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Neo Tokyo

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[e][h]Neo Tokyo
Map Information
Competitive, Normal, Rumble
Soccar, Rumble
Standard, Non-Standard

Neo Tokyo is the remade version of the Rocket Labs map Underpass, and was added to both normal and competitive playlists in Patch 1.19 on June 20th 2016. [1] The Tokyo inspired map is also the first one to have a live updated scoreboard on the map itself, along with a voice calling out game highlights such as a save or a goal.

Neo Tokyo was added to the Rumble playlist and gamemode in Patch 1.22 as one of the 7 initial maps. [2]

Neo Tokyo was removed from both casual and competitive playlists in patch 1.31 on March 22nd 2017. [3]

A redesigned version of Neo Tokyo was then added back to all playlists in Patch 1.34 on May 10th 2017, with the original one being renamed to Tokyo Underpass, it became availabe in offline and private matches in the same patch. [4]


Neo Tokyo first competitive appearance was in RLCS Season 2 Europe - League Play in week 1 match 4.

Official release art for Neo Tokyo