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Liquipedia Rating: Current

From Liquipedia Rocket League Wiki

For details behind the calculations see the explanation section.

The Rating[edit]

1Team FalconsTeam Falcons Team Falcons2996MENA3954W
Details for Team FalconsTeam Falcons Team Falcons
2G2 StrideG2 Stride G2 Stride2978NORTH AMERICA7574W
Details for G2 StrideG2 Stride G2 Stride
3FURIA EsportsFURIA Esports FURIA Esports2841SOUTH AMERICA311-
Details for FURIA EsportsFURIA Esports FURIA Esports
4Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality2796EUROPE661-
Details for Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality
5Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS2713EUROPE503-
Details for Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS
6Karmine CorpKarmine Corp Karmine Corp2712EUROPE476-
Details for Karmine CorpKarmine Corp Karmine Corp
7Gentle Mates AlpineGentle Mates Alpine Gentle Mates Alpine2692EUROPE62-
8Spacestation GamingSpacestation Gaming Spacestation Gaming2637NORTH AMERICA568-
Details for PWRPWR PWR
10Gen.G Mobil1 RacingGen.G Mobil1 Racing Gen.G Mobil1 Racing2585NORTH AMERICA62-
11Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports2537EUROPE131-
Details for Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports
12AnythingAnything Anything2508MIDDLE EAST178-
Details for AnythingAnything Anything
13Team SecretTeam Secret Team Secret2490SOUTH AMERICA218-
Details for Team SecretTeam Secret Team Secret
14Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas Ninjas in Pyjamas2473SOUTH AMERICA176-
Details for Ninjas in PyjamasNinjas in Pyjamas Ninjas in Pyjamas
15Complexity GamingComplexity Gaming Complexity Gaming2461SOUTH AMERICA570-
Details for Complexity GamingComplexity Gaming Complexity Gaming
16Twisted MindsTwisted Minds Twisted Minds2454MENA2192L
Details for Twisted MindsTwisted Minds Twisted Minds
Details for OGOG OG
18Gaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators Gaimin Gladiators2446ASIA-PACIFIC212-
Details for Gaimin GladiatorsGaimin Gladiators Gaimin Gladiators
19JoblessJobless Jobless2413EUROPE250-
Details for JoblessJobless Jobless
20Shopify RebellionShopify Rebellion Shopify Rebellion2403NORTH AMERICA3022L
Details for Shopify RebellionShopify Rebellion Shopify Rebellion
21QuikTrip Pioneers GamingQuikTrip Pioneers Gaming QuikTrip Pioneers Gaming2372OCEANIA319-
22Luna GalaxyLuna Galaxy Luna Galaxy2325EUROPE50-
Details for Luna GalaxyLuna Galaxy Luna Galaxy
23ElevateElevate Elevate2281ASIA-PACIFIC50-
Details for ElevateElevate Elevate
24DignitasDignitas Dignitas2280NORTH AMERICA131-
Details for DignitasDignitas Dignitas
25Team MobulaTeam Mobula Team Mobula2269SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA263L
Details for Team MobulaTeam Mobula Team Mobula
26Bravado GamingBravado Gaming Bravado Gaming2265MENA154-
Details for Bravado GamingBravado Gaming Bravado Gaming
27Ground Zero GamingGround Zero Gaming Ground Zero Gaming2241OCEANIA2462W
Details for Ground Zero GamingGround Zero Gaming Ground Zero Gaming
28Chiefs Esports ClubChiefs Esports Club Chiefs Esports Club2240OCEANIA454L
29LimitlessLimitless Limitless2230SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA51-
Details for LimitlessLimitless Limitless
31KRÜ EsportsKRÜ Esports KRÜ Esports2178SOUTH AMERICA46-
Details for KRÜ EsportsKRÜ Esports KRÜ Esports
Details for GRIDSERVE ResolveGRIDSERVE Resolve GRIDSERVE Resolve
33Astronic SkillquestAstronic Skillquest Astronic Skillquest2159SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA47-
Details for NRGNRG NRG
Details for TSMTSM TSM
36R8 EsportsR8 Esports R8 Esports2123MENA1013L
Details for R8 EsportsR8 Esports R8 Esports
37The SnowmenThe Snowmen The Snowmen2121NORTH AMERICA46-
Details for The SnowmenThe Snowmen The Snowmen
38AIPX GamingAIPX Gaming AIPX Gaming2098SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA109-
Details for AIPX GamingAIPX Gaming AIPX Gaming
39Nimmt55Nimmt55 Nimmt552079ASIA-PACIFIC87-
Details for Nimmt55Nimmt55 Nimmt55
40100%100% 100%2071EUROPE745W
Details for 100%100% 100%
41Vision EsportsVision Esports Vision Esports2060MENA772L
Details for Vision EsportsVision Esports Vision Esports
42Ranger EsportRanger Esport Ranger Esport2048MENA60-
Details for Ranger EsportRanger Esport Ranger Esport
43GremlinsGremlins Gremlins2046OCEANIA179-
Details for GremlinsGremlins Gremlins
44Team3Team3 Team32043EUROPE723L
Details for Team3Team3 Team3
45Team ROCTeam ROC Team ROC2035MENA68-
Details for Team ROCTeam ROC Team ROC
46KibbgangKibbgang Kibbgang2022OCEANIA24-
Details for KibbgangKibbgang Kibbgang
47Top CougarsTop Cougars Top Cougars2020EUROPE342L
Details for Top CougarsTop Cougars Top Cougars
48Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX2006EUROPE42-
Details for Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX
49NOVO EsportsNOVO Esports NOVO Esports1995EUROPE902L
