Fly Amanita

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[e][h]Ice Climbers Fly Amanita
Player Information
Jeremy Westfahl
Years Active:
2007 - 2016
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Ice Climbers
Project M
Current Mains:
King Dedede

Jeremy "Fly Amanita" Westfahl is an Ice Climbers player from Southern California. He is considered the best Ice Climbers players in the world after the retirement of Wobbles, and was formerly ranked 11th on the SoCal Power Rankings. He was also formerly a moderator of the /r/smashbros subreddit.[1]


Fly Amanita is known for his success with the Ice Climbers, notably finishing in the top 8 at EVO 2014. He also had a memorable loser's bracket run at Kings of Cali 3, where he defeated players such as Fiction, Silent Wolf (where Fly came back from a stock down with one Ice Climber to win the decisive game 3), Westballz, Axe, and Shroomed before falling to Mew2King in grand finals.

He is also known for not wobbling with the Ice Climbers, though he has started adding the wobble to his arsenal.



2016-07-17S1549 - 64thEVO 2016LUnited StatesSquid
2016-07-03D14thSuper Smash Sundays 47Ice Climbers1 : 3United StatesFoxMikeHaze
2016-05-15C13rdSuper Smash Sundays 44Ice Climbers1 : 3United StatesSamusHugS
2016-04-23E15 - 6thMayhem April 2016Ice Climbers0 : 2United StatesFoxLucky
2015-11-08I39 - 12thTipped Off 11Ice Climbers1 : 2United StatesMarthThe Moon
2015-10-04S1533 - 48thThe Big House 5Ice Climbers1 : 2United StatesFoxDJ Nintendo
2015-09-06Q717 - 24thParagon Los Angeles 20150 : 2United StatesHungrybox
2015-08-22G17 - 8thMayhem August 2015Ice Climbers2 : 3United StatesFoxLucky
2015-07-19Q717 - 24thEVO 2015Ice Climbers0 : 2GermanyFoxIce
2015-06-06E15 - 6thMayhem June 2015Ice Climbers0 : 3United StatesFoxWestballz
2015-05-10B12ndPress StartIce Climbers0 : 3
0 : 3
United StatesFoxMango$1,000
2015-04-12I39 - 12thI'm Not Yelling!Ice Climbers1 : 2United StatesPeachMacD
2015-04-04I39 - 12thMayhem April 20151 : 2United StatesConnor
2015-02-28C13rdMayhem February 2015Ice Climbers1 : 3United StatesFoxLucky$153
2015-02-01Q717 - 24thApex 2015Ice Climbers0 : 2United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox
2015-01-24C13rdMayhem January 2015Ice Climbers0 : 3United StatesFoxFiction$136
2014-12-13C13rdMayhem December 2014LUnited StatesMacD$51
2014-12-07E15 - 6thSuper Smash Sundays 29Ice Climbers1 : 2United StatesFoxLucky
2014-11-16E15 - 6thDo You Fox Wit It?Ice Climbers1 : 2United StatesFoxSFAT
2014-11-09E15 - 6thSuper Smash WeekendIce Climbers1 : 3United StatesFoxFiction
All Results
2014-09-14G17 - 8thSuper Smash Sundays 25Fly AmanitaUnited States
JaceUnited States
1 : 2United StatesLittle England
United StatesSherigami
2014-05-25G17 - 8thPat's House 2Fly AmanitaUnited States
Eddy MexicoMexico
0 : 2United StatesFiction
United StatesMacD
2014-03-16A11stSuper Smash Sundays 15Fly AmanitaUnited States
MacDUnited States
3 : 1United StatesSUNG475
United StatesOkamiBW
2013-12-29D14thSuper Smash Sundays 10Fly AmanitaUnited States
HypridUnited States
1 : 3United StatesLil Fumi
United StatesZen
2013-12-08E15 - 6thSuper Smash Sundays 9Fly AmanitaUnited States
KiraUnited States
0 : 2United StatesFiction
United StatesMacD
2013-11-17B12ndSuper Smash Sundays 8Fly AmanitaUnited States
DEHFUnited States
0 : 3United StatesFiction
United StatesMacD
2013-11-03E15 - 6thSuper Smash Sundays 7Fly AmanitaUnited States
Neighborhood PUnited States
0 : 2United StatesTheCrimsonBlur
United StatesConnor
2013-10-20I39 - 12thSuper Smash Sundays 6Fly AmanitaUnited States
Neighborhood PUnited States
1 : 2United StatesManatee
United StatesPeligro
2013-10-06B12ndSuper Smash Sundays 5Fly AmanitaUnited States
Neighborhood PUnited States
0 : 3United StatesMacD
United StatesWestballz
2013-09-22E15 - 6thSuper Smash Sundays 4Fly AmanitaUnited States
HugSUnited States
0 : 2United StatesTafokints
United StatesS2J
2013-09-08E15 - 6thSuper Smash Sundays 3Fly AmanitaUnited States
KhepriUnited States
1 : 3United StatesJ666
MexicoEddy Mexico
2013-08-11D14thSuper Smash Sundays 1Fly AmanitaUnited States
HypridUnited States
LUnited StatesWestballz
United StatesCool Kid
2013-04-14E15 - 6thKings of Cali 2Fly AmanitaUnited States
ShroomedUnited States
LUnited StatesMacD
United StatesWestballz
2012-11-10M313 - 16thKings of CaliFly AmanitaUnited States
ROFLUnited States
LUnited StatesConnor
United StatesStrong Bad
2012-10-07E15 - 6thThe Big House 2Fly AmanitaUnited States
NintendudeUnited States
LUnited StatesDoH
2012-07-29I39 - 12thRule 6: Norcal RegionalFly AmanitaUnited States
ZhuUnited States
LUnited StatesMango
United StatesLucky
2012-03-10B12ndDouble Back-Flip Mega EXPLOSION!Fly AmanitaUnited States
WestballzUnited States
LUnited StatesS2J
United StatesTonkatsu
2012-03-04B12ndCodenamed:EpicFly AmanitaUnited States
Baka4moeUnited States
LMexicoBimbo Mexico
MexicoEddy Mexico
2011-04-23B12ndG-Rev XIIIFly AmanitaUnited States
LovageUnited States
LUnited StatesZhu
United StatesMacD
2011-01-08B12ndG-Rev XIIFly AmanitaUnited States
MacDUnited States
LUnited StatesBizzarro Flame
United StatesLucky
All Results
vs. United States MikeHaze  /
vs. United States ARMY  /
vs. United States Lucky  /
vs. United States MikeHaze  /
vs. United States HugS  /
vs. United States Captain Faceroll  /
vs. United States Kira  /
vs. United States Westballz  /
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Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in SSBMRank 2015:

