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[e][h]Captain Falcon Captain Smuckers
Player Information
Alex Cottrell
New York
Years Active:
2011 - 2020
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Captain Falcon
Former Mains:

Alex "Captain Smuckers" Cottrell is a Melee Captain Falcon main from New York who is ranked 42nd in MPGR 2018. Over the years he has cemented himself as one of the best up and coming Captain Falcon mains, having been ranked in the top 50 numerous times and even over other Falcon players such as Gahtzu.



2020-01-04G17 - 8thScorpius 2020Captain Falcon1 : 3United StatesFoxHax$
2019-10-19E15 - 6thEast Coast Throwdown 20191 : 3United StatesStango
2019-09-07E15 - 6thSee Me On LAN!! 41 : 3United States2saint$30
2019-08-25S1549 - 64thShine 2019Captain Falcon1 : 3United StatesFoxKJH
2019-04-06Q717 - 24thSuper Smashed Out 81 : 2United StatesJD
2019-03-09M313 - 16thThe Gang Steals the ScriptCaptain Falcon1 : 3United StatesFoxHax$
2019-02-09B12ndSuper Smashed Out VICaptain FalconFox0 : 3United StatesFalcolintgod$60
2018-12-22E15 - 6thNYXL Pop-Up!Captain Falcon0 : 3United StatesSheikSwedish Delight$99
2018-12-01E15 - 6thGIGA HOG 31 : 3United StatesIcy
2018-09-08I39 - 12thUnrivaled XICaptain Falcon0 : 2United StatesFoxColbol
2018-08-18C13rdSuper Smashed Out ICaptain Falcon1 : 3United StatesFoxHax$44
2018-08-12S3165 - 96thSuper Smash Con 2018LUnited StatesSharkz
2018-07-29C13rdApollo XIVCaptain Falcon2 : 3United StatesMarthLa Luna$69
2018-06-24D14thNebulous, Pioneers Edition2 : 3United StatesAnimal
2018-05-26A11stThe Frame Trap House 20Captain Falcon3 : 1United StatesPeachRyobeat
2018-04-28E15 - 6thApollo XIIICaptain Falcon2 : 3United StatesFoxDarktooth$45
2018-04-21I39 - 12thFlatiron 3Captain Falcon2 : 3United StatesMarthRishi
2018-03-25E15 - 6thCT Gamercon 2Captain Falcon2 : 3United StatesFoxSlox
2018-03-10E15 - 6thApollo XIICaptain Falcon2 : 3United StatesYoshiWhiskers
2018-02-03A11stThe Gang Hosts a Melee TournamentCaptain Falcon3 : 0
3 : 0
United StatesMarthZain
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2018-12-01A11stGIGA HOG 3Captain SmuckersUnited States
RyobeatUnited States
3 : 2United Stateslint
United Statesghettowarmachine420
2018-09-08G17 - 8thUnrivaled XICaptain SmuckersUnited States
Chef NorgeUnited States
0 : 2United StatesHungry Pigeon
United Statesprof
2018-08-18B12ndSuper Smashed Out ICaptain SmuckersUnited States
vortexUnited States
3 : 2
2 : 3
United StatesSlox
2018-08-12S1533 - 48thSuper Smash Con 2018Captain SmuckersUnited States
emilywavesUnited States
0 : 2United StatesSirmeris
United StatesMajersk
2018-07-29D14thApollo XIVCaptain SmuckersUnited States
emilywavesUnited States
0 : 2United StatesWassabi
2018-05-26I39 - 12thThe Frame Trap House 20Captain SmuckersUnited States
emilywavesUnited States
1 : 2United StatesBIGDADDYGANON
United Statesh3aderon
2018-04-28I39 - 12thApollo XIIICaptain SmuckersUnited States
RyobeatUnited States
1 : 2United StatesBonkCushy
United StatesAtomsk
2018-04-21I39 - 12thFlatiron 3Captain SmuckersUnited States
SloxUnited States
0 : 2United StatesLogos
United StatesKa-Master
2018-03-10D14thApollo XIICaptain SmuckersUnited States
RyobeatUnited States
2 : 3United StatesAnimal
United StatesG$
2018-02-03Q717 - 24thThe Gang Hosts a Melee TournamentCaptain SmuckersUnited States
emilywavesUnited States
0 : 2United StatesMk.II
United StatesKDP
2018-01-27D14thHall of Gaming's Monthly #8Captain SmuckersUnited States
emilywavesUnited States
2 : 3United StatesAmbisinister
United StatesBolt
2017-09-09A11stEmerald City VCaptain SmuckersUnited States
CrushUnited States
3 : 1United StatesBladewise
United StatesKa-Master
2017-08-27S1533 - 48thShine 2017Captain SmuckersUnited States
TianUnited States
2 : 3United Statesdizzkidboogie
United States2saint
2017-07-08A11stSuper Rubicon 1Captain SmuckersUnited States
SloxUnited States
1 : 3
3 : 1
United StatesMikeHaze
United StatesCaptain Faceroll
2017-06-25Q717 - 24thOMEGACaptain SmuckersUnited States
emilywavesUnited States
1 : 2United StatesBoyd
United StatesHoliday
2017-05-19A11stCandlewood Isle Monthly #3Captain SmuckersUnited States
EmilUnited States
3 : 1United StatesRyobeat
United StatesVino
2017-04-08C13rdApollo IVCaptain SmuckersUnited States
RyobeatUnited States
2 : 3United Statesdizzkidboogie
United StatesColbol
2017-03-18A11stDIME 21Captain SmuckersUnited States
ReddUnited States
3 : 1
3 : 0
United Statesbluezaft
United StatesWobbles
2017-03-05C13rdUCI Quarterly 2Captain SmuckersUnited States
2 : 3United StatesPsychoMidget
United StatesSquid
2017-02-18S1533 - 48thSmash Valley VCaptain SmuckersUnited States
Smokey BluntzUnited States
DQUnited StatesDusty
United StatesKeanu
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Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2018:

Rank 49 - 2saint