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List of player control settings - Others

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Control settings quickly become outdated. To fix this issue please help keep the list up to date by going to player pages and updating their settings if needed.

This page collectively displays all sets of control settings included on player pages. The section is split into 2 tabs - "notable" players and others. A notable player has earned more than $500 in their career. The gray, blue and red backgrounds indicate a retired, inactive and banned player, respectively.

Control Settings for Others[edit]

PlayerTeamPowerslideAir roll (left/right)BoostJumpBall camBrakeThrottle
United States 0ver Zer0 LBLBBAYLTRT
United States 2Fast UNT⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Australia 4ngryman HENLOXLBBAYLTRT
Saudi Arabia AMS 5HDl1L2 ( - / r2)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain ASN_RuBiiX l1l1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AYYJAYY PEEPr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz FHr1r1 ( - / l1)circlesquaretrianglel2r2
Mexico AbsorbentKarma IGNlbY (b /  -)rbAXltrt
Portugal AcroniK COOLR1R1 ( - / L1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Ireland Adzer squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia Ahmad SRGr1r1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Japan akikansu N55l1l1R1crosstrianglel2r2
Japan Akira90 r1r1 (triangle /  -)circlel1crossl2r2
Sweden al0t CAVl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AlRaz CLTl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Al Dente KLIl1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Italy AleRL SquareL2circlecrosstrianglel1r2
Australia Alessio OVRL1L1CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Germany Alex161 l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy Alex837 HG⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Saudi Arabia Ali l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Allushin PEEPr1r1 (square / circle)l1crosstrianglel2r2
Austria alluvis l1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France Alpha54 VITsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AlphaKep XSETl1l1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States AmongStar l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Amphis GZLB -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States amustycow MTTlblbbayltrt
Finland Andom l1l1R1CrossTrianglel2r2
United States Andy LOCOl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England ApparentlyJack DIGl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
New Zealand Applecrash SOURR1 -  (L1 / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
United States Aqua SCSquareL2 (L1 / Circle)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
England archie TOPsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland Arcko0o ELSl1 -  (l1 / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Ireland Arctic DCUX -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States aris squaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy arju GXRr1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Arsenal SSGL1L1 (square /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
Canada Astra Left ShiftLeft Shift ( - / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Spain AtomiK TQsquaresquare (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Atomic NVsquarer1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Belgium Atow l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Mexico ayLucky ESGl1square (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Aza HZDl1square (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Azfura SUPl1l1 (circle / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany Azie TF⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (ThumbMouse /  -)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Australia Azora l1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Belgium AztraL OXGsquaresquare (l1 / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil AztromicK LOCl1l1 (cross / square)r1circletrianglel2r2
Peru B00M squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia B2seL RDEl1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England BJayB YCPl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil BRUNOVISQUII EUPl1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Baked Potato PROCL1L1 ( - / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Singapore Ballerrees 3RATsquarer1crosscircletrianglel2r2
Australia Bango squaresquarel2crosstriangler1r2
France BatOu EDWSquareSquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark BePeak l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Beastaboniam LOCOLBLB ( - / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Beeyu squarel1 ( - / l3)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Bell lblbbayltrt
United States Bertoh L1L1 (Square / Circle)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
England billy DNDxxbayltrt
Canada blaze. X -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Blaze AU⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (MBB / MFB)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Canada Blossom left stickleft stickBAYLTRT
New Zealand blu3y ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
England bluey. TTl1l1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Sweden Bob Skywalker PLSSquareSquare (R1 /  -)L1CrossTriangleL2R2
United States Bobsto FLPl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Borito B VEsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Brabes WAZALT (LB / X)RBBYLTRT
Belgium bramdeswaggerd GFL1L1 (square /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Brandon VROMXX ( - / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Brazy L1L1 (Square /  -)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
England Breezi SNGXX (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Brendan squarel2 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Brinka MCONL1L1 ( - / square)R1crosstrianglel2r2
Portugal Bruno l1square (l2 / r2)r1crosstriangleleft stickleft stick
Poland bruz l1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Buddy NEFlblb (rb /  -)bayleft stickleft stick
Yemen BunnyDummy LISlb -  ( - / rb)bayltrt
