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[e][h]Sheik Duck
Player Information
James Ma
November 25, 1991 (1991-11-25) (age 28)
West Bloomfield/Ann Arbor, Michigan
Years Active:
2011 - 2019
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Former Mains:
2016-07-29 — 2016-08-14
2016-08-15 — 2017-01-05
2017-04-11 — 2018-05-17
2018-08-23 — Present

James "Duck" Ma is a Sheik player from Michigan. He was considered one of the best Samus players in the world, and also one of the best players in the Midwest, ranked 19th in MPGR 2019 Summer.

He has consistently finished in the top 8 at Midwest tournaments, and has recently received a reputation for defeating Canadian players, with multiple set wins over KirbyKaze, eliminating two Canadians at Super SWEET, and top 8 finishes at a multitude of Canadian tournaments he has attended (such as Get On My Level 2014, The Come Up, Enthusiast Gaming Live, Get On My Level 2015 and Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo), and at the Swedish tournament DreamHack Winter 2015.

On July 29, 2016, he was sponsored for the first time by Melee It On Me.[1] He was released by MIOM on August 14, 2016, and was signed the following day by Denial eSports.[2][3]

On January 5th, 2017, Duck left Denial eSports and became a free agent.[4] On April, 11th, 2017, Duck was signed by Phoenix1.[5] Duck left Phoenix1 on May 17, 2018.[6] He joined ESports Ecosystem on August 23rd, 2018.[7]



2019-12-08M313 - 16thMango's Birthday BashSheik0 : 3CanadaFoxDamian Tyson
2019-09-15S1533 - 48thSmash Camp: End of SummerLUnited StatesKürv
2019-03-24E15 - 6thFull Bloom 5Samus2 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconS2J$155
2019-02-03I39 - 12thGENESIS 6Samus1 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
2019-01-26B12ndHold That LSamus0 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
2019-01-20B12ndUNITE2 : 3
2 : 3
United StatesKJH
2018-11-11I39 - 12thThe Mango: HomecomingSamus2 : 3United StatesFalcoWestballz
2018-10-28B12ndCanada Cup 2018Samus3 : 0
0 : 3
United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
2018-10-07M313 - 16thThe Big House 8Samus1 : 3United StatesPikachuAxe
2018-08-26Q717 - 24thShine 2018Samus1 : 3United StatesSheikSwedish Delight
2018-08-05I39 - 12thEVO 2018Samus0 : 2United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
2018-07-21B12ndAurora BlitzSamus0 : 3United StatesSheikSwedish Delight$152
2018-07-15G17 - 8thRunback 2018Samus1 : 3United StatesFalcoWestballz
2018-06-03I39 - 12thSmash 'N' Splash 4Samus0 : 3United StatesMarthZain
2018-05-27E15 - 6thCombo Breaker 2018Samus0 : 3United StatesFoxAbsentPage$29
2018-05-20I39 - 12thGet On My Level 2018Samus0 : 3JapanYoshiaMSa$35
2018-03-25I39 - 12thFull Bloom 4Samus0 : 3United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
2018-03-17E15 - 6thSWEET XXXIMarth0 : 3United StatesFoxColbol
2018-03-11I39 - 12thEnthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2018Samus1 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT$52
2018-02-24A11stShogunate3 : 2
3 : 1
United StatesKJH
All Results
2019-09-15I39 - 12thSmash Camp: End of SummerDuckUnited States
KalamazhuUnited States
LPalestineFree Palestine
United Statesenvy
2018-07-15B12ndRunback 2018DuckUnited States
SFATUnited States
0 : 3United StatesShroomed
United StatesS2J
2018-06-03G17 - 8thSmash 'N' Splash 4DuckUnited States
AbsentPageUnited States
0 : 3United StatesWizzrobe
United StatesSwedish Delight
2018-03-17A11stSWEET XXXIDuckMarthUnited States
ColbolFoxUnited States
3 : 2
3 : 2
United StatesFoxKJH
United StatesMarthFoxZain
2018-03-11I39 - 12thEnthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2018DuckUnited States
KJHUnited States
1 : 2United StatesWizzrobe
United StatesPrince Abu
2018-02-10C13rdSWEET XXXDuckUnited States
2 : 3United StatesParzival
United StatesSheep
2018-01-21S1549 - 64thGENESIS 5DuckUnited States
0 : 2United StatesShinobi
United StatesDarkatma
2018-01-13A11stSWEET XXIXDuckSamusUnited States
KJHFoxUnited States
3 : 1United StatesSheikDrephen
United StatesJigglypuffcrip
2018-01-06A11stCorner Pressure VIIDuckUnited States
HeartstringsUnited States
3 : 2United StatesBeach
United StatesGinger
2017-12-17G17 - 8thThe Holiday Bash Smash InvitationalDuckUnited States
HugSUnited States
0 : 3Nicaraguan0ne
United StatesWestballz
2017-08-19B12ndBody City 2017DuckSamusUnited States
KJHFoxUnited States
1 : 3CanadaFoxRyan Ford
2017-07-30M313 - 16thGet On My Level 2017DuckUnited States
0 : 2United StatesNintendude
United StatesMafia
2017-06-11C13rdSaints Gaming LiveDuckSamusUnited States
Prince AbuJigglypuffUnited States
2 : 3NicaraguaCaptain Falconn0ne
United KingdomFoxProfessor Pro
2017-05-21E15 - 6thRunback 2017DuckUnited States
Silly KyleUnited States
2 : 3United StatesSFAT
United StatesTai
2017-05-06B12ndSWEET XXVIIIDuckSamusUnited States
Prince AbuJigglypuffUnited States
0 : 3SwedenFoxArmada
2017-04-09G17 - 8thSmash RivalriesDuckSamusUnited States
DruggedfoxFoxUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSheikSwedish Delight
United StatesMarthThe Moon
2017-04-02S1533 - 48thShuffle: Battle of the MidwestDuckUnited States
KJHUnited States
DQUnited Statesmudkyp
United StatesSignd0g
2017-03-25I39 - 12thFull Bloom 3DuckUnited States
Prince AbuUnited States
0 : 2United StatesS2J
United StatesShroomed
2017-03-18B12ndNo Man's LAN 12DuckSamusUnited States
KJHFoxUnited States
0 : 3CanadaFalcoTrulliam
CanadaFoxRyan Ford
2017-03-11B12ndBoss Rush: DuckDuckUnited States
ViolenceUnited States
2 : 3United StatesMedz
United StatesTai
All Results
vs. United States S2J
vs. United States Rishi
vs. United States Jakenshaken
vs. United States Swedish Delight
vs. United States Reesch
vs. United States S2J
vs. United States HugS
vs. United States Fiction
vs. United States Bananas
vs. United States FatGoku
vs. United States Kalvar
vs. United States BIGKID
vs. United States S2J
vs. United States AbsentPage
vs. United States S2J
vs. United States AbsentPage
vs. United States Prince Abu
vs. United States Unsure
vs. United States Hungrybox
vs. Nicaragua n0ne

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2018:

Rank 19 - Bananas
Rank 23 - HugS
Rank 24 - AbsentPage
Rank 25 - KJH
Rank 26 - Rishi
Rank 28 - Fiction
Rank 40 - Ginger
Rank 52 - moky
Rank 77 - Prince Abu
Rank 79 - Kalvar
Rank 83 - NMW
Rank 88 - Jakenshaken
Rank 96 - vortex
Rank 99 - Morsecode762

Project M[edit]

2012-10-07Q717 - 24thThe Big House 2LUnited StatesFrootLoop
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