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Team Information

Echo Fox is a North American professional eSports organization founded and owned by former NBA player Rick Fox. The organization was established in December of 2015, after Fox purchased and re-branded the League of Legends team Gravity Gaming for the reported sum of $1 million. On May 17, 2016, Echo Fox opened up its Smash division by signing Mew2King.


Melee Players[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate 2016 2017 2018
USA Mew2King Jason Zimmerman Sheik Marth Fox Peach Captain Falcon Jigglypuff A11st Clutch City Clash Shine 2016 A11st CEO Dreamland Canada Cup/2017 A11st Smash Summit/6

Smash 4 Players[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate JoinDate 2017 2018
Mexico MKLeo Leonardo Lopez Perez MarthWiiU Cloud Meta KnightWiiU BayonettaCorrin SheikWiiU 2017-01-04 A11st GENESIS 4 Umebura/Japan Major GameTyrant Expo/2017/Wii U IBP Masters Showdown 2GGC/Championship A11st GENESIS/5 EVO/2018/Japan SwitchFest Get On My Level/2018 CEO/2018 Super Smash Con/2018