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DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-12-12A1S-TierRLCSRLCS 2021-22 - Fall Split MajorCommentator/Analyst
2021-06-20A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - European ChampionshipCommentator/Analyst
2021-06-20A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - North American ChampionshipCommentator/Analyst
2021-05-23A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - Spring: NA MajorCommentator/Analyst
2021-05-16A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - Spring: EU MajorCommentator/Analyst
2021-02-28A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - Winter: NA MajorCommentator/Analyst
2021-02-21A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - Winter: EU MajorCommentator/Analyst
2021-02-11A7QualifierRLCSRLCS Season X - Winter: NA Major Qualification TiebreakerCommentator/Analyst
2021-01-29A7QualifierRLCSRLCS Season X - Winter: EU Major Qualification TiebreakerCommentator/Analyst
2020-10-25A1S-TierRLCSRLCS Season X - Fall: NA MajorCommentator/Analyst
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