFaZe Clan FAZEr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz+966+966 +966r1r1 ( - / l1)circlesquaretrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia abood.+966+966 +966squaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Mexico AbsorbentKarmaMeta PowerMeta Power MPlbY (b /  -)rbAXltrt
England accroWYLDEWYLDE WYLsquaresquare ( - / L1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France acqua6.45i6.45i 645Il1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Portugal AcroniK.Team LiquidTeam Liquid TLl1l2 ( - / L1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia AhmadTeam FalconsTeam Falcons FLCNr1r1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Argentina ajgComplexity GamingComplexity Gaming COLsquaresquare ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Japan akikansuAGELITEAGELITE AGLl1l1R1crosstrianglel2r2
Japan Akira90 r1r1 (triangle /  -)circlel1crossl2r2
Sweden al0t l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AlRazStromboliStromboli BOLIl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Al Dente l1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Germany Alex161 l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy Alex837HG EsportsHG Esports HG⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Saudi Arabia Ali.ColaCola COLAl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada AllushinTeam EnvyTeam Envy NVr1r1 (square / circle)l1crosstrianglel2r2
Austria alluvis l1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France Alpha54Team VitalityTeam Vitality VITsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AlphaKepLil Step BrosLil Step Bros STEPl1l1 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany AlyiuuERN ROARERN ROAR ROARL1L1 (square / circle)R1crossTrianglel2r2
Australia AmphisPWRPWR PWRLB -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
Saudi Arabia ams.01 Esports01 Esports 01l1L2 ( - / r2)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland Andom l1l1R1CrossTrianglel2r2
Sweden AndruzoSlash CrySlash Cry SLCL1L1 ( - / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
United States AndySoniqsSoniqs SQl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England ApparentlyJackDignitasDignitas DIGl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Aqua.RogueRogue RGESquareL2 (L1 / Circle)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
South Africa ArceonATKATK ATKLeft Shift -  (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
England archieEndpoint CeXEndpoint CeX ENDsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland Arcko l1 -  (l1 / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
United States arisTEQUILATEQUILA TEQsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy arjuMisfits GamingMisfits Gaming MSFr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ArsenalSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSGL1L1 (square /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
England AshllxyyLondon EsportsLondon Esports LDNsquaresquare (l3 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States astroAkrewAkrew AKRW⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
United States AtomicG2 EsportsG2 Esports G2squarer1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Belgium Atow.Team LiquidTeam Liquid TLl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Mexico ayLucky l1square (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany Ayamii squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
France Ayell triangletriangle (r1 / l1)circlecrosssquarel2r2
United States aygius squaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia AzaHardschtuck SchmucksHardschtuck Schmucks HSSl1square (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany AzaraSentient EsportsSentient Esports SNT⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (ThumbMouse /  -)LMBRMBSpaceSW
United States AzfuraUniversity of Central FloridaUniversity of Central Florida UCFl1l1 (circle / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Belgium AztraLKarmine CorpKarmine Corp KCsquaresquare (l1 / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil AztromicKThe ClubThe Club CLUBl1square (l2 / l1)r1circletrianglel2r2
Peru B00MPikete GalácticoPikete Galáctico PKGsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia B2seLF16 EsportsF16 Esports F16l1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England BJayBLiteLite LITEl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil BRUNOVISQUIITeam SecretTeam Secret TSl1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Baked PotatoThe KibblesThe Kibbles KIBL1L1 ( - / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Singapore ballerreesMeta PowerMeta Power MPsquarer1crosscircletrianglel2r2
United States BangerUniversity of South FloridaUniversity of South Florida USFL1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Australia BangoJust Go For ItJust Go For It JGFIsquaresquarel2crosstriangler1r2
Italy Barist l1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
France BatOu SquareSquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark BePeak l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States BeastaboniamStromboliStromboli BOLILBLB ( - / RB)BAYLTRT
United States BeeyuShine Media OrglessShine Media Orgless SMOsquarel1 ( - / l3)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Bell lblbbayltrt