Japan Burn HNl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil C4 ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Australia CJCJ RNGl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
New Zealand CJM PROC⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Mexico COKE ESGsquarel1 (r1 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England cal l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Calix TTl1l1 ( - / r1)crosssquaretrianglel2r2
Scotland Calzafy YERXrbABYltrt
Switzerland Cara. l1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany Carbo DCsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain Carca squarer1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Catalysm TRHDl1l1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia cavemanben MF⇧ Left Shift -  (q / e)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Belgium Cha0s l1l1 (l3 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Chausette45 OXGsquaresquare (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Cheeky FLMsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Cheery MAKOSquareSquare (L3 /  -)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Netherlands CheeseFace GFR1R1 (L1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Chicago G2l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ChiefWalrusfist l1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia Chikage FHl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Norway Choke L1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Chrisx888 squaresquare ( - / R1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
Italy chromyum TECHL1L1 ( - / circle)R1crosssquarel2r2
United States Chronic XLB ( - / RB)BAYLTRT
France Chronomia MTPLBX (RB / LB)BAYLTRT
Australia Chub l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Claven PLEl1l1 ( - / triangle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Spain ClayX squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Scotland Clean RIXlbrb ( - / left stick)bayltrt
Italy Cleverly RCEl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England Cloud BOUL1L1 (square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
United States CoCo UVUsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Cobbo COG⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Hungary CokeHUN BP5Left ShiftLeft Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
United States Comm V1squaresquare ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Coop0 3MN⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / E)LMBRMBSPACESW
United States Courtney circlecircle (square / L1)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Germany Covari square -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Crazy BBL1L1CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Denmark creamyy UNIQlblbrbaxltrt
Wales creamz PINEsquaresquare (l3 /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia crespor ASMRl1l1 (r1 / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England Crimson SKBL1L1 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Crimz MIZZl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
England Crispy lb -  (lb / rb)bxyltrt
Spain crr WDMsquareL2circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Cruzey CFsquare -  (L1 / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Cruzza L1L1R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Australia Cyrexal UTS⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LEFT CLICKRIGHT CLICKSPACESW
Germany D3sired NGNSl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy dani28201 lblbbayltrt
United States Daniel squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands ~Danii SINT⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
United States Dappur KCPsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Dark SU⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
United States Darou PLEl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Slovakia dave SMPl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil davinsano OUTL1L1 (R1 /  -)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Australia Daze squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Italy Dead-Monster RIXl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England Deevo GLDr1r1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Defzzy OSL1L1 (L2 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Demo l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Ireland Demoqz EEl1l1 ( - / l3)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Dezu FLPsquaresquare (l1 /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Discreet 7Xxrbbayltrt
Spain DmentZa TQsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland Doggo L1L1 (Square / circle)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Canada Dooble l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany doomayn ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSX
England Doomsee PINEsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Dootsi PROXLBRB (left stick /  -)BAYLTRT
Spain Dorito WDMsquareL2circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States dreaz l1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil droppz CGxlt (lb /  -)rtright stickyrblt
England Duckz CJMsquaresquare ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States durtho l1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Dynamo squaresquarer1crosstrianglel2r2
Canada EPICJonny l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brunei Easel r1 -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Easy TKOFL1L1 ( - / square)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
England Eaze r1r1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Eckhard ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSX
Finland edurph L1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England eekso GXRL1L1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Ejby UNIQsquareL1 (L1 / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States ElOmarMaton AMl1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia eli CWBAlblb (x / b)rbayltrt
Germany Emre l1squarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Enforcer TKOFR1L1 ( - / L3)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
England Envoy l1l1R1SquaretriangleL2r2
Scotland EpicToastie r1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain ErAle001 squaresquarecrosscircletrianglel2r2
