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[e][h] Ganondorf
Character Information
E (14)
Source Universe:
(Legend of Zelda)
16 Frames
23rd of 26
21st of 26
28 Frames
28 Frames
23rd of 26
22nd of 26
5th-6th of 26
21st-22nd of 26
22nd of 26
10th of 26

Ganondorf is a clone of Captain Falcon, appearing here in his human form from The Legend of Zelda.

How to Unlock[edit]

  • Play 600 VS. Matches
  • Complete Event 29: Triforce Gathering


Ganondorf is a slower, more powerful clone of Captain falcon, with the most powerful fully-charged Up Smash in the game. His Up and Down Throws are excellent combo-starters and effective chain throws. His Warlock punch is one of the strongest attacks in the game, and will almost always KO if it connects.

His Down Aerial is the strongest Aerial and Meteor Smash in the game, granting it the ability to kill at very low percentages. His other attacks are also all reliably powerful, however, with all of his attacks besides his throws having KO power. His Aerials all reliably KO under 150% and can combo well, giving Ganondorf a very good aerial game. He is considered the most powerful character in the game, Bowser being the only other character that is comparable in terms of raw strength.

Ganondorf's power is offset by his lack of speed. His aerial attacks have very long landing lag, making L-cancelling an essential tech skill for Ganondorf players. He also suffers from a lack of mobility and a short wavedash. However, he can moonwalk, and his platform dashing game enhances his lackluster mobility and increases his offensive options. Because he is a clone of Captain Falcon, he has one of the fastest and farthest rolls in the game. His horizontal recovery is also greatly helped by the face that his Wizard's Foot allows him to regain his midair jump. However, this recovery is also very predictable, leading to a vulnerability to edgeguarding and edgehogging. Ganondorf is a very good edgeguarder as well, with various effective edgeguarding options.

Ganondorf's lack of a projectile and slow movement speed make him susceptible to projectile camping, and is very easy to combo and chain grab due to his large size, fast falling speed, and his weight.



Notable Players[edit]