SoCal Power Rankings

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The SoCal Power Rankings rank the best active players in Southern California, and are decided upon by a panel. The Melee rankings date back to January 2006;[1] however, all rankings prior to May 2007 have been lost.


Despite residing in Mexico and not Southern California, Eddy Mexico regularly appears on the SoCal Power Rankings because of his proximity to SoCal and frequent attendance at SoCal tournaments.


SoCal - September 2019-February 2020
1United States MangoFalco0
2United States FictionFox+2
3United States iBDWFox9000NEW
4United States Captain FacerollSheik+1
5United States S2JCaptain Falcon-3
6United States SFATFox-3
7United States LuckyFox-1
8United States WestballzFalco Fox-1
9United States ARMYIce Climbers-1
10United States MikeHazeFox-1
11United States KoDoRiNMarth+1
12United States nullFox-1
13United States NutSheik-3
14Chile BlassyFox9000NEW
15United States FranzDr. Mario-1
16United States SquidFalco-1
17United States Android 0Captain Falcon9000NEW
18United States SmashdaddyFox-5
19United States MegaXmasFalcoBACK
20United States KhalidJigglypuff9000NEW
  • Inactive players that were previously ranked: Zack Fair and Lego.


SoCal - April-August 2019
1United States MangoFalcoBACK
2United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco-1
3United States SFATFox-1
4United States FictionFox Peach0
5United States Captain FacerollSheik+1
6United States LuckyFox-1
7United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon0
8United States ARMYIce Climbers-2
9United States MikeHazeFox+4
10United States NutSheik+1
11United States nullFox+6
12United States KoDoRiNMarth+3
13United States SmashdaddyFox-1
14United States FranzDr. Mario+4
15United States SquidFalco-5
16United States Zack FairIce ClimbersBACK
17United States LegoMarth9000NEW
18United States KurvLuigi-4
19United States CasperFox0
20United States GoomsFox9000NEW
21United States MojoeFoxBACK
22United States JaceCaptain Falcon-1
23United States ZeoCaptain Falcon-14
24United States CPUFalco9000NEW
25United States NishiPeach9000NEW
SoCal - December 2018-April 2019
1United States S2JCaptain Falcon0
2United States SFATFox0
3United States Captain FacerollSheik+4
4United States FictionFox Peach-1
5United States LuckyFox0
6United States ARMYIce Climbers0
7United States WestballzFalco Fox-3
8United States HugSSamusBACK
9United States ZeoCaptain Falcon+3
10United States SquidFalco-2
11United States NutSheik+2
12United States SmashdaddyFox-1
13United States MikeHazeFox-4
14United States KurvLuigi+5
15United States KoDoRiNMarth+2
16United States MegaXmasFalco-1
17United States nullFox+4
18United States FranzDr. MarioBACK
19United States CasperFox9000NEW
20United States The Dominator 00JigglypuffBACK
21United States JaceCaptain FalconBACK


SoCal - August-December 2018
1United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco+2
2United States SFATFox+2
3United States FictionFox+8
4United States WestballzFalco Fox+2
5United States LuckyFox0
6United States ARMYIce Climbers-4
7United States Captain FacerollSheik+1
8United States SquidFalco+2
9United States MikeHazeFox0
10United States SantiFalco+2
11United States SmashdaddyFox+2
12United States ZeoCaptain FalconBACK
13United States NutSheik9000NEW
14United States OkamiBWSheik+2
15United States MegaXmasFalco+3
16United States OwlMarth+5
17United States KoDoRiNMarth9000NEW
18United States SurferoCaptain Falcon Ganondorf9000NEW
19United States KurvLuigi9000NEW
20United States Zack FairIce Climbers9000NEW
21United States nullFox9000NEW
22United States ShoyoFox9000NEW
SoCal - September 2018
1United States MangoFalco Fox0
2United States ARMYIce Climbers+5
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco+1
4United States SFATFox-2
5United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon-2
6United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon0
7United States HugSSamus-2
8United States Captain FacerollSheik+3
9United States MikeHazeFox-1
10United States SquidFalco+2
11United States FictionFox-2
12United States SantiFalco Sheik-2
13United States SmashdaddyFox+1
14United States MoJoeFox+1
15United States BillyBoPeepFox+2
16United States OkamiBWSheik-3
17United States FranzDr. Mario+2
18United States MegaXmasFalco0
19United States DDJigglypuff9000NEW
20United States CesarMarth0
21United States OwlMarth9000NEW
22United States Dr. LightIce Climbers-6
SoCal - April 2018
1United States MangoFalco Fox0
2United States SFATFox0
3United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon+1
4United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco-1
5United States HugSSamus+1
6United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon-1
7United States ARMYIce Climbers+2
8United States MikeHazeFox-1
9United States FictionFoxBACK
10United States SantiagoFalcoBACK
11United States Captain FacerollSheik-1
12United States SquidFalco-1
13United States OkamiBWSheik+2
14United States SmashdaddyFox+3
15United States MoJoeFox+5
16United States Dr. LightIce Climbers9000NEW
17United States BillyBoPeepFox9000NEW
18United States MegaXmasFalco9000NEW
19United States FranzDr. Mario-3
20United States CesarMarth9000NEW


