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Team Renewed: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2020-07-2610thA5D-TierNiusCup: Serie A - Season 3 - League PlayNiusCupNiusCupNiusCup: Serie A - Season 3 - League Play0/18Grp S. 
2020-07-122ndA2A-TierLATAM Championship - SouthLATAM ChampionshipLATAM ChampionshipLATAM Championship - South1 : 4True NeutralTrue Neutral$7,200
2020-07-101st - 2ndA8QualifierLATAM Championship - South - Swiss StageLATAM ChampionshipLATAM ChampionshipLATAM Championship - South - Swiss Stage3 : 2eRa EternityeRa Eternity 
2020-06-201st - 2ndA8QualifierLATAM Championship - South - Open Qualifier 1LATAM ChampionshipLATAM ChampionshipLATAM Championship - South - Open Qualifier 13 : 1eRa EternityeRa Eternity 
2020-05-035th - 6thA5D-TierAlem do RoLe 1The SummitThe SummitAlem do RoLe 1FF : WRubyRuby 
2020-04-2313th - 16thA5D-TierRLL Esports: Brasil CupBrasil CupBrasil CupRLL Esports: Brasil Cup0/3Grp S. 
2020-04-192ndA2A-TierRocket League Spring Series - South AmericaRocket League Spring SeriesRocket League Spring SeriesRocket League Spring Series - South America3 : 4Avidity EsportsAvidity Esports$8,500