United States BellaPioneers GoldPioneers Gold KCPL1L1 (L3 / R1)squarecrosstriangleL2R2
Belgium Ben-Nzth r1r1l1crosstrianglel2r2
England billyDeniedDenied DNDxxbayltrt
Canada blaze.Prestige EsportsPrestige Esports PGEsquare -  (L1 / R1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
England bluey.Savage!Savage! SVGEl1l1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States BobstoFlorida Polytechnic UniversityFlorida Polytechnic University FLPl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Borito B squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Réunion boy974s rb -  (lb / rb)baytlrt
Belgium Bram.Team 7AMTeam 7AM 7AML1L1 (square /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
England Bread2kPortsmouth PaladinsPortsmouth Paladins PORl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
England Breezi00 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00XX (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Brendan squarel2 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada BrokenValleyfield CollegeValleyfield College CDVr1l2circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Poland bruz l1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States BuddyNefariousNefarious NEFlblb (rb /  -)bayleft stickleft stick
United States Bumpin squaresquare ( - / L1)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Yemen BunnyDummy1620 Kings1620 Kings 1620lb -  ( - / rb)bayltrt
Japan BurnDeToNatorDeToNator DTNl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States BurnieMissouri University of Science and TechnologyMissouri University of Science and Technology MSTL1L1 (L3 /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
Brazil C4 ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Australia CJCJRenegadesRenegades RNGl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
New Zealand CJM ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
England cal l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Calix l1l1 ( - / r1)crosssquaretrianglel2r2
Denmark callyoTomatenplukkersTomatenplukkers TMTNsquaresquarer1crosstrianglel2r2
Scotland Calzafy XrbABYltrt
United States cam. l1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland Cara.mYinsanitymYinsanity MYIl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany CarboDunno ChiefDunno Chief DCsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain CarcaPadreandoPadreando PDRsquarer1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany CatalysmEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses EGl1l1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia cavemanben ⇧ Left Shift -  (q / e)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Belgium Cha0s l1l1 (l3 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Chausette45SMPR EsportsSMPR Esports SMPRsquaresquare (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands CheeseFace R1 -  (L1 / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States CheesePittsburgh KnightsPittsburgh Knights PKsquaresquare (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ChicagoG2 EsportsG2 Esports G2l1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ChiefWalrusAllMidAllMid AMl1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia chikage+966+966 +966l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Norway ChokeMustu FluckMustu Fluck MFL1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstrianglel2r2
South Africa ChristianWNIBBLE EsportsNIBBLE Esports NIBLl1 -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ChromeSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSGl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States ChronicRandomsRandoms RANsquareL1 ( - / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
United States ClavenUniversity of MichiganUniversity of Michigan UMl1l1 (r3 / triangle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Singapore Claw-Z1620 Kings1620 Kings 1620⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / E)LMBSpaceRMBSW
Spain ClayX squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
England CloudBournemouth BarracudasBournemouth Barracudas BOUL1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
United States CoCoUniversity of UtahUniversity of Utah UUsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia CobboTeam BlissTeam Bliss BLSS⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Hungary CokeHUNFuture EsportsFuture Esports FESLeft ShiftLeft Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Mexico CokitaMamacitosMamacitos MAMAsquarel1 (r1 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States CommVersion1Version1 V1squaresquare ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Coop0OvertOvert OVR⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / E)LMBRMBSPACESW
Canada CorruptedGRogueRogue RGEl1l1crosscircletrianglel2r2
United States CosmicFlippyColumbia CollegeColumbia College CCSquareSquare ( - / l1)r1crossTrianglel2r2
United States CourtneyPioneers GoldPioneers Gold KCPcirclecircle (square / L1)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Denmark creamyyThe OdysseyThe Odyssey ODSYL1 -  (l1 / circle)R1crosssquarel2r2
