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[e][h]Ice Climbers ChuDat
ChuDat at SSC 2017. Photo by Preston Kwan.
Player Information
Daniel Rodriguez
January 16, 1987 (1987-01-16) (age 31)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers
Young Link Young Link, Pikachu Pikachu, Fox Fox
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Kirby Kirby
Project M
Kirby Kirby
Pound 2
2006-??-?? — ????-??-??
2014-05-26 — 2015-06-22
2015-10-10 — 2016-06-27
2016-07-14 — 2017-06-13
2017-06-14 — Present

Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez is a top professional level Ice Climbers main who has primarily competed in his home region of Maryland and Virginia, but has also lived and competed in Southern California. ChuDat is a very well traveled player, who has competed all over North America over his long playing career. He is credited with pushing the Ice Climbers metagame in the early days of competition, as few other players played Ice Climbers at that level, let alone at ChuDat's level. His work with Ice Climbers is comparable to Ken's work with Marth. He is currently ranked 11th on SSBMRank 2017.


ChuDat began competing in local Virginia tournaments with his, at the time, unusual main of Ice Climbers. At one tournament, he met and quickly befriended the members of the crew, Ha Ha You Lose (H2YL) such as Chillindude. He was soon recruited to join the crew. Upon competing and placing third at Tournament Go 6 in California exclusively with Ice Climbers, he became even more recognizable for his unique play with a fairly unrepresented character. After continuing to place very well in locals and majors, ChuDat moved to Southern California to live and compete alongside legendary player Ken and his family, after ChuDat started dating Ken's sister. While living in California, he continued to place extremely well in tournaments, but the price was his friendship with the members of H2YL. He regularly placed second to Ken at various MLG tournaments. His place in Ken's crew didn't last forever, as ChuDat was feeling pushed to the brink in the household, and felt that he couldn't try his best at tournaments against Ken because he would be shunned if he won. He eventually left California and moved back to Virginia, where he reconnected with the members of H2YL.

In 2006, ChuDat was one of several smash players who were sponsored by Carbon, an esports organization that originally focused on Halo.[1][2] It is not known when this sponsorship lapsed, as MLG slowly phased Smash out of its Pro Circuit in 2007. Wife has also asserted that Smash players ultimately benefited very little from the sponsorship.[3]

After a hiatus from Melee, he returned to compete after the release of The Smash Brothers documentary, (which he was heavily featured in) and quickly rose back to one of the top players in his region.

On May 26th, 2014, ChuDat was picked up by Mortality eSports, as their first Smash Bros. player. On June 22, 2015, ChuDat announced that he was no longer part of Mortality.[4] Around the same time, he was let go from his day job. Due to this, he could not afford to attend EVO 2015. Through a crowdfunding campaign by Facebook group Melee Hell (MH) via a GoFundMe page, ChuDat was able to go. At EVO 2015, ChuDat was able to defeat numerous high-caliber players including KirbyKaze, Silent Wolf, Westballz, and HugS. He ultimately qualified for Top 8 at the event, but was knocked out of the tournament by Mango.

Although not attending January 2016's GENESIS 3, ChuDat still gained highly ranked wins, defeating both HugS and Westballz again when they traveled to his home region in early 2016. Then, at Pound 2016, ChuDat placed 17th, where he defeated Axe. A few months later, ChuDat placed 7th at CEO 2016, including wins over Alex19, Gahtzu, and Druggedfox, where he lost in Game 5 to Shroomed.

Only a few days after his Top 8 placing at CEO 2016, Root Gaming closed it's Smash division, thus parting ways with ChuDat. One month later on July 14th, 2016, it was announced that Chu would become a part of the VGBootCamp Pro Team.[5] He left the team on June 13, 2017.[6]

At Heir 3 in August of 2016 ChuDat made history by becoming the first Ice Climbers player in recorded history to take a tournament match from Armada. Armada previously had a completely spotless record versus all Ice Climbers players, playing the highly advantaged Peach vs Ice Climbers matchup, until ChuDat took Game 1 of their Winners Quarters set on Final Destination.

