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F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series features a number of current F1 drivers alongside a host of stars.[1][2] The series has been created to run Formula 1 races virtually, following the ongoing COVID-19 situation that has certain races postponed and cancelled.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • 2020 VGP Season
    • Each team will field two drivers per race
    • The Series is currently scheduled up to the original Monaco Grand Prix date.

Prize Pool[edit]



TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
March 22, 2020 - 20:00 GMT
L.Norris was unable to rejoin until lap 8 with his AI driver in P4.[3]
A.Davidson missed the race due to some confusion.[4]
1.China Guanyu Zhou2012030
2.Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne19219110
3.Austria Philipp Eng1831810
4.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent17417200
5.United Kingdom Lando Norris16516190
6.Canada Nicholas Latifi1561540
7.Italy Luca Salvadori1471460
8.United Kingdom Paul Chaloner13813100
9.Sweden Dino Beganovic1291270
10.Mexico Esteban Gutierrez11101120
11.Germany Nico Hülkenberg10111050
12.Canada Matthew Trivett912990
13.United Kingdom Johnny Herbert8138160
14.United Kingdom Nicolas Hamilton7147140
15.United Kingdom Ian Poulter6156150
16.United Kingdom Chris Hoy5165170
17.United Kingdom Liam Payne4174180
18.Singapore Aamir Thacker3183130
19.Russia Robert Shwartzman219280
20.United Kingdom Anthony Davidson1201120
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
April 5, 2020 - 20:00 GMT
1.Monaco Charles Leclerc2012010
2.Denmark Christian Lundgaard1921960
3.United Kingdom George Russell1831820
4.Monaco Arthur Leclerc1741740
5.Italy Antonio Giovinazzi1651680
6.Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne1561590
7.Switzerland Louis Delétraz1471430
8.Thailand Alexander Albon1381350
9.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent12912150
10.Canada Nicholas Latifi11101170
11.United Kingdom Jenson Button101110120
12.Italy Luca Salvadori9129110
13.Italy Nunzio Tudisco8138140
14.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi7147100
15.United Kingdom Anthony Davidson6156170
16.New Zealand Andre Heimgartner5165130
17.United Kingdom Johnny Herbert4174180
18.United Kingdom Ben Stokes3183160
19.Mexico Esteban Gutierrez0DNP0-0
20.United Kingdom Lando Norris0DNP0-0
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
April 19, 2020 - 18:00 BST
1.Monaco Charles Leclerc2012010
2.Thailand Alexander Albon1921920
3.China Guanyu Zhou1831840
4.United Kingdom George Russell1741750
5.Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne1651670
6.Mexico Esteban Gutierrez1561560
7.Switzerland Louis Delétraz1471430
8.New Zealand Liam Lawson1381390
9.Canada Nicholas Latifi12912100
10.Spain Carlos Sainz111011110
11.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi10111080
12.United Kingdom Callum Ilott9129120
13.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent8138170
14.United States Juan Manuel Correa7147150
15.Belgium Thibaut Courtois6156160
16.United Kingdom Anthony Davidson5165180
17.Italy Ciro Immobile4174130
18.United Kingdom Ian Poulter3183190
19.Italy Antonio Giovinazzi0DNF0140
20.United Kingdom Lando Norris0DNS0-0
TeamTotalRound 1
1.Thailand Alexander Albon2012050
2.United Kingdom George Russell1921920
3.Monaco Charles Leclerc1831860
4.Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne1741710
5.Mexico Esteban Gutierrez16516100
6.Denmark Christian Lundgaard1561540
7.Brazil Enzo Fittipaldi1471430
8.Switzerland Louis Delétraz1381390
9.Canada Nicholas Latifi1291280
10.United Kingdom Lando Norris111011200
11.Germany David Schumacher101110120
12.Norway Petter Solberg9129140
13.New Zealand Ben Stokes8138170
14.United States Juan Manuel Correa7147160
15.Italy Alessio Romagnoli6156150
16.Netherlands Jelle van Vucht5165190
17.United Kingdom Stuart Broad4174180
18.Italy Antonio Giovinazzi0DNF070
19.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent0DNF0130
19.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi0DNF0110
TeamTotalRound 1
1.United Kingdom George Russell2012010
2.Monaco Charles Leclerc1921930
3.Mexico Esteban Gutiérrez1831820
4.Thailand Alexander Albon1741750
5.Canada Nicholas Latifi1651660
6.United Kingdom Anthony Davidson1561570
7.Italy Antonio Giovinazzi14714120