SoCal - October 2017
1United States MangoFalco Fox0
2United States SFATFox0
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon Falco+2
4United States LuckyFox0
5United States WestballzFalco Fox Captain Falcon-2
6United States HugSSamus+1
7United States MikeHazeFox-1
8United States MacDPeach0
9United States ARMYIce Climbers+2
10United States Captain FacerollSheik+2
11United States SquidFalco-1
12United States ZeoCaptain Falcon+10
13United States WienersMarth9000NEW
14United States EastCoastJeffFox+6
15United States OkamiBWSheikBACK
16United States FranzDr. Mario9000NEW
17United States SmashdaddyFox9000NEW
18United States NeecoJigglypuff9000NEW
19United States Bizzarro FlameGanondorfBACK
20United States MoJoeFox9000NEW
SoCal - Spring 2017[2]
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States SFATFox9000NEW
3United States WestballzFalco Fox-1
4United States LuckyFox0
5United States S2JCaptain Falcon-2
6United States MikeHazeFox-1
7United States HugSSamus+1
8United States MacDPeach-2
9United States SantiagoFalco SheikBACK
10United States SquidFalco-1
11United States ARMYIce Climbers+5
12United States Captain FacerollSheik-2
13United States CDKFox Sheik-6
14United States KiraFox+7
15United States LuigiKidLuigi+2
16Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi-2
17United States PsychoMidgetJigglypuff+2
18United States Alex19Fox+4
19United States satdaddyFox Sheik9000NEW
20United States EastCoastJeffFox+3
21United States AlanPeach9000NEW
22United States ZeoCaptain Falcon+3
23United States MixxMarth+1
24United States KoopaTroopa895Mario-4
25United States JaceCaptain Falcon-10


SoCal - October 2016
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States WestballzFalco Fox0
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon+1
4United States LuckyFox-1
5United States MikeHazeFox+2
6United States MacDPeach-1
7United States CDKFox Sheik+4
8United States HugSSamus-2
9United States SquidFalco+4
10United States Captain FacerollSheik+2
11United States Fly AmanitaIce ClimbersBACK
12United States RenoSheik Fox+7
13United States TafokintsSheik+11
14Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi-5
15United States JaceCaptain Falcon+2
16United States ARMYIce Climbers9000NEW
17United States LuigiKidLuigi+1
18United States KenMarth-2
19United States PsychoMidgetJigglypuff+1
20United States KoopaTroopa895Mario+3
21United States KiraFox-6
22United States Alex19Fox-12
23United States EastCoastJeffFox+2
24United States MixxMarth9000NEW
25United States ZeoCaptain Falcon9000NEW
SoCal - Spring 2016[3]
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States WestballzFalco Fox0
3United States LuckyFox Captain Falcon0
4United States S2JCaptain Falcon+1
5United States MacDPeach-1
6United States HugSSamus0
7United States MikeHazeFox0
8United States SantiagoSheik Falco Fox+4
9Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi+2
10United States Alex19Fox-2
11United States CDKFox0
12United States Captain FacerollSheik+5
13United States SquidFalco+3
14United States ROFLLuigiBACK
15United States KiraFox Sheik-1
16United States KenMarth-7
17United States JaceCaptain Falcon+2
18United States LuigiKidLuigi9000NEW
19United States RenoSheik Fox-7
20United States PsychoMidgetJigglypuffBACK
21United States sherigamiSheikBACK
22United States OkamiBWSheik-3
23United States KoopaTroopa895Mario9000NEW
24United States TafokintsSheik Fox-9
25United States EastCoastJeffFox9000NEW


SoCal - November 2015
1United States MangoFalco Fox0
2United States WestballzFalco+1
3United States LuckyFox-1
4United States MacDPeach+3
5United States S2JCaptain Falcon-1
6United States HugSSamus0
7United States Mike HazeFox+2
8United States Alex19FoxBACK
9United States KenMarth+7
10United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-5
11United States ConnorFox Peach+3
12United States RenoSheik+6
13United States MattFalco Fox+4
14United States KiraSheik-4
15United States TafokintsSheik0
16United States SquidFalco+9
17United States Captain FacerollSheik9000NEW
18United States Bizzarro FlameGanondorfBACK
19United States JaceCaptain Falcon+7
20United States SacaSuMotoSheik9000NEW
SoCal - May 2015
1United States MangoFox FalcoBACK
2United States LuckyFox0
3United States WestballzFalco Fox+1
4United States S2JCaptain Falcon+1
5United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-4
6United States HugSSamus+1
7United States MacDPeach-1
8United States FictionMarth Fox-5
9United States Mike HazeFox+9
10United States KiraSheikBACK
11Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi-3
12United States Larry LurrFalco-3
13United States SantiagoFox-1
14United States ConnorFox Peach0
15United States TafokintsSheik-2
16United States KenMarth-6
17United States MattFalco Fox9000NEW
18United States RenoSheik Fox9000NEW
19United States ROFLLuigi-3
20United States OkamiBWSheik-9
21United States SungSheik FalcoBACK
22United States J666LinkBACK
23United States ReasonDr. Mario9000NEW
24United States A RookieMarioBACK
25United States SquidFalco-5
26United States JaceCaptain Falcon-11


SoCal - September 2014
1United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+1
2United States LuckyFox+3
3United States FictionFox+1
4United States WestballzFalco Fox-3
5United States S2JCaptain Falcon-2
6United States MacDPeach0
7United States HugSSamus+3
8Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigiBACK
9United States DEHFFalco-1
10United States KenMarth+3
11United States OkamiBWSheik-2
12United States Lil' FumiFox+6
13United States TafokintsSheik-1
14United States ConnorFox-3
15United States JaceCaptain Falcon9000NEW
16United States ROFLLuigi-2
17United States Bizzarro FlameGanondorfBACK
18United States Mike HazeFox9000NEW
19United States KikoFalco9000NEW
20United States SquidFalco-1
SoCal - April 2014
1United States WestballzFalco+4
2United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-1
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon0
4United States FictionFox0
5United States LuckyFox-3
6United States MacDPeach+2
7United States SungSheik Falco0
8United States DEHFFalco+6
9United States OkamiBWSheik+4
10United States HugSSamus+1
11United States ConnorPeach Fox-5
12United States TafokintsSheik0
13United States KenMarthBACK
14United States ROFLLuigi-5
15United States A RookieMario+1
16United States Alex19Fox-6
17United States KiraSheik-2
18United States Lil' FumiFox Yoshi9000NEW
19United States SquidFalco9000NEW
20United States DendyPretendyJigglypuff9000NEW


