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[e][h]Yoshi aMSa
Player Information
近本 昌也
Romanized Name:
Masaya Chikamoto
October 27, 1991 (1991-10-27) (age 29)
Years Active:
2013 - Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Project M
Current Mains:
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Current Mains:
2014-05-13 — Present
2019-02-01 — Present
2019-07-07 — 2020-07-06
For the Dutch Sheik player, see Amsah.

Masaya "aMSa" Chikamoto is a Yoshi player from Japan, who is considered the undisputed best Melee Yoshi main in the world. He is currently ranked 7th in MPGR 2019.


Hailing from Miyagi, Japan, aMSa is one of few top professional Yoshi mains. After taking a game off of Mew2King at EVO 2013 and placing 9th at Apex 2014, his Red Yoshi became a recognizable symbol in the competitive community. Since then, aMSa has garnered a large amount of support from the Melee community, receiving not only a crowd-funded sponsorship to go to Republic of Fighters 3 in Europe, but also a sponsorship from VGBootCamp, which was working in collaboration with the subreddit r/smashbros.[1] His high placings at large tournaments and incredibly technical Yoshi play has lead many to reconsider Yoshi's place in the current metagame as well the tier list.

Thanks to his third place finish at Republic of Fighters 3, where he lost to only Armada and Leffen while playing the PAL version of Melee where Yoshi is considered stronger, he qualified directly into the top 20 for 2014 MLG Anaheim. At Anaheim, however, he only managed to win one set against PewPewU, finishing last in his pool before being defeated by S2J in bracket for a worst-possible placing of 17th. In many of his sets at Anaheim he took the lead 2-0 before losing the next three games, leading some to believe that his opponents managed to adapt to the unfamiliar Yoshi matchup over the course of five games.[2]

Just a few weeks later at Kings of Cali 4, however, aMSa managed to defeat Mew2King while Mew2King played Sheik and Fox. However, he then proceeded to lose to Mango and Lucky 3-0, finishing 5th, eventually outplaced by Mew2King. He ended his summer in the US with a 17th place finish at EVO 2014 a week later.

In December, aMSa attended Battle Gateway 6, the Japanese qualifier for Apex 2015, the winner of which would be awarded a free flight to Apex. However, he finished 2nd behind the Peach player Shippu. Although it looked as if aMSa would be unable to attend Apex, he announced on January 21 that his boss let him to take time off work to go to the US, allowing him to enter the then-largest tournament of all time.[3]

At Apex 2015, he went undefeated until meeting Leffen (considered the best Yoshi player in the world before aMSa's entry into the scene), who defeated him 2-0. In the losers' bracket, he eliminated Zhu, Lucky (who had eliminated him 3-0 at Kings of Cali 4), SFAT, and KirbyKaze, before losing to Mango, but not before taking two games. aMSa's 5th place finish at Apex was the best-ever placing for him and his seemingly-improved Yoshi at a US national, and showed that he was still very capable despite his middling finishes the previous summer. At EVO 2015, he finished 25th, losing early in winners to Light, a relatively-unknown Peach player in what is known as one of Yoshi's worst matchups, and in losers to Hax.

Despite his great performances internationally, with victories over some of the best players in the world, aMSa has consistently lost to players in Japan that have not been nearly as successful as aMSa internationally, such as Gucci (25th at Apex 2013), Shippu (113th at Apex 2015), and Kounotori (33rd at EVO 2013). Some have speculated that this may be because Japanese players have more experience with either the Yoshi matchup or aMSa's specific style of play, as Japanese players have many more chances to play aMSa than non-Japanese players do, hinting that perhaps aMSa's international performances owe greatly to many players' unfamiliarity with the Yoshi matchup. However, aMSa himself says that he simply performs worse in Japan than he does abroad, saying "It's not Yoshi's fault, but my mental state."[4]

But 2018 would be the dawn of a new era for aMSa. He started the year with wins over SFAT and Wizzrobe at GENESIS 5, then at Smash Summit 6, he accomplished the unthinkable by defeating Hungrybox in pools. Since that time, he has maintained a new level of consistency, and has earned wins over players like Mango, Plup, and Axe, earning him a top 10 spot in the rankings for both 2018 and 2019. His best placing was at GENESIS 6, where he defeated SFAT and Ginger and 3-0'd Mango to finish 4th.

aMSa became a Red Bull athlete on February 1st, 2019.[5] He joined CJ eSports on July 7th, 2019.[6] aMSa left CJ eSports on July 6, 2020.[7]



