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RLCS Season X - The Grid EU Ranking: Winter

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Total Points
1.NewTop BlokesTop Blokes Top Blokes161161
2.NewGalaxy RacerGalaxy Racer Galaxy Racer100100
3.NewGuild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports8080
3.NewRedemptionRedemption Redemption8080
5.NewTeam BDSTeam BDS Team BDS5050
6.NewOxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports4040
6.NewTeam VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality4040
8.NewVodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants2020
8.NewTeam LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid2020
8.NewTriple TroubleTriple Trouble Triple Trouble2020
11.NewEndpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX1010
11.NewFadeawayFadeaway Fadeaway1010
11.NewRix.GGRix.GG Rix.GG1010
11.NewTeam SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity1010
15.NewDignitasDignitas Dignitas00
15.NewWolves EsportsWolves Esports Wolves Esports00
1.-Top BlokesTop Blokes Top Blokes17116110
2.-Galaxy RacerGalaxy Racer Galaxy Racer17010070
3.▲ 8Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity16110151
4.▼ 1RedemptionRedemption Redemption1508070
5.▲ 3Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants13020110
6.▼ 3Guild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports1008020
6.▼ 1Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS1005050
8.▼ 2Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports804040
9.▼ 3Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality604020
10.▲ 1Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX501040
11.▼ 3Triple TroubleTriple Trouble Triple Trouble402020
12.▲ 3DignitasDignitas Dignitas30030
12.▼ 4Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid302010
14.▼ 3FadeawayFadeaway Fadeaway201010
15.▼ 4Rix.GGRix.GG Rix.GG10100
16.▼ 1Wolves EsportsWolves Esports Wolves Esports000
1.▲ 11DignitasDignitas Dignitas191030161
1.-Top BlokesTop Blokes Top Blokes1911611020
3.▼ 1Galaxy RacerGalaxy Racer Galaxy Racer1801007010
3.▲ 1RedemptionRedemption Redemption180807030
5.▼ 2Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity1711015110
6.-Guild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports170802070
7.▲ 3Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX1601040110
7.▼ 2Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants1602011030
9.-Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality140402080
10.▼ 4Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS130505030
11.▼ 3Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports110404030
12.▼ 1Triple TroubleTriple Trouble Triple Trouble60202020
13.▼ 1Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid50201020
14.-FadeawayFadeaway Fadeaway40101020
15.-Rix.GGRix.GG Rix.GG101000
15.▲ 1Wolves EsportsWolves Esports Wolves Esports100010
1.▲ 9Team BDSTeam BDS Team BDS281505030151
2.▲ 7Team VitalityTeam Vitality Team Vitality260402080120
3.▲ 2Team SingularityTeam Singularity Team Singularity241101511070
3.▼ 2Top BlokesTop Blokes Top Blokes241161102050
5.▲ 2Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants Vodafone Giants230201103070
6.▼ 5DignitasDignitas Dignitas22103016130
7.▼ 4Galaxy RacerGalaxy Racer Galaxy Racer200100701020
7.▼ 4RedemptionRedemption Redemption20080703020
9.▼ 3Guild EsportsGuild Esports Guild Esports18080207010
10.▼ 3Endpoint CeXEndpoint CeX Endpoint CeX170104011010
11.-Oxygen EsportsOxygen Esports Oxygen Esports15040403040
12.-Triple TroubleTriple Trouble Triple Trouble9020202030
13.▲ 1FadeawayFadeaway Fadeaway6010102020
14.▼ 1Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid502010200
15.-Wolves EsportsWolves Esports Wolves Esports20001010
16.▼ 1Rix.GGRix.GG Rix.GG1010000
Qualify for EU Winter Major as The Grid Wildcard
Qualify for RLCS Season X - Spring: The Grid EU
Proceed to RLCS Season X - Spring: The Grid EU Closed Qualifier