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The Longest Game in Rocket League History 2

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[e][h]The Longest Game in Rocket League History 2
League Information
The Longest Game in Rocket League History
World World
Prize Pool:
$0 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of teams:

The Longest Game in Rocket League History 2 is an invitational Show Match between 2 teams consisting of pros and content creators. A single match is played for 24 hours with all donations going towards #TeamSeas.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Single Bo1 Match.
    • Match is played for 24 hours.

Prize Pool[edit]

$40,000 has been raised towards #TeamSeas.


Longest Game in RL History 2
Team SeasTeam SeasSEAS
Team TrashTeam TrashTRSH

Server died after 11 hours and 52 minutes; another server was created after this.

Hour-By-Hour Match Score
End of Hour # Score End of Hour # Score
1 Seas 22-27 Trash 13 Seas 346-354 Trash
2 Seas 53-53 Trash 14 Seas 372-377 Trash
3 Seas 78-76 Trash 15 Seas 397-415 Trash
4 Seas 103-101 Trash 16 Seas 434-436 Trash
5 Seas 124-125 Trash 17 Seas 455-477 Trash
6 Seas 148-151 Trash 18 Seas 471-512 Trash
7 Seas 172-181 Trash 19 Seas 488-538 Trash
8 Seas 205-221 Trash Paco Hour Seas 521-554 Trash
9 Seas 234-258 Trash 21 Seas 546-589 Trash
10 Seas 258-285 Trash 22 Seas 575-619 Trash
11 Seas 290-312 Trash 23 Seas 604-665 Trash
12 Seas 323-332 Trash 24 Seas 683-679 Trash

Timeline of Teams[edit]