SoCal - December 2013
1United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+2
2United States LuckyFox+2
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon-1
4United States FictionFox+3
5United States WestballzFalco0
6United States ConnorPeach Fox+3
7United States SungSheik Falco0
8United States MacDPeach0
9United States ROFLLuigi8
10United States Alex19FoxBACK
11United States HugSSamus0
12United States TafokintsSheik0
13United States OkamiBWSheik-3
14United States DEHFFalcoBACK
15United States KiraSheikBACK
16United States A RookieMario+3
SoCal - September 2013
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States S2JCaptain Falcon+1
3United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+1
4United States LuckyFox9000NEW
5United States WestballzFalco-3
6Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi-1
7United States FictionFox-1
8United States MacDPeach0
9United States ConnorPeach FoxBACK
10United States OkamiBWSheik-1
11United States HugSSamusBACK
12United States TafokintsSheik9000NEW
13United States SungSheik Falco-2
14Mexico Bimbo MexicoFalco-4
15United States StabFalco-8
16United States J666Link-2
17United States ROFLLuigi-2
18United States Cool KidFox-2
19United States A RookieMario0
20United States RicketySheik-3
SoCal - May 2013
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States WestballzFalco+2
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon-1
4United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-1
5Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi+2
6United States FictionFox+3
7United States StabFalco+3
8United States MacDPeachBACK
9United States OkamiBWSheik9000NEW
10Mexico Bimbo MexicoFalco9000NEW
11United States SungSheik0
12United States Baka4moePeach0
13United States KhepriCaptain Falcon+1
14United States J666Link-1
15United States ROFLLuigiBACK
16United States Cool KidFox9000NEW
17United States RicketySheik9000NEW
18United States JoeJoeSheik9000NEW
19United States A RookieMario-4


SoCal - September 2012
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States S2JCaptain Falcon+1
3United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+2
4United States WestballzFalco+7
5United States LovageFox-1
6United States LuckyFox+3
7Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi0
8United States ConnorFox Peach+5
9United States FictionFoxBACK
10United States StabFalco+5
11United States SungFalco+5
12United States Baka4moePeach+5
13United States J666Link9000NEW
14United States KhepriCaptain Falcon9000NEW
15United States ROFLLuigiBACK
16United States A RookieMario9000NEW


SoCal - September 2011
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States ZhuFalco0
3United States S2JCaptain Falcon+3
4United States LovageFox+1
5United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-2
6United States MacDPeach+1
7Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi+2
8United States HugSSamus-4
9United States LuckyFox-1
10United States Alex19Fox+4
11United States WestballzFalco-1
12United States DEHFFalco0
13United States ConnorFox Peach0
14United States HypridMarthBACK
15United States StabFalco+2
16United States SungFalco9000NEW
17United States Baka4moePeach+2
18United States Azn LepIce Climbers9000NEW
SoCal - April 2011
1United States MangoFox Falco0
2United States ZhuFalco+1
3United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+2
4United States HugSSamus0
5United States LovageFox+3
6United States S2JCaptain Falcon0
7United States MacDPeach0
8United States LuckyFox-6
9Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi+2
10United States WestballzFalco-1
11United States KiraSheikBACK
12United States DEHFFalco+1
13United States ConnorFox Peach-3
14United States Alex19Fox-2
15United States AtlusFalco Jigglypuff9000NEW
16United States 24+1
17United States StabFalco+1
18United States W.A.S.T.E9000NEW
19United States Baka4moePeach9000NEW
20United States Sunny9000NEW


SoCal - December 2010
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States LuckyFox+2
3United States ZhuFalco0
4United States HugSSamus-2
5United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+1
6United States S2JCaptain Falcon+2
7United States MacDPeach0
8United States LovageFox-3
9United States WestballzFalco+4
10United States ConnorFox Peach-1
11Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi0
12United States Alex19Fox-2
13United States DEHFFalco-1
14United States FictionFox2
15United States SherigamiSheik0
16United States Bizzarro FlameGanondorf-2
17United States 249000NEW
18United States StabFalco0
19United States hugQSamus-2
20United States HypridMarth-1
SoCal - September 2010
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States HugSSamus0
3United States ZhuFalco0
4United States LuckyFox0
5United States LovageFox+1
6United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-1
7United States MacDPeach+3
8United States S2JFox+3
9United States ConnorFox Peach0
10United States Alex19Fox+4
11Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi+1
12United States DEHFFalco-5
13United States WestballzFalco9000NEW
14United States Bizzarro FlameGanondorf9000NEW
15United States SherigamiSheik0
16United States FictionFox9000NEW
17United States hugQSamus9000NEW
18United States StabFalco9000NEW
19United States HypridMarth9000NEW
20United States PsychoMidgetCaptain Falcon Jigglypuff LuigiBACK
SoCal - April 2010
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States HugSSamus+2
3United States ZhuFalco-1
4United States LuckyFox-1
5United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+4
6United States LovageFox+1
7United States DEHFFalco-2
8United States KiraSheik0
9United States ConnorFox Peach-3
10United States MacDPeach0
11United States S2JCaptain Falcon+1
12Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi+2
13United States PnoyMarth Ganondorf9000NEW
14United States Alex19Fox9000NEW
15United States KouryuuPeach9000NEW


