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Reign Esports

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[e][h]Reign Esports
Team Information
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Reign Esports is an American esports organization which used to host a North American Rocket League team.



Player Roster[edit]




ID Name Position Join Date
United States Cheese Jared Romel Founder/President 2021-10-12
United States MissMacho Audrey Born President/Content Creator 2021-10-27
United States Carved Andy Fernandez Streamer 2022-05-02[19]
United States CalientePocket Hamze Amine Vice President/Psych Coach/Content Creator 2022-08-01


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization New Position
United States AV8R Manager 2021-10-20 2022-01-20
United States EatMyCreamFillin Christina Greene Social Media Manager 2021-10-20 2022-05-05
United States Beachy Tyler Michalek Manager 2022-02-01[4] 2022-06-07[10]
United States Pyro Cameron M. Social Media Manager/Manager 2022-05-05[10] 2022-10-08[15]
United States Boost Joshua Stens Manager 2022-10-08[15] 2023-02-11[18]


2022-06-241stWeeklyReign Esports Bi-Weekly #5Reign Esports Bi-Weekly #54 : 2
cheetah meatcheetah meat
2022-03-312ndWeeklyTactical Banditry x Velocity Esports: Bandits on Wheels 10Tactical Banditry x Velocity Esports: Bandits on Wheels 10Tactical Banditry x Velocity Esports: Bandits on Wheels 102 : 3
2022-03-061stC-TierMelon Patch League: Season 1Melon Patch League: Season 14 : 0
Empyre EsportsEmpyre Esports
2022-02-161stWeeklyReign Esports Weekly #34 : 3
Unofficially OfficialUnofficially Official
2022-02-061stShowmatchUntamed Esports Showmatch: Untamed Esports vs Reign Esports4 : 1
Untamed EsportsUntamed Esports
2022-01-251stWeeklyV6 Triple Threat #164 : 1
Kozmosis EsportsKozmosis Esports
2022-01-111stWeeklyV6 Triple Threat #144 : 0
la espadasla espadas
2021-12-291stD-TierRated Gaming 3v3 #2Rated Gaming 3v3 #24 : 1
Funky MonkeysFunky Monkeys
2021-12-141stWeeklyV6 Triple Threat #114 : 0
Short Circuit AcademyShort Circuit Academy
2021-12-041stD-TierTeam Minimal 1 Year Anniversary Tournament4 : 1
Unban MozeeUnban Mozee
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScorevs. Team
2023-02-22QualifierFrost Esports: Avalanche Cup 2023 - Qualifier 3Avalanche CupFrost Esports: Avalanche Cup 2023 - Qualifier 30 : 2PreJumpPreJump JUMP
2023-02-17WeeklyReign Esports Bi-Weekly #13Reign EsportsReign Esports Bi-Weekly #132 : 4benben BEN
2023-02-17WeeklyReign Esports Bi-Weekly #13Reign EsportsReign Esports Bi-Weekly #133 : 2benben BEN
2023-02-17WeeklyReign Esports Bi-Weekly #13Reign EsportsReign Esports Bi-Weekly #132 : 0Auburn WhiteAuburn White AUW
2023-02-17WeeklyReign Esports Bi-Weekly #13Reign EsportsReign Esports Bi-Weekly #132 : 0Golden State WarriorsGolden State Warriors GSW
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G & S   Tournament
Mar 3, 2023
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 chikn to Achikn to A CHIK
 Bowl Cut BrothersBowl Cut Brothers BCB
Feb 17, 2023
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 benben BEN
 Reign EsportsReign Esports RE
Nov 4, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 humphyhumphy HUM
 YuhzersYuhzers YZRS
Oct 21, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 NoxemNoxem NXM
 Galaxy (Team)Galaxy (Team) GLXY
Oct 7, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 La TeamLa Team TEAM
 VillainousVillainous VLN
Sep 9, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 // /
 tonkastonkas TONK
Aug 26, 2022
North America Online, North America
27 teams
 Noxem EsportsNoxem Esports NXM
 ExcellenceExcellence EXC
Jul 22, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 BedwettersBedwetters BED
 crl westcrl west CRLW
Jul 8, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 Kozmosis EsportsKozmosis Esports KZMS
Jun 24, 2022
North America Online, North America
8 teams
 Reign EsportsReign Esports RE
 cheetah meatcheetah meat CM




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  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 Carved (2022-05-02). "Officially done with my time at @ReignEsports__ @SeidoXD @KinleyANC @Base_RL Thank you truly for everything to the staff and to my teammates. Every single person helped me get better whether it was in the game, streaming or just as a person. I will not be LFT, taking a break.".
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 Base (2022-05-02). "With the @ReignEsports__ boys disbanding I will be returning to an inactive state. Between my full time job and umpiring 3-4 nights a week it’s going to be hard to commit to anything right now. Extremely thankful for the opportunity to be with such a successful group of guys".
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  16. 16.0 16.1 16.2 Reign Esports (2022-10-26). "ALRIGHT GUYS, the moment absolutely nobody has been waiting for, we have decided to officially part ways with @SeidoXD and @KinleyANC of our main RL roster.".
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