Details for NOVO EsportsNOVO Esports NOVO Esports
Details for HSPHSP HSP
51Not ExposedNot Exposed Not Exposed1974SOUTH AMERICA912L
Details for Not ExposedNot Exposed Not Exposed
52Gen.G Mobil1 Racing BlackGen.G Mobil1 Racing Black Gen.G Mobil1 Racing Black1969NORTH AMERICA210-
5377Blocks77Blocks 77Blocks1966SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA503W
Details for 77Blocks77Blocks 77Blocks
54OverlookedOverlooked Overlooked1965ASIA-PACIFIC45-
Details for OverlookedOverlooked Overlooked
55GamerLegionGamerLegion GamerLegion1962SOUTH AMERICA40-
Details for GamerLegionGamerLegion GamerLegion
56NetherlamericanadaNetherlamericanada Netherlamericanada1955NORTH AMERICA38-
Details for NetherlamericanadaNetherlamericanada Netherlamericanada
57BoulevardBoulevard Boulevard1950NORTH AMERICA111-
Details for BoulevardBoulevard Boulevard
58ReckenRockets HReckenRockets H ReckenRockets H1943EUROPE152-
Details for ReckenRockets HReckenRockets H ReckenRockets H
59le fishele fishe le fishe1940ASIA-PACIFIC262L
Details for le fishele fishe le fishe
61Rotaryon EsportsRotaryon Esports Rotaryon Esports1918EUROPE2252W
Details for Rotaryon EsportsRotaryon Esports Rotaryon Esports
62Drift QueensDrift Queens Drift Queens1915SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA472L
Details for Drift QueensDrift Queens Drift Queens
63Zero2OneZero2One Zero2One1914NORTH AMERICA118-
Details for Zero2OneZero2One Zero2One
64Esport BERGEsport BERG Esport BERG1913EUROPE972L
Details for Esport BERGEsport BERG Esport BERG
65FIZ6 GamingFIZ6 Gaming FIZ6 Gaming1908OCEANIA682L
Details for FIZ6 GamingFIZ6 Gaming FIZ6 Gaming
66Gaming GamersGaming Gamers Gaming Gamers1900OCEANIA894L
Details for Gaming GamersGaming Gamers Gaming Gamers
67BelligolBelligol Belligol1890EUROPE51-
Details for BelligolBelligol Belligol
68SolarySolary Solary1889EUROPE43-
Details for SolarySolary Solary
70gbuffogbuffo gbuffo1867NORTH AMERICA44-
Details for gbuffogbuffo gbuffo
71True NeutralTrue Neutral True Neutral1862SOUTH AMERICA24-
Details for True NeutralTrue Neutral True Neutral
72BlazarBlazar Blazar1861SOUTH AMERICA444-
Details for BlazarBlazar Blazar
73AtlanticAtlantic Atlantic1859MENA392W
Details for AtlanticAtlantic Atlantic
75The ElitesThe Elites The Elites1850SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA352L
Details for The ElitesThe Elites The Elites
769Lies Esports9Lies Esports 9Lies Esports1845SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA22-
Details for 9Lies Esports9Lies Esports 9Lies Esports
77BTF EsportsBTF Esports BTF Esports1840SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA272L
Details for BTF EsportsBTF Esports BTF Esports
78Senja EsportsSenja Esports Senja Esports1837EUROPE55-
Details for Senja EsportsSenja Esports Senja Esports
79ValiantValiant Valiant1830EUROPE442W
Details for ValiantValiant Valiant
80mCon esportsmCon esports mCon esports1830EUROPE85-
Details for mCon esportsmCon esports mCon esports
81EspadaEspada Espada1828MENA18-
Details for EspadaEspada Espada
82LUK eSportsLUK eSports LUK eSports1810SOUTH AMERICA45-
Details for LUK eSportsLUK eSports LUK eSports
83HNVR EsportsHNVR Esports HNVR Esports1810EUROPE592L
Details for HNVR EsportsHNVR Esports HNVR Esports
84Yokohama F. Marinos EsportsYokohama F. Marinos Esports Yokohama F. Marinos Esports1810ASIA-PACIFIC56-
86GracesBlazeGracesBlaze GracesBlaze1797ASIA-PACIFIC402L
Details for GracesBlazeGracesBlaze GracesBlaze
87Sick!Sick! Sick!1795EUROPE2453W
Details for Sick!Sick! Sick!
89Fact RevolutionFact Revolution Fact Revolution1792EUROPE121-
Details for Fact RevolutionFact Revolution Fact Revolution
90Old HeadsOld Heads Old Heads1790???402L
Details for Old HeadsOld Heads Old Heads
91Dragons EsportsDragons Esports Dragons Esports1788MENA6715L
Details for Dragons EsportsDragons Esports Dragons Esports
92flourish and shineflourish and shine flourish and shine1787OCEANIA262L
Details for flourish and shineflourish and shine flourish and shine
93BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona1784SOUTH AMERICA50-
Details for BarcelonaBarcelona Barcelona
94IncorrectIncorrect Incorrect1780NORTH AMERICA304W
Details for IncorrectIncorrect Incorrect
95ComposureComposure Composure1768OCEANIA17-
Details for ComposureComposure Composure
96Soulja's HenchmenSoulja's Henchmen Soulja's Henchmen1765OCEANIA20-
Details for Soulja's HenchmenSoulja's Henchmen Soulja's Henchmen
97MTK BudapestMTK Budapest MTK Budapest1765EUROPE2755W
Details for MTK BudapestMTK Budapest MTK Budapest
98Tonka TrucksTonka Trucks Tonka Trucks1760OCEANIA34-
Details for Tonka TrucksTonka Trucks Tonka Trucks
99OnlyphansOnlyphans Onlyphans1751SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA18-
Details for OnlyphansOnlyphans Onlyphans
100BirdBird Bird1747SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA752L
Details for BirdBird Bird