8.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi1381390
9.Italy Antonio Fuoco1291240
10.United Kingdom Max Fewtrell111011110
11.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent10111080
12.Belgium Thibaut Courtois9129140
13.Germany David Schumacher8138150
14.Argentina Sergio Aguero7147170
15.United Kingdom Nicolas Hamilton6156100
16.Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi5165180
17.Italy Andrea Pirillo4174160
18.United Kingdom Ian Poulter3183190
19.Brazil Arthur Melo2192200
20.United Kingdom Lando Norris0DNF0130
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
1.United Kingdom George Russell20120-0
2.Mexico Esteban Gutiérrez19219-0
3.Monaco Charles Leclerc18318-0
4.Thailand Alexander Albon17417-0
5.Monaco Arthur Leclerc16516-0
6.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi15615-0
7.United Kingdom Lando Norris14714-0
8.Canada Nicholas Latifi13813-0
9.Switzerland Louis Deletraz12912-0
10.Germany David Schumache111011-0
11.Finland Valtteri Bottas101110-0
12.Italy Luca Salvadori9129-0
13.Belgium Thibaut Courtois8138-0
14.France Nicolas Prost7147-0
15.Italy Antonio Giovinazzi6156-0
16.Gabon Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang5165-0
17.United States Kai Lenny4174-0
18.United States Luis Fonsi3183-0
19.Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi2192-0
20.France Esteban Ocon1201-0
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
1.United Kingdom George Russell20120-0
2.Thailand Alexander Albon19219-0
3.Mexico Esteban Gutierrez18318-0
4.United Kingdom Lando Norris17417-0
5.Australia Oscar Piastri16516-0
6.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi15615-0
7.Canada Nicholas Latifi14714-0
8.Australia Benjamin Daly13813-0
9.United Kingdom Anthony Davidson12912-0
10.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent111011-0
11.Belgium Thibaut Courtois101110-0
12.France Pierre Gasly9129-0
13.Brazil Enzo Fittipaldi8138-0
14.Monaco Charles Leclerc7147-0
15.Mexico Sergio Perez6156-0
16.Italy Gianluigi Donnarumma5165-0
17.Switzerland Louis Deletraz4174-0
18.France Aymeric Laporte3183-0
19.Austria Matthias Walkner2192-0
20.Italy Antonio Giovinazzi1201-0
TeamTotalRound 1
Round 1
1.United Kingdom George Russell2012010
2.Thailand Alexander Albon1921920
3.Mexico Esteban Gutierrez1831840
4.Brazil Caio Collet1741750
5.United Kingdom Benjamin Daly1651690
6.China Guanyu Zhu1561560
7.Canada Nicholas Latifi1471430
8.United Kingdom Anthony Davidson13813100
9.United Kingdom Callum Ilott12912130
10.Germany David Schumacher111011170
11.Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi10111070
12.Switzerland Louis Deletraz9129110
13.Canada Ted-Jan Bloemen8138160
14.Ecuador Juan Manuel Correa7147150
15.Brazil Gianluca Petecof6156120
16.United Kingdom Aarav Amin5165140
17.United Kingdom Nicolas Hamilton4174180
18.United Kingdom Simon Neil3183190
19.Sweden Jon Olsson2192200
20.France Pierre Gasly120180
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Renault Sport Team VitalityRenault Sport Team Vitality Renault Sport Team Vitality R1 25R2 18R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 043
2. Ferrari Driver AcademyFerrari Driver Academy Ferrari Driver Academy R1 2R2 37R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 039
3. Mercedes-AMG Petronas EsportsMercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports R1 19R2 8R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 027
4. Williams EsportsWilliams Esports Williams Esports R1 8R2 16R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 024
5. Red Bull Racing EsportsRed Bull Racing Esports Red Bull Racing Esports R1 15R2 4R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 019
6. Racing Point F1 EsportsRacing Point F1 Esports Racing Point F1 Esports R1 12R2 2R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 014
7. Alfa Romeo F1 EsportsAlfa Romeo F1 Esports Alfa Romeo F1 Esports R1 0R2 10R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 010
8. McLaren ShadowMcLaren Shadow McLaren Shadow R1 10R2 0R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 010
9. Haas F1 Esports TeamHaas F1 Esports Team Haas F1 Esports Team R1 4R2 6R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 010
10. AlphaTauri Esports TeamAlphaTauri Esports Team AlphaTauri Esports Team R1 6R2 0R3 0R4 0R5 0R6 06

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