SoCal - November 2009
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States ZhuFalco0
3United States LuckyFox0
4United States HugSSamus+2
5United States DEHFFalco-1
6United States ConnorFox Peach+2
7United States LovageFox+2
8United States KiraSheik-3
9United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-2
10United States MacDPeach9000NEW
11 P9000NEW
12United States S2JCaptain Falcon9000NEW
13United States RomeoCaptain Falcon-3
14Mexico Eddy MexicoLuigi9000NEW
15United States Maple9000NEW
SoCal - September 2009
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States ZhuFalco0
3United States LuckyFox0
4United States DEHFFalco0
5United States KiraSheik+1
6United States HugSSamusBACK
7United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+1
8United States ConnorFox Peach+1
9United States LovageFox-4
10United States RomeoCaptain Falcon0
SoCal - July 2009
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States ZhuFalco0
3United States LuckyFox0
4United States DEHFFalcoBACK
5United States LovageFox0
6United States KiraSheik+1
7United States ReplicateFox9000NEW
8United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers+1
9United States ConnorFox Peach-1
10United States RomeoCaptain Falcon9000NEW
SoCal - April 2009
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco0
2United States ZhuFalco0
3United States LuckyFox0
4United States TofuFalco+3
5United States LovageFox-1
6United States AtlusFalco Jigglypuff+4
7United States KiraSheik9000NEW
8United States ConnorFox Peach+1
9United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers-4
10United States ROFLLuigiBACK
SoCal - February 2009
1United States MangoJigglypuff Falco+1
2United States ZhuFalco9000NEW
3United States LuckyFox+7
4United States LovageFox9000NEW
5United States Fly AmanitaIce Climbers9000NEW
6United States Neighborhood PFox9000NEW
7United States TofuFalco9000NEW
8United States PsychoMidgetCaptain Falcon Jigglypuff Luigi9000NEW
9United States ConnorFox Peach9000NEW
10United States AtlusFalco Jigglypuff9000NEW


SoCal - October 2007
1United States KenMarth0
2United States MangoJigglypuff+3
3United States HugSSamus-1
4United States DieSuperFlySheik-1
5United States EdreesPeach-1
6United States KnivesFox Marth0
7United States RomeoCaptain Falcon+1
8United States BeatofAziaMarth-1
9United States DCCaptain Falcon Fox+1
10United States LuckyFox+9
11United States EvilnemesisFalco+13
12United States ManacloudFalco-1
13United States GimpyfishBowser9000NEW
14United States ArashJigglypuff-1
15United States AznLepIce Climbers+3
16United States AesisSheik0
17United States ROFLLuigi-3
18United States WolfPeach-8
19United States Mike YMarth-7
20United States EmericanCaptain Falcon+2
21United States TrevynLink-6
22United States BonePeach-1
23United States Ultra LuigiLuigi9000NEW
24United States StraightYoshi Fox-7
25United States DEHFFalco9000NEW
SoCal - May 2007
1United States KenMarth0
2United States HugSSamus+1
3United States DieSuperFlySheik-1
4United States EdreesPeach0
5United States MangoJigglypuff+8
6United States KnivesFox Marth-1
7United States BeatofAziaMarth+1
8United States RomeoCaptain Falcon+1
9United States WolfPeach-2
10United States DCFox Captain Falcon0
11United States ManacloudFalco+1
12United States Mike YMarth-1
13United States ArashBowser-7
14United States ROFLLuigi0
15United States TrevynLink9000NEW
16United States AesisSheik0
17United States StraightYoshi Fox+1
18United States AznLepIce Climbers+3
19United States LuckyFox+6
20United States ChampFox-3
21United States BonePeach9000NEW
22United States EmericanCaptain Falcon9000NEW
23United States AzeemSamus-8
24United States EvilnemesisFalco0
25United States Mr. PBodyFalco-3



SoCal - October 2014
1United States TyrantMeta Knight Marth0
2United States DEHFFalco0
3United States SlayerZPeach+1
4United States Rich BrownOlimar-1
5United States KiraflaxPit R.O.B.+2
6United States PittbullLucario+2
7United States TearBearMeta Knight-2
8United States PaperMr. Game & Watch+1
9United States Vato_BreakMeta Knight Diddy Kong9000NEW
10United States NickoMarth9000NEW
SoCal - April 2014
1United States TyrantMeta Knight Marth0
2United States DEHFFalco9000NEW
3United States Rich BrownOlimar+1
4United States SlayerZPeach9000NEW
5United States TearBearMeta Knight+2
6United States FallnKirby Meta Knight+4
7United States KiraflaxPit R.O.B.9000NEW
8United States PittbullLucario9000NEW
9United States PaperMr. Game & Watch9000NEW

Project M[edit]

Summer 2019[edit]

SoCal - Summer 2019[4]
1United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong+2
2United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch Kirby-1
3United States El ShroomoLinkBACK
4United States SabreIvysaur-2
5United States TealzMeta KnightBACK
6United States DumshinyKing DededeBACK
7United States BlubLuigi-3
8United States FractureIke-3
9United States SuvirSheik Falco-3
10United States ZenokidsSonicBACK

Spring 2019[edit]

SoCal - Spring 2019[5]
1United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch+5
2United States SabreIvysaur+6
3United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong-1
4United States BlubLuigiBACK
5United States FractureIke+6
6United States SuvirSheik Falco9000NEW
7United States TontonNess+3
8United States JawstinLucas Peach Pikachu1

Winter 2019[edit]

