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Team Information

Even Matchup Gaming (EMG) is a player-led video game organization operating out of Toronto, Canada. They host Super Smash Bros. tournaments, produce a weekly podcast, interview top-level players, post tournament videos, and do whatever they can to engage you, the viewer.

They have competitors in all renditions of the Smash Bros. series (64, Melee, Brawl, PM).


Main ID Name 2015 2016 2017
Chile Fox Weon-X Camilo Morales A59 - 12th Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo C133 - 48th Get On My Level 2017
Nicaragua Captain Falcon n0ne Edgard L. Sheleby A55 - 6th UGC Smash Open A57 - 8th Get On My Level 2017
Canada Falco SmashCentral Steven Leandro
Canada Samus ProZak Zach Cattapan
Canada Marth Blitz Ares Cochrane
Canada Sheik Toronto Joe Joe Cribari
Canada Jigglypuff Idea Kyle Charizanis
Canada Fox Sauc3 Kurtis Trainor B717 - 24th Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo C165 - 96th Get On My Level 2017
France Marth Leon Nassim Laib B717 - 24th HFLAN Melee Edition 2017
Canada Marth Nightmare Vikram Singh B725 - 32nd Don't Park on the Grass B725 - 32nd Full Bloom/3 Smash 'N' Splash/3


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date Leave Date New Team
Canada Coastward Adam Hermosa Ganondorf
Canada KirbyKaze David MacDonald Sheik 2015-03-01 Melee It On Me


ID Position
Canada TorontoJoe General Manager
Canada SmashCentral Staff Director
Canada ProZak Technical Director
Canada MasterDalK Director/Producer