Netherlands eskk OSL1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Espeon squaresquarecrosscircletrianglel2r2
Australia Evample FBGE⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Belgium Eversax r2r2 (l2 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel1r1
Australia Exodus VRTXl1l1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Extra BDSsquaresquare (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England EyeIgnite xxbayltrt
United States FTMHere l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Fabso UNSB⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (ThumbMouse / ThumbMouse2)LBMRBMSpaceSX
Argentina Facha510 ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
United States Faded l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Scotland Faded l1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France Fairy Peak! VITl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r1
South Africa Falacer IVG⇧ Left Shift -  (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Mexico Falss TEQxx (lb /  -)bayltrt
United States Fearless XLTBAYLTRT
Argentina FenoSiicK ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
France Ferra OXGsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Fever MFX -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
Australia Fiberr DIREL1L1 (R1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia Firas VPl1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Fireburner V1squarel1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Norway FiremanJonas l1l1r1crosssquarel2r2
United States firstkiller RGEsquaresquare (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States FishhR FSU⇧ Left ShiftSMB (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Netherlands Flakes SWAGr1r1 ( - / square)l1crosstrianglel2r2
England FlamE TOPsquarer1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil Flasheeyy AVDsquaresquare (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Flexxy l1l1 (r1 / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Flickky squaresquare ( - / r1)l1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Flitz PKl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England florus l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany FlowZ squaresquare (L1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Fluff Ball MOYL1L1 (cross / circle)R1squaretrianglel2r2
England Flux l1 -  (l2 / l1)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Flux B -  (LB / X)RBAYLTRT
Netherlands Flwles MCONl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Focusrite ESPLBLBBAYLTRT
France Forece WOOr1r1 (square / circle)l1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Forky SIPxlb ( - / left stick)rbayltrt
Wales Foxy l1square (l1 / r1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
Germany FreaKii. squarel1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Frenzyy RATSl1l1 ( - / r1)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Freshness GGl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Friis MIFl1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Slovenia Frøsty DMGL1L1 (circle / square)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Denmark fruity TL⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Saudi Arabia fsool MOMsquarel1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Ireland Fusure PFGxltbayrbrt
Norway gReazymeister circlel1crosssquaretrianglel2r2
United States Garenn 8BITl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States GarrettG NRGsquarel1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States gear l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Gekkenman 1212squareR1 (L1 /  -)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
United States Gengar DREXX (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
United States Ghostcrash JIVEl1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Germany ghostfire WDMl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Gib RBNl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Gibbs xxlbayltrt
United States gimmick V1squaresquare (L2 /  -)crosscircletrianglel1r1
Indonesia Gon 1NEl1 -  (square / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Chile Gonk l1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England Growlii B -  (X / B)RBAYLTRT
United States Gschwind xxrbayltrt
Denmark HP GRN⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
England Hakeem squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
South Africa Happymeal IVGl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
India Hargun L1L3CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Canada Harps DRIPl1l1 (l3 / triangle)r1crosscirclel2r2
United States Hato squaresquarer1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Hawk FBGSquareL1CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
United States HepsKid l1 -  ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
England hibbs SNGl1r1 (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States hockser XSETl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Homie HZDL1L1 (Circle / Square)R1CrossTriangleL2R2
Croatia hoodied 1212l1l1 (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Hungry HRZNxxbayrtlt
Germany Hyrole BPXl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland iRivelA DMGLT -  (LT / RT)ABXLBRB
Austria ic3fl4me AF⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSX
Finland Icy l1l1 (l1 / r1)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Austria immoo MNKZl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia Impressive ⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Norway Inferno TOG⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LBMRBMSpaceSW
United States Innocence RISEl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Insolences squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Iryzer l1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
Morocco itachi GIAsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Austria ivn squaresquare ( - / l1)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia JBrad KUREL1 -  (L1 / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Mexico JJPrezus squareL1R1crosstriangleL2R2
Canada JKnaps G2l1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States JPow XSETl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Belgium JWeyts GFR1R1 ( - / L1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States JWismont NEFl1l1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland JZR NRGsquaresquare (l1 /  -)R1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Jacob 72PCl1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Jake LBLBRBAXltrt