SoCal - Winter 2019[6]
1United States SosaWario Pit0
2United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong+9
3United States AionSonic0
4United States $wiftLucario+2
5United States VenomCaptain Falcon+3
6United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch-1
7United States SchmoofyFox Falco+8
8United States SabreIvysaur9000NEW
9United States JawstinLucas Peach+8
10United States TontonNess9000NEW
11United States FractureIke9000NEW
12United States El ShroomoLink9000NEW

Summer 2018[edit]

SoCal - Summer 2018[7]
1United States SosaWario0
2United States BlankZero Suit Samus+1
3United States AionSonic+1
4United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus+1
5United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch+2
6United States $wiftLucario+4
7United States Jose VNess-5
8United States VenomCaptain Falcon+1
9United States TealzMeta Knight-3
10United States $limChangMario+4
11United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong-3
12United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch-1
13United States DumshinyKing Dedede+5
14United States ZenokidsSonic+2
15United States SchmoofyFalco Fox9000NEW
16United States BlubLuigi9000NEW
17United States JawstinnLucas Peach0

Winter 2018[edit]

SoCal - Winter 2018[8]
1United States SosaWario0
2United States Jose VNess+1
3United States BlankZero Suit Samus-1
4United States AionSonic0
5United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus0
6United States TealzMeta Knight+2
7United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch+3
8United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong-2
9United States VenomCaptain Falcon+9
10United States $wiftLucario+7
11United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch+4
12Chile NyxMr. Game & Watch9000NEW
13United States QuandiverousLuigi+6
14United States $limChangMario-1
15United States NashunMario-8
16United States ZenokidsSonic-7
17United States JawstinnLucas Peach-6
18United States DumshinyKing Dedede+2
19United States GuntherzNess9000NEW
20United States WorrZero Suit Samus9000NEW

Fall 2017[edit]

SoCal - Fall 2017[9][10]
1United States SosaWario0
2United States BlankZero Suit Samus+5
3United States Jose VNess-1
4United States AionSonic+5
5United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus+7
6United States SneezR.O.B.+5
7United States NashunMario+6
8United States TealzMeta Knight-4
9United States ZenokidsSonic+1
10United States NezergyMr. Game & Watch9000NEW
11United States JawstinnLucas9000NEW
12United States DadpoolWario9000NEW
13United States $limChangMario9000NEW
14United States YinkSnake9000NEW
15United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch-10
16United States AeroPikachu9000NEW
17United States ShowtimeLucario9000NEW
18United States VenomMarth-15
19United States QuandiverousLuigi9000NEW
20United States DumshinyKing Dedede-6

Spring 2017[edit]

SoCal - Spring 2017[11]
1United States SosaWario0
2United States Jose VNess+2
3United States VenomCaptain Falcon9000NEW
4United States TealzMeta Knight+3
5United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch0
6United States Red RangerGanondorf0
7United States BlankZero Suit Samus-4
8United States Dr.Zelda+3
9United States AionSonic-1
10United States ZenokidsSonic9000NEW
11United States SneezR.O.B.+3
12United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus+1
13United States NashunMario-3
14United States DumshinyKing Dedede9000NEW

Winter 2017[edit]

SoCal - Winter 2017[12]
1United States SosaWario Pit0
2United States BoringmanMario Meta Knight0
3United States BlankZero Suit Samus9000NEW
4United States Jose VNess-1
5United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch+5
6United States Red RangerGanondorf+8
7United States TealzMeta Knight+6
8United States AionSonic-2
9United States AeroDiddy Kong9000NEW
10United States NashunMario+2
11United States Dr.Zelda9000NEW
12United States burntsocksYoshi-1
13United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus-4
14United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong-6

Fall 2016[edit]

SoCal - Fall 2016[13]
1United States SosaWario Pit0
2United States BoringmanMario Meta Knight+2
3United States Jose VNess-1
4United States iPunchKidszLucario Fox-1
5United States MachiavelliIvysaur9000NEW
6United States AionSonic+3
7United States VenomCaptain Falcon Fox+1
8United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong+6
9United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus-2
10United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch0
11United States burntsocksYoshi0
12United States NashunMario+1
13United States TealzMeta Knight+2
14United States Red RangerGanondorf9000NEW

Summer 2016[edit]

SoCal - Summer 2016[14]
1United States SosaWario0
2United States Jose VNess+5
3United States iPunchKidszLucario Fox+3
4United States BoringmanMario Meta Knight9000NEW
5United States AeroDiddy Kong-1
6United States BlankZero Suit Samus+6
7United States Jason WaterfallsZero Suit Samus9000NEW
8United States VenomCaptain Falcon-6
9United States AionSonic+2
10United States LoyaLMr. Game & Watch9000NEW
11United States burntsocksYoshi9000NEW
12United States ZenokidsSonic9000NEW
13United States NashunMario-4
14United States SneezR.O.B. Diddy Kong9000NEW
15United States TealzMeta Knight9000NEW
16United States ShowtimeLucario9000NEW

April 2016[edit]

SoCal - April 2016[15]
1United States SosaWario
2United States VenomCaptain Falcon
3United States MachiavelliIvysaur
4United States AeroDiddy Kong
5United States LuckyFox
6United States iPunchKidszLucario
7United States Jose VNess
8United States YadoRKirby
9United States NashunMario
10United States Red RangerGanondorf
11United States AionSonic
12United States BlankZero Suit Samus

Wii U[edit]

Even though he lives in Japan and not Southern California, Komorikiri attended enough SoCal tournaments in the time frame of January-April 2017 to be ranked.


