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Map Information
Competitive, Normal
Soccar, Rumble
Normal, Night
Standard, Non-Standard


Wasteland is the remade version of the Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars map of the same name, and was added to the unranked playlist in Patch 1.10 on December 1st 2015.[1]. There are 2 variants of Wasteland: Normal and Night. Wasteland was the first non-standard map to be introduced to the game.

Wasteland was added to the competitive queue in patch 1.11 on February 10th, 2016.[2]

The Night version of Wasteland was added in patch V1.25, on the 7th of December[3].

Wasteland was redesigned as a standard map. Badlands, the non-standard version, was removed from the casual and competitive queues while still being available for Rumble, Private Matches, and Offline.[4]

The Night version of the Standard Wasteland was added in patch v1.45, on the 29th of May[5].


Wasteland first competitive appearance was in RLC Pro League - Season 1: North America. It also featured in the RLC Pro League semifinal and in RLCS Season 1: North America - Group Stage but it did not feature at the LAN finals.