Wales Jakeypoo l1l1r1crosssquarel2r2
Singapore JarelNaden squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands Jarno squaresquare (l3 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States jasper L1L1 ( - / R1)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
Canada Jay JIVEl1l1 ( - / l3)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Jazii L1L1 ( - / R1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
England Jnr l1l1r1crosssquarel2r2
Brazil John AVDlblb (rb /  -)bayltrt
Canada jordan PINEl1l1 ( - / cross)r1squaretrianglel2r2
Netherlands Joreuz DIGl1l1 (square / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States jruss SQl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States jstn. NRGR1R1 (square /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland Jujuju ELSl1 -  (r1 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Julz CRGsquarer1 ( - / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Junior XX ( - / RB)BAYLTRT
Hungary JusTZoly crosscross ( - / triangle)r1circlesquarel2l1
Netherlands Justuszzz DNDl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Hong Kong Juxta squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Kai99jr UOsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Kaiju l1 -  ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Singapore Kaizen squarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Finland kalle SAWOL1L1 (L3 / square)R1crosstriangleL2R2
Japan Kanra IXAl1l1 (square / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France Kaotik PHOlblb (x / rb)bayltrt
United States Karma CLTr1square (r1 / l1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Spain Karsten FT3L1L2circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England Kash REDl1l1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
France Kassio TOPsquarel1 ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Kayex ULsquareR1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Switzerland Keever ELSl1l1 (l3 / circle)r1crosssquarel2r2
New Zealand Kenny Salmon L1L1R1CrossTriangleL2R2
United States Kevpert LO!triangletriangle (l1 / R1)circlecrosssquarel2r2
Canada Kewc TVLBLB (left stick /  -)XAYLTRT
Spain KierMonsteR l1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England kieran L1L1R1crosstrianglel2r2
Italy killerno7 XXBAYLTRT
Spain Killero l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Kira ULl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Kiruso TKOFSquareSquare (L1 /  -)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
France Kisai WOOl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Klassux l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Brazil Klaus HALL⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Argentina Klawzt REVl1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Brazil KnsMoonster NEX⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
France Kozen l2l2 ( - / circle)squarecrosstrianglel1r2
United States Kraziks JJsquarel1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
United States Kronovi l1l1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Kryptos TRHDr1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Kuma l1L1 (square /  -)CircleCrossTriangleL2R2
United States Kunoku RBLB (X /  -)BAYLTRT
Italy kuxir97 SWAGsquaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia KyRo SNGN⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LEFT CLICKRIGHT CLICKSPACESW
Germany Kyuu l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
France Kérian SLYl1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Indonesia LCT 3RAT⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left Shift (Q / E)LMBRMBSpaceSW
Saudi Arabia LEGEND FHl1l1 ( - / cross)circler1trianglel2r2
Finland Labyrinth l1 -  (l1 / r1)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Lachinio l1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Australia Lausiie SNGNsquaresquarel1crosscirclel2r2
Australia Le Mon QUTOl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
Netherlands lecraM! squarel1 ( - / l3)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Sweden lejdo SFCX -  (LB / RB)BAYLTRT
Brazil LeoDkn PDHMl1l1 (r1 /  -)squarecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Lerky TFR⇧ Left Shift⇧ Left ShiftLMBRMBSpaceSW
Germany Lethal RUl1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Lethalforlife MFLBLBBAYLTRT
Australia Leviathan squarel1 (l1 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r1
Argentina Lexim FWsquaresquare (triangle / circle)R1crossL1L2R2
Germany LiFox BERGtriangletriangle (l1 / r1)circlecrosssquarel2r2
United States LionBlaze GGl1l1 ( - / square)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Canada Loconate l1l1r1crosssquarel2r2
Spain LuXxoR r1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Canada Lubby l1 -  (square /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Spain LuiisP WESsquarer1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Luis LBX ( - / B)RBAYLTRT
United States Luke SIPl1l1r1crosstrianglel2r2
United States Lutvara FALLCircleCircle (Square / r1)l1CrossTriangleL2R2
Ireland M1k3Rules squaresquarecirclecrosstrianglel2r2
Saudi Arabia M7sn 5HDsquarer2circlecrosstrianglel2r1
United States M@ l1l1 (square / circle)r1crossl3l2r2
United States MARz TSl1l1 (l3 / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Norway Maadzz NVDxlbbayltrt
France Maaivy r1r1 (l1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark Madssssss squaresquare (l2 / r2)circlecrosstrianglel1r1
Spain Magiiiks l1l1 (r1 /  -)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
England Magu squaresquarer1crosstrianglel2r2
United States majicbear PINEl1l1 (circle /  -)r1crosstrianglel2r2
Austria Manuel2142 DCMPsquaresquare ( - / r1)l1crosstrianglel2r2
Spain MaRc_By_8. BDSsquarel1 ( - / r1)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Scotland Markydooda SNGxxbayltrt
Netherlands Marmoan l1 -  (l1 / r1)circlecrosstriangleL2R2
Japan Maru N55r1r1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Germany Matee10 KITLr1l1 ( - / square)circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Australia Matro l1l1circlecrosstrianglel2r2
Denmark matsgrey l1l1 ( - / circle)r1crosstrianglel2r2