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[e][h]Luigi Abate
Player Information
Stephen Abate
(1989-03-17) March 17, 1989 (age 33)
Years Active:
2011 - 2019
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Captain Falcon
Project M
Current Mains:
2017-12-01 — Present

Stephen Abate is a player currently residing in Pittsburgh who is the best Melee Luigi main in the United States, and one of the two best Luigi mains in the world with Eddy Mexico. He is ranked 63rd in MPGR 2018.


A notable tournament for Abate was Fight Pitt V. After being knocked into losers by Colbol in winners semis, he defeated Dizzkidboogie and Duck to get his rematch with Colbol in losers finals. After falling behind 2 games, he managed to take the next 2 games and bring Colbol to his last stock in game 5, but lost in a heartbreaking fashion to finish 3rd.

Abate is known for his timely misfires. Some of his more memorable ones include vs Duck at the aforementioned Fight Pitt V and vs Hax at Zenith 2013, where Abate ended up winning the set in one of his biggest wins to date. The set vs Hax has over 120,000 views on YouTube as of 2015-01-14.

Abate's highest placing major performance was at The Big House 5, placing 7th in singles. His run included wins over Kira, Axe, S2J (a now infamous set for its deciding Invisible Ceiling Glitch), and Duck.

On December 1, 2017, Abate was signed by the Pittsburgh Knights.[1]