SoCal - All Time[16]
1United States Larry LurrFox
2United States VoiDSheik
3United States fallnRosalina
4United States ZenyouMario
5United States ElegantLuigi
6United States CharlieFox Bayonetta
7United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong
8United States NickoShulk
9United States Rich BrownMewtwo
10United States EonFox
11United States TyrantMeta Knight
12United States MrConConLuigi
13United States AcMeta Knight Falco
14United States AarvarkVillager
15United States RazoPeach
16United States PhoenixSonic
17United States ItoMeta Knight
18United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt
19United States ZanToon Link Meta Knight
20United States MeteorSonic
21United States S2HMeta Knight
22United States DynamoCloud Sheik
23United States AphroBayonetta
24United States TLTCPalutena
25United States ScizorLink
26United States XzaxFox
27United States KiRyu
28Mexico ICDiddy Kong
29United States TearbearCaptain Falcon
30United States AngbadOlimar
31United States MastaMarioMario
32United States JumpsteadyZero Suit Samus
33United States SlayerZPeach
34United States NCJacobTPikachu Ryu
35United States TaternatorBowser Jr.
36United States VicegripBowser Jr.
37United States Jonny WestsideSamus


SoCal - July - September 2018[17]
1United States Larry LurrFox+1
2United States ElegantLuigi+1
3United States VoiDSheik-2
4United States fallnRosalina Sheik0
5United States ZenyouMario Diddy Kong+1
6United States EonFox Bayonetta+2
7United States CharlieBayonetta Fox Sheik0
8United States AcMeta Knight Fox-3
9United States NickoShulk Captain Falcon0
10United States DynamoCloud+2
11United States ZanMeta Knight Toon Link+8
12United States KiRyu+2
13United States AarvarkVillager+5
14United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt9000NEW
15United States MeteorSonic0
16United States MrConConLuigi-6
17United States MastaMarioMario9000NEW
18United States S2HMeta Knight Diddy Kong-1
19United States RazoPeach-8
20United States SilentRainMario9000NEW
SoCal - April - June 2018[18]
1United States VoiDSheik Zero Suit Samus+2
2United States Larry LurrFox Diddy Kong Marth0
3United States ElegantLuigi+1
4United States fallnRosalina Zero Suit Samus-3
5United States AcMeta Knight Falco+3
6United States ZenyouMario Sheik-1
7United States CharlieBayonetta Fox Luigi Sheik Meta Knight-1
8United States EonFox Bayonetta+1
9United States NickoShulk Captain Falcon Marth+5
10United States MrConConLuigi+3
11United States RazoPeach0
12United States DynamoCloud Sheik+4
13United States PhoenixSonic+4
14United States KiRyu9000NEW
15United States MeteorSonic0
16United States TaternatorBowser Jr.+2
17United States S2HMeta Knight Diddy Kong9000NEW
18United States AarvarkVillager Lucina-8
19United States ZanToon Link Diddy Kong Meta Knight Mewtwo Sheik9000NEW
20United States JumpsteadyZero Suit Samus9000NEW

SoCal - January - March 2018[19]
1United States fallnRosalina+3
2United States Larry LurrFox Diddy Kong Donkey Kong+1
3United States VoiDSheik Zero Suit Samus Fox-2
4United States ElegantLuigi-2
5United States ZenyouMario Sheik Cloud0
6United States CharliedakingBayonetta Fox Sheik+3
7United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong-1
8United States AcMeta Knight0
9United States EonFox Bayonetta-2
10United States AarvarkVillager Lucina Bowser Jr.+6
11United States RazoPeach-1
12United States Rich BrownMewtwo+2
13United States MrConConLuigi-1
14United States NickoShulk Marth-1
15United States MeteorSonic0
16United States DynamoCloud Sheik9000NEW
17United States PhoenixSonic9000NEW
18United States TaternatorBowser Jr.9000NEW
19United States CandyFox9000NEW
20United States KiraFlaxPit9000NEW


SoCal - October - December 2017[20]
1United States VoiDSheik Fox Zero Suit Samus+1
2United States ElegantLuigi+1
3United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong Bowser-2
4United States fallnRosalina+2
5United States ZenyouMario Sheik Cloud0
6United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong+3
7United States EonFox Bayonetta+2
7United States Mr.E.5Marth Lucina9000NEW
8United States AcMeta Knight Falco+10
9United States CharliedakingFox Bayonetta-5
10United States RazoPeach+4
11United States TyrantMeta Knight Sheik Diddy Kong+5
12United States MrConConLuigi+3
13United States NickoShulk Marth-6
14United States Rich BrownMewtwo-4
15United States MeteorSonic+2
16United States AarvarkVillager Lucina-5
17Mexico ICDiddy Kong9000NEW
18United States MastaMarioMario9000NEW
19United States S2HMeta Knight9000NEW
20United States KiRyu9000NEW
SoCal - July - September 2017[21]
1United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong0
2United States VoiDSheik Fox0
3United States ElegantLuigi+1
4United States CharliedakingFox Bayonetta+8
5United States ZenyouMario0
6United States fallnRosalina-3
7United States NickoShulk+4
8United States EonFox Bayonetta-1
9United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong+4
10United States Rich BrownMewtwo-4
11United States AarvarkVillager Lucina-1
12United States TLTCPalutena+6
13United States ScizorLink+7
14United States RazoPeach+1
15United States MrConConLuigi+2
16United States TyrantMeta Knight0
17United States MeteorSonic9000NEW
18United States AcMeta Knight Falco-9
19United States DynamoSheik Cloud9000NEW
20United States JumpsteadyZero Suit Samus9000NEW
SoCal - April to June 2017
1United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong+1
2United States VoiDSheik Fox-1
3United States fallnRosalina+4
4United States ElegantLuigi-1
5United States ZenyouMario-1
6United States Rich BrownMewtwo0
7United States EonFox+3
8United States PhoenixSonic+5
9United States AcMeta Knight Falco-1
10United States AarvarkVillager+7
11United States NickoShulk Roy-2
12United States CharliedakingFox Sheik Meta Knight-1
13United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong-1
14United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt+1
15United States RazoPeach9000NEW
16United States TyrantMeta Knight-11
17United States MrConConLuigi-3
18United States TLTCPalutena9000NEW
19United States GhostFox9000NEW
20United States ScizorLink-1
SoCal - January to March 2017
0Japan KomorikiriCloud Sonic9000NEW
1United States VoiDSheik Fox+1
2United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong-1
3United States ElegantLuigi+4
4United States ZenyouMario Sheik+4
5United States TyrantMeta Knight Diddy Kong-1
6United States Rich BrownMewtwo0
7United States fallnRosalina-2
8United States AcFalco Meta Knight+12
9United States NickoShulk Cloud+3
10United States EonFox Bayonetta+7
11United States CharliedakingFox Sheik-1
12United States K9sbruceDiddy Kong Sheik-2
13United States PhoenixSonic9000NEW
14United States MrConConLuigi-1
15United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt-4
16Mexico ICDiddy Kong-2
17United States AarvarkVillager-2
18United States ZanToon Link Meta Knight-2
19United States ScizorLink9000NEW
20United States Slither2HunterMeta Knight-1