2020-02-29A11stBattleGateWay 30Yoshi3 : 1GermanyCaptain FalconKobobi
2020-02-16I39 - 12thSmash Summit 9Yoshi0 : 3United StatesPikachuAxe$1,387
2020-01-26I39 - 12thGENESIS 7Yoshi2 : 3NicaraguaCaptain Falconn0ne$150
2019-09-22D14thMainstageYoshi2 : 3United StatesPikachuAxe
2019-09-15G17 - 8thSmash Camp: End of SummerYoshi2 : 3United StatesSheikSpark
2019-08-11E15 - 6thSuper Smash Con 2019Yoshi0 : 3United StatesPeachlloD$255
2019-06-23C13rdBattleGateWay 26Yoshi2 : 3JapanFoxSanne
2019-06-16G17 - 8thSmash Summit 8Yoshi0 : 3United StatesFoxiBDW$1,104
2019-06-02E15 - 6thSmash 'N' Splash 5Yoshi1 : 3United StatesMarthZain
2019-05-19I39 - 12thGet On My Level 2019Yoshi0 : 3United StatesMarthZain
2019-02-24B12ndPhoenix Blue 2Yoshi2 : 3SpainPeachTrif
2019-02-03D14thGENESIS 6Yoshi1 : 3United StatesPikachuAxe
2018-12-02B12ndBattle GateWay Sunshine3 : 2
2 : 3
2018-11-18E15 - 6thSmash Summit 7Yoshi2 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconWizzrobe$2,552
2018-08-12E15 - 6thSuper Smash Con 2018Yoshi1 : 3United StatesSheikMew2King$315
2018-08-05S1533 - 48thEVO 20180 : 2United StatesDuck
2018-07-22A11stBattle GateWay 21Yoshi3 : 1JapanFoxShunsuke
2018-06-17A11stAmaterasu #2Yoshi3 : 0JapanPeachShippu
2018-05-20E15 - 6thGet On My Level 2018Yoshi0 : 3United StatesSheikMew2King$140
2018-05-06G17 - 8thSmash Summit 6Yoshi1 : 3SwedenPeachArmada$660
All Results
2020-02-29M313 - 16thBattleGateWay 30aMSaJapan
n3zModGodUnited States
2020-01-26M313 - 16thGENESIS 7aMSaJapan
0 : 3United StatesS2J
United StatesShroomed
2019-09-22E15 - 6thMainstageaMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
0 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
United StatesSheikShroomed
2019-08-11D14thSuper Smash Con 2019aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFoxPlup
United StatesSheikMew2King
2019-06-16E15 - 6thSmash Summit 8aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
0 : 3SwedenFoxLeffen
2019-05-19B12ndGet On My Level 2019aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
0 : 3
1 : 3
United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
United StatesSheikShroomed
2019-02-24A11stPhoenix Blue 2aMSaYoshiJapan
3 : 1GermanyFoxNicki
2019-02-09D14thBattle GateWay 24aMSaJapan
1 : 2JapanSheik
2019-02-03R725 - 32ndGENESIS 6aMSaJapan
1 : 2United Statesvortex
United StatesIcy
2018-11-18D14thSmash Summit 7aMSaPikachuJapan
AxeYoshiUnited States
0 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
United StatesIce ClimbersBananas
2018-08-12Q717 - 24thSuper Smash Con 2018aMSaJapan
LUnited StatesMacD
United StatesRedd
2018-08-04D14thEVO 2018aMSaJapan
1 : 3United StatesDarkatma
United StatesWavebringer
2018-06-17A11stAmaterasu #2aMSaJapan
3 : 1JapanSheik
2018-05-20D14thGet On My Level 2018aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
1 : 3United StatesFoxRishi
United StatesPeachlloD
2018-05-06E15 - 6thSmash Summit 6aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSheikMew2King
United StatesFoxPlup
2018-03-11C13rdEnthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2018aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
1 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesFoxPewPewU
2018-01-21Q717 - 24thGENESIS 5aMSaJapan
0 : 2United StatesBladewise
CanadaRyan Ford
2018-01-06A11stPoi PoundazaMSaYoshiJapan
S2JCaptain FalconUnited States
3 : 0United StatesLuigiKa-Master
United StatesPeachBladewise
2017-11-05C13rdSmash Summit 5aMSaYoshiJapan
AxePikachuUnited States
0 : 3SwedenPeachArmada
2017-10-08R725 - 32ndThe Big House 7aMSaJapan
1 : 2United StatesShinobi
United StatesBobby Frizz
All Results
vs. United States Axe
vs. United States bobby big ballz
vs. United States Shroomed
vs. United States Fiction
vs. United States Mango
vs. Norway Pricent
vs. United States Hungrybox
vs. United States Magi
vs. Nicaragua n0ne
vs. United States Mango
vs. United States Mew2King
vs. Germany Ice
vs. United States Krudo
vs. United States Axe
vs. United States PewPewU
vs. United States ARMY
vs. United States Franz
vs. United States Hungrybox
vs. United States SFAT
vs. United States FatGoku

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2019:

Rank 10 - Mew2King
Rank 30 - Shroomed
Rank 43 - Magi
Rank 51 - Ice
Rank 80 - bobby big ballz
Rank 89 - Pricent

Wii U[edit]

2018-01-28S3165 - 96thEVO Japan 20181 : 2JapanDainosuke
2017-10-08S3165 - 96thThe Big House 71 : 2United StatesNinja
2017-10-01S1549 - 64thGameTyrant Expo 20170 : 2United StatesPow
2017-07-16S3165 - 96thEVO 2017LUnited KingdomIxisNaugus
2017-06-04S1533 - 48thBattle of BC 21 : 3CanadaaMac
2016-08-14S63129 - 192ndSuper Smash Con 20160 : 2United StatesBryce
2016-04-03S3165 - 96thPound 20160 : 2United StatesTekNo
2015-06-06Q717 - 24thUmebura 16LJapanPaseriman
2015-05-16S1533 - 48thUmebura 15LJapanまちこ
2015-05-04I39 - 12thKVO x TSB 2015Greninja1 : 2JapanSheikDiddy KongEdge
2015-02-01I39 - 12thApex 2015Greninja1 : 2United StatesDuck HuntLittle MacMVD
2016-08-14R725 - 32ndSuper Smash Con 2016aMSaJapan
0 : 2United StatesMVD
United StatesESAM
2016-04-03G17 - 8thPound 2016aMSaJapan
1 : 3United StatesMVD
United StatesESAM
2015-02-01M313 - 16thApex 2015aMSaJapan
United StatesBoss

Project M[edit]

2014-06-29I39 - 12thCEO 2014LUnited StatesTheReflexWonder
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  • aMSa was one of four players hired by Nintendo to help with testing for Ultimate, and appears in the game's credits.[8]