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Falco kicks up his leg behind him. Amazing for keeping combos going. Not only does the move hit behind him, but it has a sizeable hitbox in front of him as well. Great for applying pressure to a shielding opponent if you land behind them after an aerial.

Falco spins in a circle, sweeping his leg. Does good damage, but has very high knockback growth, and KOs before Falco’s Usmash. Good for spacing, and if the opponent shield becomes low, can shield poke quite easily.

Falco sticks his leg out and pokes the opponent. Good for keeping the distant on opponents who are over reaching. Not a lot of ending lag, but avoid over using because it can be punished with a wavedash Out of shield. A common tactic is short hop laser into Ftilt. Does 5-9%


Falco does a backflip, launching the opponent into the air. Although it looks similar to Fox’s, Falco’s Usmash does not have the same place in his arsenal as it does in Fox’s. It is more used to continue combos, or even counter improper shield pressure with an Usmash out of shield. Since it has less knockback then Fox’s, it is much better at comboing all characters.

Falco stands on his tip toes, then does a split, shooting both of his legs out. Falco has invincibility during the initial part of this move, which makes it quite good for edge guarding. Deals a good amount of damage, and sends the opponent down and away from the stage, so if it connects near the edge, it can be devastating.

Falco swings his legs past his head dealing 17%. An incredibly good move. Used commonly in Falco’s Laser reset into Fsmash combo. Works well as an edge guarding tool, and great as a hard punish for tech reads. This move has surprisingly little ending lag, so if properly spaced, it's fairly safe on shield. This is most likely Falco’s best smash, being the best at killing with very high knockback and easy setups.


Falco strikes a classic martial arts pose with his foot sticking straight out. One of Falco’s amazing aerials, because it lasts for a long time, and deals good damage. It’s good at starting combos, and is commonly used when the opponent is shielding, and when L-canceled, leads into safe shield pressure in conjunction with the shine. Has decent killing power, but not great.

Falco does a backflip. Another move that looks similar to Fox’s Uair, but has less knockback. Good for comboing the opponent once shine launches them to far. Can be used to kill floatier characters, since it still has some decent knockback. It has two hits, the first being a weak hit, the second being the hit that launches (just like fox’s) and if you are skilled, the first hit can be used just before you hit the ground, as an aerial jab reset, at which point you can use your shine to launch the opponent back up.

Falco spins around in a circle, sending not only the opponent, but the opponent’s hopes and dreams down the drain. Every person should fear this move. It is incredibly powerful, deals a lot of damage, and if used while the opponent is offstage, can cause an early gimp. This move has a considerable amount of endlag, so if used while offstage, be warned, you may not come back. Despite this move’s downward trajectory, it is great at starting combos on the ground. A technique called pillaring is commonly used by Falco mains, and consists of Falco launching the person up with his shine, then hitting the person back down with his Dair. This can be used to deal a lot of damage. Comes out very fast, so use it often. When used with the shine, it is great at applying shield pressure. If it connects on a grounded opponent, watch for improper DI, because you can commonly hit with an Fsmash.

Falco’s spins in circle’s, kicking the opponent multiple times. Each hit doesn’t deal great damage, but if all connect, it can tack on quite a bit of percentage. The only aerial that Falco probably shouldn’t use, but considering some other low tier characters, it isn’t the terrible of an aerial. Can connect if the opponent DI’s your Uthrow to the front.

Falco does a mid-air split, but focusing his hit behind him. This move has an interesting property of hitting in front of and behind him, just like his Utilt. It has great kill power, and hits the opponent straight back. This is one of the most common ways you will kill an opponent in the air, because it is so easy to get the opponent into a position to use it. For example Shine into immediate back air, is a great kill move.


Falco fires a laser at the opponent. This laser travels forever, and does decent damage, but most importantly, it causes hitstun. This means it can steal jumps if they are offstage, or reset a downed opponent. Incredibly useful overall, but has a lot of ending lag. One way to get around this is to do a Short Hop Laser. Simply short hop, fire a laser, then fast fall to the ground. This cancels any of the ending lag, allowing you to act almost immediately. A short hop laser is good for keeping opponents from dash dancing, or advancing. A SHL can lead into a Dtilt, Ftilt, grab, shine, Dsmash, or even a Fsmash if it resets them. Short hop lasers are also good for covering space and pressuring your opponent.

Falco lights himself on fire, then shoots into the air. One of Falco’s recovery options, and occasionally one of his killing options. It doesn’t have the startup hitboxes Fox’s has, nor does it have the distance of Fox’s, but it can kill off the top if performed correctly. If performed offstage, be prepared to get swatted out of it. It can go many different directions, so mix up where you go. If performed above the stage and aimed at the ledge, it will snap to it and grab when close.

One of the most useful moves in Falco's arsenal, coming out in one frame and sending the opponent up, making it a useful move for setting up the opponent for any number of followups. Some of the more popular ones are dairs for pillaring/spiking, or bair for a kill. It can be jump cancelled starting frame 4, useful for acting quickly out of it. The jump cancel can also be useful for multishining, a widely used form of shield pressure.

Falco dashes forward at light speed. Falco’s other recovery option. Like Fox’s side b, except it doesn't go as far, starts moving faster and has is a meteor smash. This means that if an opponent attempts to edge guard you and mess up, they will be launched straight down. It can be shortened by pressing B at any point after you move forward before you slow down. This is a period of only a few frames, so it can be hard to get the timing down. Try to press B as soon as you hear the second sound effect of his side B.



Fairly good jab. Does enough to jab reset, but is not reliable later on, due to Smash DI. Like Fox, Falco can use jab into Usmash, but his isn’t as useful because it can’t kill like Fox can. However, don’t count it out, since jab to Usmash is useful for starting combos at high percent. Useful if you want to reset an enemy before they hit the ground to make a grab easier. It is also useful for a mixup in shield pressure. deals 2-4% damage.

The second punch of Falco's jab does 3-4% this time around, and might help you tack on some damage or set up into a combo. Useful to apply shield pressure and by holding down, you can jab cancel and avoid going into his rapid jab. Since you are holding down, it is easy to input a shine immediately afterwards. Because Falco steps forward after the second jab, if an opponent shield DI's towards you, you can move behind them. Ends a little bit faster than Jab 1.

This is Falco’s flurry kick, and is most commonly used if you have an opponent in a situation where they either can’t Smash DI, or Shield DI away from the hits (Pokémon Stadium Rock formation). Has a lot of ending lag, so use it sparingly


Falco has a fine grab game, although not as devastating as Fox's.

Forward Throw: Falco chucks the opponent forward like a baseball. Not a lot of knockback, but can knock the opponent down and easily lead to a tech chase, although the most common usage of his Fthrow is to throw a recovering opponent back offstage.

Down Throw: Falco throws the opponent to the ground, then blasts them with lasers. This throw works better on newer players, because it is hard to tech, but can still work if used as a surprise. If they miss the tech, it is easy to start a combo, but since they can DI the throw, make sure to see where they DI. If they go behind you, use an Utilt, if they go in front of you, use a dtilt, and if they don’t DI, use your shine.

Back throw: Falco slings the opponent into the air, and uses them as target practice. Less useful than his forward throw, but yields the same result. It is good at putting the opponent offstage for edgeguarding.

Up throw: Falco throws the opponent up and uses them as target practice. Again. Falco’s most useful throw for starting combos. It works best on fast fallers, but can work on floaties as well. This puts the opponent in a dangerous position, and can help you start to combo them, or at high percentages, just kill them. Uthrow into platform tech chase is a great option on most stages (Except Final Destination).


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