Rank 40 - MikeHaze
Rank 60 - Kira
Rank 72 - CDK
Rank 95 - OkamiBW

Project M[edit]

2014-01-19E15 - 6thApex 2014King Dedede0 : 2United StatesSnakeRolex$103
2013-07-28B12ndLow Tier CityKing Dedede0 : 3United StatesWarioTheReflexWonder$240
2012-10-07E15 - 6thThe Big House 2LUnited StatesNintendude
2016-04-16S1533 - 48thSuperNovaFlyUnited States
MarUnited States
0 : 2United StatesEli
United StatesNarq
2015-08-16S1533 - 48thBlacklistedFly
LUnited StatesSteel Kangaroo
United StatesBlanky
2013-07-28D14thLow Tier CityFly AmanitaZero Suit SamusUnited States
Oro?!King DededeSheikUnited States
1 : 3United StatesWarioTheReflexWonder
United StatesDonkey KongMarioStrong Bad
vs. United States Rolex  /
vs. United States Larry Lurr  /
vs. United States Vist  /
vs. United States TheReflexWonder  /
vs. United States Strong Bad  /
vs. United States Sethlon  /
vs. United States Awestin  /


  • His tag comes from the mushroom Amanita muscaria, which is also known as Fly amanita.[2]
  • He refuses to go to any tournament that bans wobbling, which has caused him to miss out on tournaments such as The Big House 4. Even though he doesn't wobble, he'd "rather not nerf [the Ice Climbers] in a strange effort to make the game more interesting".[3]