2019-02-09C13rdA Close 2-0Luigi2 : 3United StatesSheikDrephen
2018-12-01E15 - 6thPGH-NEOH Invitational 2018Luigi1 : 2United StatesFalcoTheRealThing
2018-11-17B12ndAn Exercise in FormalityLuigi0 : 3United StatesPeachlloD
2018-09-22B12ndThat Damn MoveLuigi0 : 3United StatesPeachlloD
2018-06-22B12ndHomecooked1 : 3United StatesDrephen
2018-06-16G17 - 8thSmashville 7Luigi0 : 3NicaraguaCaptain Falconn0ne
2018-04-21D14thAegisLuigi0 : 3United StatesFoxColbol
2018-04-07G17 - 8thFight Pitt 8Luigi1 : 3United StatesSheikDrephen$55
2018-03-25S1533 - 48thFull Bloom 42 : 3United StatesCrush
2018-02-17Q717 - 24thSmash Valley VIILuigi2 : 3United StatesFoxiBDW
2018-01-27A11stCan't Stock Won't StockFox3 : 1United StatesMarthGerb
2018-01-21R725 - 32ndGENESIS 5Luigi2 : 3United StatesMarthStango$50
2017-12-02A11st[REDACTED]Luigi1 : 3
3 : 2
United StatesFoxColbol$696
2017-11-18D14thSmash Valley VILuigi2 : 3United StatesSheikSwedish Delight$63
2017-10-08S3165 - 96thThe Big House 7Luigi1 : 2United StatesPeachmayb
2017-09-16C13rdFeat. PGH Carroll Jr.Luigi1 : 3United StatesFalcoAmbiguously Polish
2017-07-30Q717 - 24thGet On My Level 20171 : 3United StatesThe Moon
2017-07-08B12ndFarewell THE Blue LanternLuigi1 : 3United StatesSheikDrephen$167
2017-06-10E15 - 6thSmashville 6Luigi1 : 3United StatesFoxKels$47
2017-04-01A11stSpotdodge GrabLuigi3 : 0United StatesFalcoAmbiguously Polish
All Results
2019-10-06S1533 - 48thThe Big House 9AbateUnited States
MF GreenthumbUnited States
0 : 2United StatesTheRealThing
United StatesFigment
2019-07-27B12ndHOMECOOKED2AbateUnited States
MF GreenthumbUnited States
1 : 3United StatesPapa
PalestineFree Palestine
2019-02-09B12ndA Close 2-0AbateUnited States
MF GreenthumbUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFree Palestine
United StatesPolish
2018-12-01D14thPGH-NEOH Invitational 2018AbateUnited States
LohrUnited States
0 : 2United StatesGanondorf
United StatesBambi
2018-11-17C13rdAn Exercise in FormalityAbateUnited States
MajerskUnited States
1 : 3United StatesGanondorf
United StatesVudujin
2018-09-22A11stThat Damn MoveAbateUnited States
lloDUnited States
3 : 0United StatesPolish
PalestineFree Palestine
2018-06-22A11stHomecookedAbateUnited States
Dr. GreenthumbUnited States
3 : 1United StatesPapa
United StatesDrephen
2018-06-16A11stSmashville 7AbateLuigiUnited States
n0neCaptain FalconGanondorfNicaragua
3 : 0
3 : 2
United StatesFalcoDaShizWiz
United StatesPeachIori
2018-04-21E15 - 6thAegisAbateLuigiUnited States
MajerskCaptain FalconUnited States
0 : 2United StatesFalcoKPAN
United StatesPeachPolish
2018-04-07G17 - 8thFight Pitt 8AbateUnited States
Green RangerUnited States
1 : 2United StatesSirmeris
United StatesAmbiguously Polish
2018-03-25S1533 - 48thFull Bloom 4AbateUnited States
Dr. GreenthumbUnited States
1 : 2United StatesPeanut
United StatesMr Pebbles
2018-02-17B12ndSmash Valley VIIAbateLuigiUnited States
LuckyFoxUnited States
2 : 3United StatesSheikSwedish Delight
United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
2018-01-27A11stCan't Stock Won't StockAbateUnited States
MF GreenthumbUnited States
0 : 3
3 : 0
United StatesGanondorf
United StatesGerb
2018-01-21S1549 - 64thGENESIS 5AbateUnited States
QerbUnited States
1 : 2United StatesSilentSpectre
United StatesTang
2017-12-02A11st[REDACTED]AbateUnited States
ColbolUnited States
3 : 1United StatesCal
United StatesHanky Panky
2017-11-18G17 - 8thSmash Valley VIAbateUnited States
NakaUnited States
1 : 2United Statesmayb
United StatesAtomsk
2017-10-08R725 - 32ndThe Big House 7AbateUnited States
NEOH CarrollUnited States
0 : 2United StatesCob
United StatesORLY
2017-09-16B12ndFeat. PGH Carroll Jr.AbateUnited States
NakaUnited States
3 : 2
1 : 3
United StatesDrephen
2017-07-30I39 - 12thGet On My Level 2017AbateLuigiUnited States
n0neCaptain FalconNicaragua
0 : 2United StatesPeachBladewise
2017-07-08B12ndFarewell THE Blue LanternAbateUnited States
GerbUnited States
1 : 3
0 : 3
United StatesDrephen
All Results
vs. United States TheRealThing  /
vs. United States Genghis Connor  /
vs. United States Boyd  /
vs. Nicaragua n0ne  /
vs. United States Kels  /
vs. United States Colbol  /
vs. Canada Moky  /
vs. United States Plup  /
vs. United States Ginger  /
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vs. United States Zain  /
vs. United States Gerb  /
vs. United States Ambiguously Polish  /
vs. United States Stango  /
vs. Mexico Eddy Mexico  /
vs. United States Swedish Delight  /
vs. United States Ken  /

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2018:

Rank 60 - Drephen

Project M[edit]

2016-02-21B12ndB.E.A.S.T 6Luigi0 : 3United KingdomSnakeProfessor Pro$204
2014-10-05E15 - 6thThe Big House 4AbateMewtwoUnited States
KingpinKing DededeUnited States
0 : 2United StatesSonicWizzrobe
United StatesMeta KnightPlup
vs. United Kingdom Professor Pro  /
vs. United Kingdom Fuzzyness  /
vs. United Kingdom Professor Pro  /
vs. Germany reaper  /
vs. France Charby  /
vs. United Kingdom Fuzzyness  /




  • He was originally a Falco main and Luigi secondary before fellow Pittsburgh Luigi player Vudujin convinced him to main Luigi.
  • Along with Zenith 2013, Abate also has a win over Hax's Fox. At Revival of Melee 7, Abate defeated Hax 2-0, thanks in part due to a costly SD by Hax to end game 1. These wins have made Prog call him Hax's "demon".