Wales creamzLil Step BrosLil Step Bros STEPsquaresquare (l3 /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia crespor01 Esports01 Esports 01l1l1 (r1 / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England CrimsonBS+COMPETITIONBS+COMPETITION BSCOL1L1 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States CrimzUniversity of MissouriUniversity of Missouri MIZZl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
England CrispyWYLDEWYLDE WYLlb -  (lb / rb)bxyltrt
United States CrowsShinyWingsColumbia CollegeColumbia College CC⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / RMB)LMBSpaceRSW
Spain crrGuild EsportsGuild Esports GLDsquareL2circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Uruguay CrsTrue NeutralTrue Neutral TNl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States CrypticColumbia CollegeColumbia College CCl1l1 (square /  -)r1crossTrianglel2r2
Australia Cyrexal ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LEFT CLICKRIGHT CLICKSPACESW
South Africa D3FunctDNMK EsportsDNMK Esports DNMKsquarel1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France D7.Guild EsportsGuild Esports GLDsquarer1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia d7oom-24Twisted MindsTwisted Minds TWISr2r2circlesquaretrianglel2r1
Sweden d'HaaqKalasKalas KALL1L1 (Square / Circle)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Spain D O R I T O # @Guild EsportsGuild Esports GLDsquareL2 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
South Africa DaisyBravado GamingBravado Gaming BVDy -  (lb / rb)axbltrt
United States DanielSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSGR1R1 (L1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland DanskuDust SuckerDust Sucker DUSTL1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
United States DappurTorrentTorrent TORsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Dark ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Mexico Daroupretty princessespretty princesses PREl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
South Africa DarthOrlando Pirates ExdeeOrlando Pirates Exdee OPl1Square (l1 / circle)r1crossTriangleL2R2
Slovakia daveENTERPRISE esportsENTERPRISE esports ENTl1 -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil davinsanoRubyRuby RUBYL1L1 (R1 /  -)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Italy DavoofE-girl HuntersE-girl Hunters EGHsquare -  (r2 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r1
Australia Daze squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy Dead-MonsterE-girl HuntersE-girl Hunters EGHl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England DeevoGuild EsportsGuild Esports GLDr1r1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Demo l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States DezuFlorida PolyFlorida Poly FLPsquaresquare (l1 / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Diaz6LIT6LIT 6LITl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain DmentZa squaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany doomaynDie FlamongosDie Flamongos FLML1L1 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England DoomseeTorrentTorrent TORsquare -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Portugal DoozKeele KrakensKeele Krakens KEECTRL -  (⇧ Left Shift / CTRL)LMBSpaceBSW
United States dreazTeam EnvyTeam Envy NVl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States DripinhoStockton UniversityStockton University SUsquarel1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil droppzElevateElevate ELVxlt (lb /  -)rtright stickyrblt
England DuckzIntagalacticoIntagalactico INTsquaresquare ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia DumboPhysicistsPhysicists PHYSsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada EPICJonnyOut of PowerOut of Power OPWRl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brunei Easel r1 -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Easy L1L1 ( - / square)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
South Africa EchoHigh Born KillersHigh Born Killers HBKl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany Eckhard ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSX
Finland edurph L1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England eeksoLuminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming LGL1L1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark ejbyThe OdysseyThe Odyssey ODSYsquareL1 (L1 / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ElOmarMatonDucks on QuackDucks on Quack DoQl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil Electro l1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia eliCowabungaCowabunga CWBAlblb (x / b)rbayltrt
South Africa EliakimZADigital DevilsDigital Devils DDx -  (lb / rb)bayltrt
Czech Republic ElkoSINNERS EsportsSINNERS Esports SINl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands EmmaPioneers GoldPioneers Gold KCPL1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Germany emre l1squarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Enforcer R1L1 ( - / L3)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Turkey ErdemPie_ SquareSquareR1L1TriangleL2R2
United States Eris6LIT6LIT 6LITsquarer1 (cross /  -)l1crosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands esk.LowLandLionsLowLandLions LLLL1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Espeon squaresquarecrosscircletrianglel2r2
