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[e][h]Falco Baxon
Player Information
February 16, 1989 (1989-02-16) (age 29)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
????-??-?? — 2016-08-16
2016-09-09 — Present

Baxon is a professional Melee Falco player from France.


Baxon mained Falco from the day he started playing the game and does not have a specific Falco color, usually changing it between every set.[1] His first steps in the French community were hesitant: he posted on (France's and Europe's largest online forums) to know if someone played the game and met Makenshi, who lived near his place. Baxon played with him for an hour before he was able to take a stock from him.[2] He also met some other members of the community, whom he considered as "snobby and aggressive", which almost led him to invest his time and energy in SoulCalibur 2 instead.[3] Baxon started playing Melee competitively in 2007 and is known for his highly technical and patient Falco. His first tournament was FireFox Tournament 2, where he got out of pools[4] — to this day, he says that the only tournament where he did not get out of pools was a tournament in the Netherlands, during which he hadn't had anything to eat or drink because he was observing Ramadan. During his first years as a player, he lived very close to Joanna Dark's apartment, and with Joanna Dark being the best Falco player in France at the time, he learnt a lot from him and always considered him a mentor.[5] Seeing Joanna Dark play and Bombsoldier's combo video made him want to become a great player.[6] Baxon's nickname comes from a tournament that he went to with his best friend, now known as Waxon; they didn't have a nickname and weren't allowed to use their first name to enter, so they typed random letters on a computer and ended up with "axon", to which they respectively added B and W to make it sound better.[7]

Although he lived in Paris for most of his life, Baxon went to high school in Avignon, a city in the South of France. He came back to Paris at the age of 19, moving in with some Parisian Smashers.[8] Baxon has never been to a tournament outside of Europe.[9] His mother was never supportive of his playing Smash, but ended up accepting it when he came back with a 400€ cash prize.[10]

He gained fame during a close Bo7 money match against PPMD in 2012.[9] He is currently ranked fourth in France.[11] Baxon has taken games off PPMD, Mango, Westballz and Zhu, among others.[12]


2017-09-24S1549 - 64thSyndicate 2017DQNetherlandsPureEvil
2017-04-16M313 - 16thHFLAN Melee Edition 20172 : 3NetherlandsAdamayonmike
2017-02-19Q717 - 24thB.E.A.S.T 7Falco1 : 3NetherlandsSheikAmsah
2016-11-27A11stNantarena 16.23 : 0FranceDjagof
2016-09-11G17 - 8thSyndicate 2016Falco1 : 3NetherlandsFoxZgetto
2016-08-21Q717 - 24thHeir 32 : 3GermanyDäumling
2016-02-21M313 - 16thB.E.A.S.T 61 : 3USAESAM
2016-02-14E15 - 6thKickstart 61 : 3SpainOvertriforce
2015-12-20A11stSuper Smash Dimanches #63 : 0FranceCharlon
2015-11-28R725 - 32ndDreamHack Winter 20151 : 3DenmarkEagle
2015-11-22E15 - 6thKickstart 41 : 3SpainOvertriforce$21
2015-10-25E15 - 6thKickstart 31 : 3SpainOvertriforce$17
2015-10-03I39 - 12thAvalon MLNetherlandsAdam
2015-09-27B12ndKickstart 23 : 2
1 : 3
United KingdomProfessor Pro$123
2015-09-20I39 - 12thDreamHack London 2015Falco0 : 3SpainSheikOvertriforce
2015-08-17M313 - 16thHeir II the ThroneFalco0 : 3FranceMarthMahie
2015-07-26B12ndLAST V1 : 3United KingdomProfessor Pro$205
2015-05-10I39 - 12thHFLAN Melee EditionLFranceCyr
2015-05-08D14thDX Ranking Hors Série0 : 3FranceSalepate
2015-01-11Q717 - 24thB.E.A.S.T 51 : 3GermanyDäumling
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