On June 14, 2017, it was announced that Chu joined Team Liquid.[7]

Recent Major Results[edit]

2018-03-25R725 - 32ndFull Bloom 4Ice Climbers1 : 3USAFoxCrush
2018-01-21S1533 - 48thGENESIS 5Ice ClimbersFox2 : 3USAFalcoGanondorfSanti
2017-10-22E15 - 6thDreamHack Denver 2017Ice Climbers1 : 3USACaptain FalconS2J$500
2017-10-08M313 - 16thThe Big House 70 : 3USASwedish Delight
2017-10-01Q717 - 24thGameTyrant Expo 2017Ice Climbers1 : 3JapanYoshiaMSa
2017-08-27G17 - 8thShine 2017Ice Climbers2 : 3SwedenFoxLeffen
2017-08-13M313 - 16thSuper Smash Con 2017Ice Climbers2 : 3USAFoxSFAT
2017-07-23I39 - 12thDreamHack Atlanta 2017Ice Climbers2 : 3USAFoxDruggedfox
2017-07-16Q717 - 24thEVO 20170 : 2USAThe Moon
2017-05-14M313 - 16thRoyal Flush 2017Ice Climbers2 : 3USAFoxCrush
2017-04-30B12ndDreamHack Austin 2017Ice Climbers2 : 3USAJigglypuffHungrybox$2,000
2017-04-16B12ndHFLAN Melee Edition 2017Ice Climbers1 : 3SwedenPeachArmada$721
2017-04-09E15 - 6thSmash RivalriesIce Climbers2 : 3USAFoxDruggedfox$250
2017-03-05G17 - 8thSmash Summit - Spring 2017Ice Climbers1 : 3USASamusPlup$1,543
2017-01-22I39 - 12thGENESIS 4Ice Climbers1 : 3SwedenFoxLeffen$170
2016-12-04Q717 - 24thUGC Smash Open1 : 3USAPewPewU
2016-10-09Q717 - 24thThe Big House 6Ice Climbers2 : 3USACaptain FalconWizzrobe
2016-08-21C13rdHeir 3Ice Climbers2 : 3USAMarthThe Moon$865
2016-08-14Q717 - 24thSuper Smash Con 20162 : 3USAMacD
2016-07-17Q717 - 24thEVO 2016Ice Climbers0 : 2USAFalcoZhu
All Results
Date Place Event Partner Result Prize
2017-10-08 A44th The Big House 7 ChuDatIce ClimbersUSA
1 : 3 USACaptain FalconS2J
2017-08-27 B717 - 24th Shine 2017 ChuDatUSA
0 : 3 USAReno
2016-08-21 A44th Heir 3 ChuDatUSA
2 : 3 SpainOvertriforce
2016-08-14 A55 - 6th Super Smash Con 2016 ChuDatUSA
2 : 3 USAMew2King
2014-06-29 A33rd CEO 2014 ChuDatIce ClimbersUSA
1 : 3 USAJigglypuffHungrybox
2014-06-01 A59 - 12th SKTAR 3 ChuDatUSA
L USACyrain
All Results

Melee Rankings[edit]


Ranking Series Rank
SSBMRank 2017 11
SSBMRank 2017 Summer 7
SSBMRank 2016 22
SSBMRank 2015 35
SSBMRank 2014 32
SSBMRank 2013 22


Ranking Series Rank
RetroSSBMRank 2012 9
RetroSSBMRank 2008 6
RetroSSBMRank 2007 5
RetroSSBMRank 2006 4
RetroSSBMRank 2005 2
RetroSSBMRank 2004 5

MD/VA Power Rankings[edit]

Ranking Series Rank
Winter 2018 5
Fall/Winter 2016 1
Fall 2015 4

Notable Matches[edit]