Australia EvamplePulsePulse PLSE⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Belgium EversaxKarmine CorpKarmine Corp KCr2r2 (l2 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel1r1
United States EvohXSETXSET XSETl1 -  (l1 / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Finland extendoDust SuckerDust Sucker DUSTl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
France ExtraTeam BDSTeam BDS BDSsquaresquare (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England EyeIgnite xxbayltrt
Austria FabiDerKrosseAustrian ForceAustrian Force AFl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany FabsoAll for One GamingAll for One Gaming A41G⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (ThumbMouse / ThumbMouse2)LBMRBMSpaceSX
United States fadedAXLE-R8AXLE-R8 XLR8l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Fairy Peak!Team VitalityTeam Vitality VITl1l1 (r2 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r1
Mexico Falss xx (lb /  -)bayltrt
United States Fearless XLTBAYLTRT
France FerraTeam VitalityTeam Vitality VITsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia FeverRenegadesRenegades RNGX -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
Germany Fey2307 L1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia FiberrDire WolvesDire Wolves DIREL1L1 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia FirasKINGS EsportsKINGS Esports KINGl1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States FireburnerVersion1Version1 V1squarel1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Norway FiremanJonasAW3 EsportsAW3 Esports AW3l1l1r1crosssquarel2r2
United States FirstkillerFaZe ClanFaZe Clan FAZEsquaresquare (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States fishhrPrestige EsportsPrestige Esports PGE⇧ Left ShiftSMB (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Netherlands Flakes r1r1 ( - / square)l1crosstrianglel2r2
England FlamE00 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00squarer1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Chile Flare l1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Brazil Flasheeyy squaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany FlexxyStealth7 AcademyStealth7 Academy S7Al1l1 (r1 / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States FlitzAllMidAllMid AMl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England florus l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany FlowZC1 EsportsC1 Esports C1Esquaresquare (L1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Fluff BallMoystersMoysters MOYL1L1 (cross / circle)R1squaretrianglel2r2
Netherlands Flwles l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France ForeceJuicersJuicers JUIr1r1 (square / circle)l1crosstrianglel2r2
United States ForkyBus BoysBus Boys BUSxlb ( - / left stick)rbayltrt
Wales FoxyBlastersBlasters BLSTl1square (l1 / r1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
Germany FreaKii.BS+COMPETITIONBS+COMPETITION BSCOsquarel1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Frenzyy l1l1 ( - / r1)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Freshness l1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Friis l1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark fruitySK GamingSK Gaming SK⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Saudi Arabia fsool squarel1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States furlashh L1L1 (Square / Circle)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Canada fusionSt. Clair CollegeSt. Clair College SCCr1l1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Ireland FusurePre-Flip GangPre-Flip Gang PFGxltbayrbrt
France FuuRySolarySolary SLYLBLBARBYLTRT
Norway gReazymeister circlel1crosssquaretrianglel2r2
United States Garenn l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States GarrettGThe General NRGThe General NRG NRGsquarel1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Mexico Gdabdiel r1r1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States gearAkrewAkrew AKRWl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands GekkGROS NOOBZGROS NOOBZ GNsquareR1 (L1 /  -)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
United States Gengar XX (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Ghost. l1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany ghostfireGrinsebackenGrinsebacken GRINl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada GibUniversity of WaterlooUniversity of Waterloo UWl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Gibbs xxlbayltrt
United States gimmickOxygen EsportsOxygen Esports OXGsquaresquare (L2 /  -)crosscircletrianglel1r1
Germany Godsmilla l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England GombBlastersBlasters BLSTsquaresquare (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Indonesia GonFrost EsportsFrost Esports FROl1 -  (square / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Chile Gonk l1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England GrowliiThe BricksThe Bricks TBRB -  (X / B)RBAYLTRT
United States Gschwind xxrbayltrt
United States GuhberryKINGS EsportsKINGS Esports KINGsquarel1 (l3 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Gyro.RogueRogue RGEl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
South Africa HappymealBravado GamingBravado Gaming BVDl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