SoCal - November to December 2016
1United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong0
2United States VoiDSheik Fox Mewtwo0
3United States ItoMeta Knight+2
4United States TyrantMeta Knight Sheik+4
5United States fallnRosalina Zero Suit Samus Robin+4
5United States JK.5Bayonetta9000NEW
6United States Rich BrownMewtwo-3
7United States ElegantLuigi-1
8United States ZenyouMario Sheik Fox-4
9United States CharliedakingFox Sheik+1
10United States K9sbruceDiddy Kong Sheik-3
11United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt9000NEW
12United States NickoShulk-1
13United States MrConConLuigi+6
14Mexico ICDiddy Kong9000NEW
15United States AarvarkVillager-3
16United States ZanToon Link Mewtwo Meta Knight-2
17United States EonFox Sheik-2
18United States TLTCPalutena9000NEW
19United States Slither2HunterMeta Knight Diddy Kong9000NEW
20United States AcFalco Meta Knight Marth-4
SoCal - September to October 2016
1United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong+1
2United States VoiDSheik Fox-1
3United States Rich BrownMewtwo+1
4United States ZenyouMario+2
5United States ItoMeta Knight9000NEW
6United States ElegantLuigi+6
7United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong+3
8United States TyrantMeta Knight Diddy Kong-5
9United States fallnRosalina Zero Suit Samus-4
10United States CharliedakingFox Sheik+4
11United States NickoShulk+2
12United States AarvarkVillager+4
13United States AphroBayonetta Marth-4
14United States ZanToon Link Mewtwo-4
15United States EonFox9000NEW
16United States AcFalco Meta Knight9000NEW
17United States VicegripBowser Jr.9000NEW
18United States TearbearCaptain Falcon Marth9000NEW
19United States MrConConLuigi-2
20United States NCJacobTPikachu Ryu Duck Hunt9000NEW
SoCal - July to August 2016
1United States VoiDSheik Fox+1
2United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong-1
3United States TyrantMeta Knight Diddy Kong Sheik+3
4United States Rich BrownMewtwo+3
5United States fallnRosalina-2
6United States ZenyouMario-1
7United States JKBayonetta9000NEW
8United States NAKATNess Fox Mario9000NEW
9United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong-5
10United States ZanToon Link Meta Knight9000NEW
11United States AphroBayonetta Rosalina Marth0
12United States ElegantLuigi+3
13United States NickoShulk+1
14United States CharliedakingFox Sheik+5
15United States PhoenixSonic-5
16United States AarvarkVillager-3
17United States MrConConLuigi-8
18United States Slither2HunterMeta Knight+2
19United States TLTCPalutena9000NEW
20United States AngbadOlimar9000NEW
SoCal - May to June 2016
0Chile ZeRoDiddy Kong Sheik Cloud9000NEW
1United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong Mario+1
2United States VoiDSheik Fox-1
3United States fallnRosalina+2
4United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong-1
5United States ZenyouMario Sheik+1
5United States Ito.5Meta Knight+2.5
6United States TyrantMeta Knight Sheik-2
7United States Rich BrownMewtwo+5
8United States XzaxFox Mario+1
9United States MrConConLuigi-2
10United States PhoenixSonic9000NEW
11United States AphroBayonetta Rosalina0
12United States NickoShulk Cloud+1
13United States AarvarkVillager+7
14United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt9000NEW
15United States ElegantLuigi9000NEW
16United States NCJacobTRyu Pikachu Bayonetta9000NEW
17United States Jonny WestsideSamus-1
18United States SlayerZPeach9000NEW
19United States CharliedakingFox-2
20United States Slither2HunterMeta Knight9000NEW
SoCal - March to April 2016
1United States VoiDSheik Fox0
2United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong Mario0
3United States K9sbruceSheik Diddy Kong+1
4United States TyrantMeta Knight Diddy Kong-1
5United States fallnRosalina Bayonetta0
6United States ZenyouMario Sheik+5
7United States MrConConLuigi0
8United States ItoMeta Knight0
9United States XzaxFox Mario-3
10United States TearbearCaptain Falcon Lucas9000NEW
11United States AphroBayonetta Rosalina-1
12United States Rich BrownMewtwo+2
13United States NickoShulk Cloud-4
14United States ScizorLink Greninja9000NEW
15Mexico ICDiddy Kong9000NEW
16United States Jonny WestsideSamus0
17United States CharliedakingFox9000NEW
18United States AngbadOlimar Zero Suit Samus9000NEW
19United States TLTCPalutena0
20United States AarvarkVillager9000NEW
SoCal - January to March 2016
0Chile ZeRoSheik Diddy Kong0
1United States VoiDSheik+1
2United States Larry LurrFox Donkey Kong-1
3United States TyrantMeta Knight+1
4United States K9sbruceSheik+1
5United States fallnRosalina+1
6United States XzaxFox+4
7United States MrConConLuigi+1
8United States ItoMeta Knight-5
9United States NickoShulk Cloud+9
10United States AphroBayonetta Rosalina+1
11United States ZenyouMario Sheik+2
12United States ImHipOlimar Duck Hunt+4
13United States NCJacobTPikachu Ryu Bayonetta9000NEW
14United States Rich BrownMewtwo9000NEW
15United States WiiGiR.O.B.9000NEW
16United States Jonny WestsideSamus9000NEW
17United States ElegantLuigi9000NEW
18United States Slither2HunterMeta Knight-4
19United States TLTCPalutena9000NEW
20United States ZorkBowser9000NEW



