Dr. Mario

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[e][h] Dr. Mario
Character Information
D (11)
Source Universe:
15 Frames
12th-14th of 26
12th-13th of 26
30 Frames
23 Frames
21st-22nd of 26
21st-22nd of 26
18th-23rd of 26
Fast Faller:
12th-14th of 26
16th-18th of 26
14th-18th of 26

Dr. Mario is a slightly slower, but stronger clone of Mario.

How to Unlock[edit]


Dr. Mario is very similar to his original, but is overall slightly stronger. Dr. Mario can edgeguard effectively using his Back Aerial, Super Sheet, and his slow-moving projectile, Megavitamins. A good aerial game, wavedash, and SHFFL also contribute to his overall strength as a character. He can also has a chaingrab against some characters, and also possesses a Down Throw that can very effectively combo into his Forward Aerial for a KO. His Back Throw can be effectively used to set up gimp kills due to its powerful knockback.

Dr. Mario's biggest weakness is his recovery. His Super Jump Punch is predictable and easily edgeguarded, while his recovery on the whole is also fairly short.


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