India HargunDark Rift EsportsDark Rift Esports RIFTL1L1 (R1 /  -)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Canada Harps l1l1 (l3 / triangle)r1crosscirclel2r2
United States Hato squaresquarer1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia HawkDire WolvesDire Wolves DIRESquareL1CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
United States HepsKidEritErit ERITl1 -  ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England hibbs00 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00l1r1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia HisokaTwisted MindsTwisted Minds TWISl1 -  (r3 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States hockserGhost GamingGhost Gaming GGl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia HomieTokyo Verdy EsportsTokyo Verdy Esports VEL1L1 (Circle / Square)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Croatia hoodiedTOG FoxesTOG Foxes TOGl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany HuskyTeam FireWallTeam FireWall FWxlb (rb / left stick)BAYLTRT
Italy HyderrWolves EsportsWolves Esports WLVLBLBBAYLTRT
United States iRicky01 SquareSquare (L1 / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Switzerland iRivelA LT -  (LT / RT)ABXLBRB
United States iSharrieff l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Austria ic3fl4meAustrian ForceAustrian Force AF⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSX
Germany IceteazyBurning FoxesBurning Foxes BFXlblb ( - / rb)bayltrt
Finland icyAW3 EsportsAW3 Esports AW3l1 -  (l1 / r1)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Austria immooAll for One GamingAll for One Gaming A41Gl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia ImpressiveVeloce EsportsVeloce Esports VEL⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Norway InfernoAW3 EsportsAW3 Esports AW3⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSW
United States Insolences squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France IryzerIziDreamIziDream IZIl1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Morocco itachiKarmine CorpKarmine Corp KCsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Austria ivnEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses EGsquaresquare ( - / l1)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia ixSCYTESSCYTES SYTSl1l1 (circle / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Mexico JJPrezus squareL1R1crosstriangleL2R2
United States JKfoshizzleLackawanna FalconsLackawanna Falcons LCl1l2 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada JKnapsG2 EsportsG2 Esports G2l1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States JPowXSETXSET XSETl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Belgium JWeytsKV Mechelen EsportsKV Mechelen Esports KVMR1R1 ( - / L1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States JWismont l1l1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland JZRThe General NRGThe General NRG NRGsquaresquare (l1 /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Jacob l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Jake LBLBRBAXltrt
Singapore JarelNadenVectro EsportsVectro Esports VECsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands JarnoTomatenplukkersTomatenplukkers TMTNsquaresquare (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada JayPrestige EsportsPrestige Esports PGEl1l1 ( - / l3)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany JaziiTeam Orange GamingTeam Orange Gaming TOGL1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
South Africa Jerome in da bathTeam EspionageTeam Espionage ESPL1L1R1SquareTriangleL2R2
Netherlands JessieDignitasDignitas DIGL1L1 (square /  -)r1crosstriangleL2R2
England JiggiPixel EsportsPixel Esports PBEl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
India jocseDark Rift EsportsDark Rift Esports RIFTl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada jordanShopify RebellionShopify Rebellion SRl1l1 ( - / cross)r1squaretrianglel2r2
Netherlands JoreuzDignitasDignitas DIGsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England JoyoMoist EsportsMoist Esports MSTL1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
United States jrussPittsburgh KnightsPittsburgh Knights PKl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States jstn.The General NRGThe General NRG NRGR1R1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland jujuju l1 -  (r1 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Julz squarer1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany JulzzStealth7 eSportsStealth7 eSports S7l1l1 (circle / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States JustinkapUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of Virginia UVAL1 -  ( - / Circle)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Netherlands Justuszzz1/4πε01/4πε0 1/4πε0l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Norway Jwols00 Prospects DNB00 Prospects DNB 00PL1L1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England K3Keele KrakensKeele Krakens KEExlbrbayltrt
