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RLCS 2021-22 - Europe Fall Ranking

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Qualify for RLCS 2021-22 Fall LAN Major
Total Points
1.NewEndpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX301301
2.NewTeam BDSTeam BDS Team BDS250250
3.NewDignitasDignitas Dignitas200200
3.NewKarmine CorpKarmine Corp Karmine Corp200200
5.NewEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses150150
5.NewMisfits GamingMisfits Gaming Misfits Gaming150150
5.NewSMPR EsportsSMPR Esports SMPR Esports150150
5.NewWilliams ResolveWilliams Resolve Williams Resolve150150
9.New00 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00 Nation DNB110110
9.NewHeroicHeroic Heroic110110
9.NewTeam QuesoTeam Queso Team Queso110110
12.NewVodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants7070
12.NewGuild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports7070
12.NewNatus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere7070
15.NewSK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming4040
15.NewTeam VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality4040
17.NewFC BarcelonaFC Barcelona FC Barcelona0-
17.NewKuxir's MinionsKuxir's Minions Kuxir's Minions0-
1.▲ 2DignitasDignitas Dignitas501200301
2.-Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS450250200
3.▼ 2Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX411301110
4.▲ 1Misfits GamingMisfits Gaming Misfits Gaming350150200
5.-SMPR EsportsSMPR Esports SMPR Esports300150150
6.▲ 9Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality29040250
7.▲ 200 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00 Nation DNB260110150
7.▼ 2Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses260150110
7.▲ 2HeroicHeroic Heroic260110150
10.▼ 7Karmine CorpKarmine Corp Karmine Corp24020040
11.▼ 6Williams ResolveWilliams Resolve Williams Resolve22015070
12.▲ 3SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming19040150
13.▼ 4Team QuesoTeam Queso Team Queso18011070
14.▼ 2Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants1407070
15.▲ 2FC BarcelonaFC Barcelona FC Barcelona110-110
15.▼ 3Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere1107040
17.▼ 5Guild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports7070-
18.▼ 1Kuxir's MinionsKuxir's Minions Kuxir's Minions0--
1.▲ 2Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX712301110301
2.▼ 1DignitasDignitas Dignitas701200301200
3.▼ 1Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS650250200200
4.▲ 1SMPR EsportsSMPR Esports SMPR Esports550150150250
5.▲ 1Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality44040250150
6.▲ 1Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses410150110150
7.▲ 3Karmine CorpKarmine Corp Karmine Corp39020040150
7.▼ 3Misfits GamingMisfits Gaming Misfits Gaming39015020040
9.▼ 200 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00 Nation DNB33011015070
9.▲ 4Team QuesoTeam Queso Team Queso33011070150
9.▲ 2Williams ResolveWilliams Resolve Williams Resolve33015070110
12.▼ 5HeroicHeroic Heroic30011015040
13.▼ 1SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming2604015070
14.▲ 1FC BarcelonaFC Barcelona FC Barcelona220-110110
15.▼ 1Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants210707070
16.▲ 2Kuxir's MinionsKuxir's Minions Kuxir's Minions110--110
16.▼ 1Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere1107040-
18.▼ 1Guild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports7070--
1.▲ 2Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS1251250200200601
2.▼ 1Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX1012301110301300
3.▼ 1DignitasDignitas Dignitas1001200301200300
4.-SMPR EsportsSMPR Esports SMPR Esports950150150250400
5.-Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality58040250150140
6.-Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses410150110150-
7.-Karmine CorpKarmine Corp Karmine Corp39020040150-
7.-Misfits GamingMisfits Gaming Misfits Gaming39015020040-
9.-00 Nation DNB00 Nation DNB 00 Nation DNB33011015070-
9.-Team QuesoTeam Queso Team Queso33011070150-
9.-Williams ResolveWilliams Resolve Williams Resolve33015070110-
12.-HeroicHeroic Heroic30011015040-
13.-SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming2604015070-
14.-FC BarcelonaFC Barcelona FC Barcelona220-110110-
15.-Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants210707070-
16.-Kuxir's MinionsKuxir's Minions Kuxir's Minions110--110-
16.-Natus VincereNatus Vincere Natus Vincere1107040--
18.-Guild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports7070---