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NSE: Winter Championship 2020/21 - National League

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[e][h]NSE: Winter Championship 2020/21 - National League
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National Student Esports National Student Esports Championship
National Student Esports
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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The National Student Esports Championship is a collegiate esports league based in the United Kingdom. It is open to all degree students in the UK, who must find team-mates from the same University.

The NSE Winter Championship is a part of the British University Esports Championship.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • The National League consists of the top 32 teams in NSE. It is played out over 4 Weeks on Tuesday evenings.
  • The National League is a modified version of a Swiss Bracket, where teams are matched up against opponents with the same number of wins.
  • Each week, teams play 3 Best-of-5 matches. By winning all 3 matches, a team will earn maximum points. Meanwhile, the four teams who go 0-3 for the week are relegated.
  • The 4 relegated teams are replaced with the top 2 teams from the division below (who are competing in a league with a similar structure designed to create 4 clear "winners" every week).
  • Each week the bracket is reset and played out again (with the newly promoted teams replacing the relegated ones).
  • A team's final position in the league table is determined by the total number of points they are able to accumulate over the course of all 4 weeks.
  • In the last 2 weeks of league play the National League is split into Upper and Lower Divisions of 16 teams each. Their internal functions do not change, with teams who go 3-0 promoted/earning maximum points and 0-3 teams being relegated.
  • In the last week of league play there is no relegation from Lower Nationals, but there is still promotion from Regionals - increasing the number of teams in the overall National League to 34.
  • The 6 teams with the most points qualify for the Championship Playoffs, while the next 12 drop into the Challenger Playoffs. The remaining 16 take part in the 3rd Division Playoffs.
  • Only Championship Playoff teams are able to win the overall NSE Winter Championship, including the £600 Prizepool and qualification for Europe.

Prize Pool[edit]


Bath Salts
1United Kingdom Joel 
2United Kingdom Vechs 
3United Kingdom AdamG 
4United Kingdom Remulous_ 
SUnited Kingdom Fizx 
Beckett Bears
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 


Progress to Championship Bracket
Progress to Challenger Bracket
Progress to 3rd Division Playoffs
Do not progress
  • x - Did not play in the National League this week
  • P - Promoted from Regional Leagues this week