Canada Kai99jrUniversity of OttawaUniversity of Ottawa UOsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Kaiju l1 -  ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Singapore KaizenVectro EsportsVectro Esports VECsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada kamal L1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Japan Kanra l1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France KaotikAsphyx's MinionsAsphyx's Minions AMlblb (x / rb)bayltrt
United States Karma r1square (r1 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England KashMisfits GamingMisfits Gaming MSFl1l1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France KassioSMPR EsportsSMPR Esports SMPRsquarel1 ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France KaydopTeam VitalityTeam Vitality VITLBLBRBAXLTRT
United States kayexGentlemenGentlemen GENTsquareR1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland KeeverSwiss Incredible RebelsSwiss Incredible Rebels SIRl1l1 (l3 / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
New Zealand Kenny Salmon L1L1R1CrossTriangleL2R2
England KeudeIntagalacticoIntagalactico INTsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States KevpertRaleigh Black Flame EsportsRaleigh Black Flame Esports RBFtriangletriangle (l1 / R1)circlecrosssquarel2r2
Spain KierMonsteRPikete GalácticoPikete Galáctico PKGl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Ireland KiernanOcean DwellersOcean Dwellers ODr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy killerno7 XXBAYLTRT
Spain KilleroPikete GalácticoPikete Galáctico PKGl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States KiraFlashes of BrillianceFlashes of Brilliance FOBl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England kirn L1L1R1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Kiruso SquareSquare (L1 /  -)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
France kisaï l1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Klassux l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France KnauffLiteLite LITEl1l1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil KnsMoonsterHawksHawks HWK⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Canada KobainValorsValors VALl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Kraziks squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States KronoviPioneersPioneers KCPl1l1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Kryptos r1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy kuxir97E-girl HuntersE-girl Hunters EGHsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States kuzyFriendsFriends FRNDl1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Brazil kv1The ClubThe Club CLUBx -  (rb / lb)bayltrt
Germany KyuuOpus eSportsOpus eSports OPUSl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France KérianSK GamingSK Gaming SKl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Indonesia LCTGaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators GLA⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Saudi Arabia LEGEND.ANKAAANKAA ATl1l1 ( - / cross)circler1trianglel2r2
Spain LTK_AtomiKLuminosity GamingLuminosity Gaming LGsquaresquare (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland Labyrinth l1 -  (l1 / r1)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Lachinio l1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
South Africa LackstarAIPX GamingAIPX Gaming AIPXl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Spain LasaWebidoo GamingWebidoo Gaming WBDL1L2 (R1 / L1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
United States LaserUniversity of Central FloridaUniversity of Central Florida UCFsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States LeakezTEQUILATEQUILA TEQL1L1 (Square /  -)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Sweden lejdosalamisalami SLIX -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
Brazil LeoDknRubyRuby RUBYl1l1 (r1 /  -)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia LerkyThe LunaticsThe Lunatics LNTC⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Germany LethalVCTRY EsportsVCTRY Esports VCTRl1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland LethalKale lb -  (lb / rb)xayltrt
Canada LethamyrSpacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming SSGLBLBBAYLTRT
Australia Leviathan squarel1 (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r1
Argentina LeximLeviatánLeviatán LEVsquaresquare (triangle / circle)R1crossL1L2R2
Germany LiFoxLiteLite LITEtriangletriangle (l1 / r1)circlecrosssquarel2r2
Canada Liefx l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany .limboTeam FireWallTeam FireWall FWl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States LionBlazeGhost GamingGhost Gaming GGl1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Canada Loconate l1l1r1crosssquarel2r2
Turkey LorelyLondon EsportsLondon Esports LDNsquarel1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Luxembourg LorisRaptorTeam LuxembourgTeam Luxembourg TLl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States lubeyNotoriousNotorious NRSXLB (Left Stick /  -)RBAYLTRT
Spain LuiisPNatus VincereNatus Vincere NAVIsquarer1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil LukElevateElevate ELVlblb ( - / rb)bayltrt
United States LukeBus BoysBus Boys BUSl1l1 (l3 /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States LunarFast And FuriousFast And Furious FAFl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Japan LunaticDeToNatorDeToNator DTNr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia LunrThe LunaticsThe Lunatics LNTCXXABYLTRT
