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The Gauntlet - Season 4: Rankings

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1 subuwu, Ex-R!OT Gaming, 🍑, and Bad Boys disband resulting in points being removed.
2 Cringe Society is acquired by Wildcard Gaming prior to Week 4.[1]
3 Donkey squad is acquired by R!OT Gaming prior to Week 4.[2]

Qualify for The Gauntlet - Final
Qualify for The Gauntlet - Wildcard

During the season teams are awarded points and rewards for competing each week. Points are distributed as follows:

  • Gauntlet Grand Final Won: +25 points.
  • Gauntlet Semi Final Won: +20 points
  • Gauntlet Quarter Final Won: +15 points
  • Gauntlet Elimination Won: +11 points


  • Glove Grand Final Won: +7 points
  • Glove Semi Final Won: +4 points
  • Glove Quarter Final Won: +2 points

Note: Points are given for the final match that you won during the week. If you lose in your first match in any given week, then you will earn +0 points.