Timeline of Teams
Hour # Team Seas Team Trash
1 Netherlands Oscillon Netherlands Mikeboy United States Cuban Kaiser Canada Lethamyr vs. England Speed Saudi Arabia SENZO Saudi Arabia trk Saudi Arabia Ahmad
2 Latvia Jar of Jam United States fishhr Portugal AcroniK Netherlands Spooks
(both teams)
vs. Scotland boyoroyo United States Squidd Canada nursie
(to 1hr33min)
Canada Lethamyr World BurgundyPanther
(from 1hr33min)
3 Ireland Fusure Spain ByJesuxEsP England Cryypto England Stumpy vs. Spain AtomiK Spain DmentZa
(to 2hr25min)
World BurgundyPanther Spain VK-Sailen England Cole
(from 2hr25min)
4 Argentina Shad Uruguay Frowzy United States Sotus Germany HalfwayDead
(both teams)
vs. Chile Reysbull
(both teams)
Argentina ajg Wales Eclipse
(switching with Skizzen)
United States PhantomACE Austria Skizzen
(switching with Eclipse)
5 United States Lawler United States Sleegi Scotland Jorhdys Canada Lethamyr
(to 4hr10min)
Germany s1moN
(from 4hr10min)
vs. United States catjeans United States SUP3RSoN1K United States Gibbs World Simi
6 Germany FreaKii
(both teams)
Germany s1moN
(both teams, to 5hr30min)
Germany Tigreee
(both teams)
Canada Lethamyr
(from 5hr20min)
vs. Germany Gnagflow06
(both teams)
Italy Dead-Monster
(both teams)
Spain LuiisP
7 Iceland OSM Canada Lethamyr United States Woody vs. Finland Metsanauris England RelatingWave
(to 6hr12min)
United States SO3 United States Guhberry
(from 6hr12min)
8 England rise. England hibbs England noah vs. England womped England Joyo England FlamE
9 United States Taha
(both teams)
United States Hoodyhooo
(both teams)
Sweden Turbopolsa
(to 8hr17min)
United States Over Zero
(from 8hr5min)
United States B0ston vs. United States mist
(to 8hr5min)
Canada DudeWithTheNose United States Fishhr
(both teams)
10 Canada Lethamyr
(both teams)
United States B0ston
(to 9hr33min)
United States Sizz
(both teams, to 9hr34min)
United States Rizzo
(both teams)
Canada Liefx
(from 9hr18min)
vs. United States GarrettG
(both teams, to 9hr18min)
United States Jamesbot
(both teams, to 9hr42min)
United States Beastaboniam
(to 9hr39min)
United States jstn.
(both teams)
11 United States Skillz United States Woody United States hawpsu United States celloh
(to 10hr25min)
Canada Lethamyr
(both teams, from 10hr2min, to 10hr38min)
United States Virge
(from 10hr2min)
vs. United States rapid
(to 10hr2min)
United States nexuhty United States Nitrous United States Squidd
(to 10hr2min)
World Dougermouse
(to 10hr40min)
United States Corelli
(from 10hr40min)
United States McLando
(from 10hr40min)
12 United States Mits
(from 11hr42min)
United States Dazerin
(from 11hr26min)
United States JG7
(from 11hr12min, to 11hr42min)
United States Virge
(to 11hr12min, from 11hr21min)
Australia yumi_cheeseman United States Woody
(both teams)
vs. United States sjmpson United States Arsenal
(to 11hr12min)
United States McLando United States Pluto
(from 11hr12min)
13 United States Wizz United States Smojo United States Aqua
(to 12hr34min)
United States Kronovi vs. United States CorruptedG United States TigerQueen United States Spoodah United States Sadie
14 Canada SETthaTONE United States Shoebill United States Fefe United States catjeans
(both teams, to 13hr43min)
vs. United States gear United States thomas
(both teams)
United States Spoodah United States Sadie
(to 13hr29min, from 13hr41min)
United States .tristn
(from 13hr29min, to 13hr39min)
15 United States 2Fast
(from 14hr33min)
United States Fakey United States Roll Dizz Canada Mittens vs. United States Spoodah United States LionBlaze United States Shock
16 United States Skillz United States Joshy United States Savvy United States Beeyu vs. United States ayjacks United States .tristn United States TheeFURNAS
(to 15hr10min)
United States Danikins
(to 15hr12min)
United States paco
(from 15hr10min, to 15hr35min)
United States TopGunn7
(from 15hr12min)
United States King Ranny
(from 15hr35min)
17 Canada Rocket Sledge United States Joshy United States Skillz United States Jimmer vs. England Doomsee United States King Ranny United States TopGunn7 United States Danikins
18 Canada Lethamyr
(from 17hr33min)
United States FormalCasting
(from 17hr16min)
Canada Rocket Sledge
(to 17hr27min)
Australia GEX Australia cavemanben
(both teams)
Australia Vive
(to 17hr16min)
vs. England Doomsee
(to 17hr27min)
Australia Siki Australia Fever Netherlands Spooks
(both teams)
Australia Basincc
(from 17hr41min)
19 Canada Lethamyr
(to 18hr40min)
Netherlands Spooks United States FormalCasting Australia GEX vs. Australia Siki
(to 18hr13min)
Australia Fever Australia cavemanben Australia Basincc Latvia Jar of Jam
(from 18hr13min)
20 United States SunlessKhan
(from 19hr29min, to 19hr38min)
Japan OLPiX
(both teams)
United States Moakes France Kaotik Sweden Henkovic vs. Mexico Maktuf Latvia Jar of Jam Australia Basincc
21 Finland JZR Japan ReaLize Ireland Maxeew Germany MK. vs. Indonesia LCT Malaysia Misty Australia Basincc Australia yumi_cheeseman
22 United States SunlessKhan
(from 21hr18min, to 21hr30min)
England Tylacto
(from 21hr4min, to 21hr18min)
Poland Lukasz
(to 21hr4min)
Germany MillenNiuM Wales Tadpole Germany Godsmilla vs. Germany Gnagflow06 Germany Zeddo Scotland Boyoroyo Scotland Craftman
(to 21hr17min)
23 United States Cuban Kaiser
(from 22hr45min)
United States Herculyse
(from 22hr30min)
United States TigerQueen United States Jewel Portugal Xpére
(to 22hr36min)
vs. Denmark Ronaky
(to 22hr38min)
United States nikkijustine Netherlands miramasa
(from 22hr26min, to 22hr39min)
24 Canada Lethamyr
(from 23hr37min)
England ANDYTHEMANDY United States Roll Dizz
(both teams)
Netherlands Mittaen
(both teams)
France Extra
(to 23hr49min)
vs. France pryyme United States nick
(to 23hr55min)
United States Herculyse
(to 23hr11min)
United States TigerQueen
(to 23hr44min)
France Radosin
(from 23hr11min, both teams)
United States Dazerin
(from 23hr32min)
England Gregan
(from 23hr55min)