SoCal - January - March 2020
1United States CharliedakingWolf Sheik Lucina+3
2United States ElegantLuigi+1
3United States Larry LurrWolf Falco Palutena-1
4United States NickoShulk Byleth Joker-3
5United States ZenyouMario+10
6United States RazoPeach-1
7United States MastaMarioMario+1
8United States EonJoker Fox Wolf Sheik-1
9United States NitoKen Terry Ryu0
10United States CyroRoyBACK
11United States ACSnake Meta Knight BylethBACK
12United States NitroJoker Richter Terry0
13United States T3 DOMRichter Terry+1
14United States TearbearBanjo & Kazooie9000NEW
15United States KiraFlaxR.O.B. Dark Pit PitBACK


SoCal - October - December 2019
1United States NickoShulk Captain Falcon Joker0
2United States Larry LurrWolf Palutena+4
3United States ElegantLuigi Diddy Kong-1
4United States CharliedakingWolf Sheik+5
5United States RazoPeach+2
6United States VoiDSheik Pichu Joker-3
7United States EonJoker Fox+1
8United States MastaMarioMario-4
9United States NitoKen Terry Ryu+4
10United States LumbreNess+5
11United States K9sbruceWolf Sheik LucinaBACK
12United States NitroJoker Richter Terry-1
13United States KetchupBowser Jr.9000NEW
14United States T3 DOMRichter+2
15United States ZenyouMario-1
SoCal - July - September 2019
1United States NickoShulk+3
2United States ElegantLuigi+1
3United States VoiDSheik Pichu-2
4United States MastaMarioMario+10
5United States CyroMeta Knight Roy Chrom+10
6United States Larry LurrWolf Falco0
7United States RazoPeach+1
8United States EonFox Joker-1
9United States CharliedakingWolf0
9.5Mexico ChagInkling Palutena9000NEW
10United States ACSnake Meta Knight+3
11United States NitroRichter Joker-1
12United States VintendoDuck Hunt9000NEW
13United States NitoKen Ryu9000NEW
14United States ZenyouMario+6
15United States LumbreNess9000NEW
16United States T3 DOMERichter Megaman9000NEW
17United States MrConConLuigi9000NEW
18United States TaternatorBowser Jr.9000NEW
19United States KiraFlaxR.O.B. Dark Pit9000NEW
20United States HLBMii Brawler Piranha Plant9000NEW
SoCal - April - June 2019
1United States VoiDPichu Sheik Daisy0
2Mexico Sparg0Cloud9000NEW
3United States ElegantLuigi+7
4United States NickoShulk Joker Captain Falcon-2
5United States ImHipOlimar-2
6United States Larry LurrWolf Falco Inkling-1
7United States EonFox Joker-3
8United States RazoDaisy-1
9United States CharliedakingWolf-1
10United States NitroRichter+9
11United States XzaxInkling9000NEW
12United States KiSnake Ken+1
13United States ArmandoSnake Meta Knight+1
14United States MastaMarioMario+1
15United States CyroRoy Chrom Meta Knight+1
16United States SweetTPokémon Trainer Pichu+2
17United States JumpsteadyPalutena Zero Suit Samus9000NEW
18United States K9sbruceWolf Lucina-9
19Taiwan ShiNeLucas Donkey Kong9000NEW
20United States ZenyouMario Cloud-14
SoCal - January - March 2019
1United States VoiDPichu Roy Wolf Daisy
2United States NickoShulk Chrom
3United States ImHipOlimar Inkling Duck Hunt
4United States EonFox Pichu Pokémon Trainer
5United States Larry LurrFox Wolf Falco Shulk
6United States ZenyouMario Cloud
7United States RazoDaisy
8United States CharliedakingWolf Fox Sheik
9United States K9sbruceWolf Lucina
10United States ElegantLuigi Mario
11United States cookieslayerYoung Link Link Ice Climbers
12United States RexLink
13United States KiSnake Ryu Ken
14United States ArmandoSnake Meta Knight Falco
15United States MastaMarioMario
16United States CyroRoy Meta Knight Falco
17United States Jonny WestsideSnake
18United States SweetTPokémon Trainer Pichu
19United States NitroRichter Sonic
20United States Slither2HunterMeta Knight