Ireland M1k3Rules squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia M7sN01 Esports01 Esports 01squarer2circlecrosstrianglel2r1
United States M@Raleigh Black Flame EsportsRaleigh Black Flame Esports RBFl1l1 (square / circle)r1crossl3l2r2
United States MARzFishh R UsFishh R Us FRUSl1l1 (l3 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia MGRM25eSports25eSports 25r1r1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany MK.PulsePulse PLSlblbBAYltrt
Norway MaadzzThe Razzle DazzlersThe Razzle Dazzlers TRDxlbbayltrt
France maaivyIziDreamIziDream IZIr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Madssssss.1/4πε01/4πε0 1/4πε0squaresquare (l2 / r2)circlecrosstrianglel1r1
France Magma l1l1 (square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
England Magu squaresquarer1crosstrianglel2r2
United States majicbearTorrentTorrent TORl1l1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Norway MajorRotaryon EsportsRotaryon Esports ROTL1L1 (triangle / circle)R1crosssquarel2r2
Austria Manuel2142Austrian ForceAustrian Force AFsquaresquare ( - / r1)l1crosstrianglel2r2
Spain MaRc_By_8.Team BDSTeam BDS BDSsquarel1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Scotland MarkydoodaGuild EsportsGuild Esports GLDxxbayltrt
Netherlands MarmoanTheGardenManagerTheGardenManager TGMl1 -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
Japan MaruAGELITEAGELITE AGLr1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Matee10Sentient EsportsSentient Esports SNTr1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Matro l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark matsgrey l1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States matt squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Ireland MaxeewGaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators GLAl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States McLandoPittsburgh KnightsPittsburgh Knights PKLBLB ( - / RB)BAYLTRT
Qatar md974Krentina EsportsKrentina Esports KRAl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Sweden MeatyAscenceAscence ASCL2L2 ( - / L1)crosscircletrianglesquareR2
United States mectosGhost GamingGhost Gaming GGLBLBBAYLTRT
Switzerland meelooxSwiss VeteransSwiss Veterans SWVl1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Melodic Miserii l1l1 (square / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Melody squaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Meloshisu squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland MetsanaurisEndpoint CeXEndpoint CeX ENDl1l1R1crosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland MihnoGangGang174GangGang174 G174l1l1 (circle / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Mijo. squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Japan mikanDeToNatorDeToNator DTNl2l2 (square / circle)r1l1trianglecrossr2
Netherlands MikeboySolarySolary SLYxlbbayltrt
United States mikey12 ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (E / Q)LMBRMBSpaceSW
France miloDust SuckerDust Sucker DUSTsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain MingoWYLDEWYLDE WYLsquaresquare ( - / l1)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands MinkeyTheGardenManagerTheGardenManager TGM⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Switzerland Mirror.Edelweiss EsportsEdelweiss Esports EDWl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States mistTeam EnvyTeam Envy NVsquarel1circlecrossr1l2r2
Malaysia MistyGod SpeedGod Speed GSl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands MittaenMisfits GamingMisfits Gaming MSFl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Scotland miztikTorrentTorrent TORsquareL1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada MizuEmpyre EsportsEmpyre Esports MPYRl1l1 (circle / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Finland Mognus squaresquare (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France M0nkey M00nTeam BDSTeam BDS BDSsquarel2 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Morgz174GangGang174GangGang174 G174squaresquare ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia MorseThe LunaticsThe Lunatics LNTCLBLB (Left Stick /  -)bayLTRT
France Mout squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
South Africa Mr.LowNIBBLE EsportsNIBBLE Esports NIBLl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia MshTwisted MindsTwisted Minds TWISl1r2circlecrosstrianglel2r1
United States mustyThe General NRGThe General NRG NRGlblb ( - / rb)bayltrt
Saudi Arabia mzxyOnyx RavensOnyx Ravens ONYX  -  ( - / r1)l1crosstrianglel2r2
Spain NachitowPepepitos CanyonsPepepitos Canyons PEPCr1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Ne0nERN ROARERN ROAR ROARSquareSquare (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Egypt NegativeThe CEOsThe CEOs CEOsquarer1l1crosstrianglel2r2
Japan Nemoto r1r1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Mexico NessCoffMamacitosMamacitos MAMAsquarel1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany nex. r1l1 (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Nielskoek LBLBBAYLTRT
United States night.RandomsRandoms RANrbrb (lb /  -)BAYLTRT
Sweden niix R1R1 ( - / Square)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Slovenia NiklasSentient Esports