What is it?[edit]

Our main goal was to create a rating of all the teams that is based purely on data and therefore not subjective. The rating should reflect the current form of a team and make it possible to rank teams accordingly. In addition we also want it to be able to do this across regions with at least somewhat precise results. This is where LPRating comes in!

How does it work?[edit]

There are a lot of rating algorithms out there with probably the most prominent one being Elo. Elo was developed by Arpad Elo in 1960 to create an objective rating algorithm for the US chess federation USCF. It proved to be so successful that it was subsequently used worldwide. So, is LPRating just another iteration of Elo?

A little bit, but not quite.

Elo is a really interesting algorithm which fits for a lot of sports, but for numerous reasons, it doesn't fully work for Rocket League:

  • Elo is so accurate because so many players are ranked. Rocket League in comparison has a very limited number of teams that are consistently playing matches and appear in our database. Mostly RLCS, RLRS and some bubble teams from each region, but nothing compared to 360,000+ in chess rating.
  • Elo needs teams to play each other often and needs enough matches across skill gaps and regions. In Rocket League, especially cross regional tournaments are rare.
  • Elo is based on the assumption that a contenders skill is fairly constant, at least over short periods of time. In Rocket League, form can drastically change quickly. Even daily form can make the difference of a low tier team beating the higher tier one.
  • Elo always has even win- and loss-modifiers, which means that every point gained by a team is the loss of another one. Looking at Rocket League, this would create a problem for teams in Premier tournaments like RLCS. If the rating is designed to react to form fast, teams could potentially lose a lot of points during a season to allow gains for in form teams - but a team going 1-6 in RLCS is still probably top 10 in their region.

Considering these constraints, we made several changes to the Elo-Alogrithm to allow rating Rocket League in a more accurate fashion, which all come together as the LPRating.

Which results are included?[edit]

The LPRating includes all matches on Liquipedia, starting from September 2017. All tiers besides show match are included, but higher tiers like S-Tier (RLCS, ELEAGUE) and A-Tier (RLRS, DreamHack) are given more weight.

Recent Updates[edit]


  • April 6th: The rating algorithm has been updated. About details, find out more here.
  • April 26th: Fixed a bug that caused teams gaining 2.5x the intended points for winning major matches (including the RLSS), adjusted some tournament weights
  • October 26th: Fixed a bug that caused teams to lose too many points for losses at S-Tier tournaments
  • December 17th: Disabled global rating, as comparability between regions is lacking caused by the current absence of LANs


  • March 30th: Included tier2 data for Weeklies, Monthlies and Qualifiers


  • July 25th: Global Ratings are back
  • July 25th: Support for the new Regions (SSA, APAC & MENA)
  • July 25th: Qualifier count for less
  • July 25th: School tournaments are excluded
  • July 25th: Teams that go inactive and come back later have their rating reset
  • July 25th: Added Rating History Graph for Teams, going back two years