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[e][h]Fox Hax
Player Information
Aziz Al-Yami
(1994-05-07) May 7, 1994 (age 28)
Years Active:
2008 - 2021
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Former Mains:
Captain Falcon
2013-07-03 — 2014-01-??
2014-01-17 — 2015-05-18
2017-07-28 — 2017-07-30
2019-01-29 — 2021-01-27

Aziz "Hax" Al-Yami (born May 7, 1994) is a Fox player from New York. He was ranked 19th in MPGR 2019.


Hax is a player based in Manhattan. He started performing well at a very young age, reaching Top 8 at GENESIS when he was only 15 years old. These high placing finishes continued at multiple major tournaments across the country, including Top 8 finishes at Pound V, Apex 2012, and Apex 2013.

He was considered the best Captain Falcon player in the world after defeating Darkrain at MELEE-FC10R Legacy in 2012. After finishing 5th at The Big House 3, Hax decided that Captain Falcon was limiting him as a player, and switched to Fox. This transition led to some below average results, including a 17th place finish at Apex 2014. However, his improvement as a Fox player proved to be quite rapid, and on May 4, 2014, Hax successfully won a set against Mango in the Grand Finals of WHOBO MLG, although he was unable to repeat the feat in the second set. Similarly, Hax reset the bracket against Mew2King in the Grand Finals of Zenith 2014, but faltered in the second set. Hax's status as one of the premier Fox mains in America was cemented by his performance in the 2015 California tournament Do You Fox Wit It?. In addition to his first place finish at this event, Hax boasted an impressive 5-0 record in the Fox Round Robin exhibition, defeating other prominent players including SFAT, Lucky, and Silent Wolf.

On July 3, 2013, he was sponsored by CLASH Tournaments.[1] On January 17, 2014, he joined VGBootCamp.[2] It is unknown when his sponsorship with CLASH Tournaments ended.

On January 1, 2015, Hax announced that he would be taking an indefinite hiatus from Smash as a result of a hand injury.[3] He made his return to Smash after recovering from his hand surgery at Super Nebulous 3, where he took 4th. However, Hax has also struggled with severe insomnia since March 2014, which has impacted both his performance in and ability to enter tournaments.[4] As a result, his hiatus from the competitive scene will continue until this issue has been resolved. During this period, his sponsorship with VGBootCamp lapsed.[citation needed]

Hax has since been working to introduce and legalize Hitbox-style controllers to mitigate his hand problems.[5]

He was sponsored by Even Matchup Gaming for the duration of Get On My Level 2017.[6] Hax joined Even Matchup Gaming officially on January 29, 2019.[7] He parted ways with Even Matchup Gaming on January 27, 2021.[8]


On June 4, 2021, Hax released 2.5 hour video titled "Evidence.zip 2", claiming that Leffen was a threat to the Melee community.[9][10] An accompanying 136 page manifesto was also released.[11][12] Public reception was mixed. Many individuals in the associated Reddit threads found the examples used to be outlandish, and voiced concern for Hax's mental health due to the radical nature of the text.[9][10] Leffen subsequently issued a statement stating that the allegations were baseless, and that he now feared for his safety at events following the release of the video and manifesto.[13] PracticalTAS summarized the contents of manifesto and concluded that the majority of claims in the document were unresaonble.[14]

On June 9, 2021, Hax was banned by Beyond The Summit from attending Smash Summit 11 in any capacity.[15][16]

On June 11, 2021, Hax privated the original video and released an edited version to address "presentational flaws".[17][18][19] Links to the manifesto were also removed at this time.[citation needed]

On June 18, 2021, Hax released a twitlonger further explaining his intentions.[20] His claims once again included that the media had "covered up the truth" and various documentaries about Leffen contained "revisionist history". Other points from the video were also reiterated.

On June 21, 2021, iBDW accused Hax of telling others about iBDW's history of being sexually abused. Furthermore, in the Discord screenshots provided by iBDW, Hax states that iBDW "faked that story".[21] Hax initially replied by doubling down on the claim that iBDW's story was fake. However, this tweet was quickly deleted.[22] Hax then responded by saying that iBDW's tweet was "highly deceptive".[23]

On June 23, 2021, Hax announced that he was "going to take some time off".[24]

On June 24, 2021, Hax was indefinitely banned from events hosted by over 20 tournament organizers.[25][26][27]



2021-04-16D14th East Coast Fridays 157Fox1 : 3United StatesFalcoGinger
2021-04-11Z1L Summit Champions League - Season 2 Week 1 - Division 2Fox1 : 3CanadaFoxSoonsay
2021-03-21E15 - 6th Galint Melee Open: Spring EditionFox1 : 3United StatesFalcoGinger$159
2021-03-07S3165 - 96th Four Loko Fight NightFox0 : 2CanadaFalcoNeologism
2021-01-31B12nd Gucci Gang OnlineFox2 : 3United StatesFalcobobby big ballz
2021-01-23A11st The Velvetational 1Fox0 : 3
3 : 0
United StatesFoxFatGoku
2021-01-16B12nd Frame Perfect Series 4: ONLINEFox1 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
2021-01-10C13rd Galint Melee OpenFox2 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT$89
2020-12-20Q717 - 24th Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3Fox1 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
2020-12-17A11st 5 Days of Melee: LACS 3 East Coast QualifierFox3 : 0United StatesSamusTheSWOOPER
2020-10-30Q717 - 24th Rollback Rumble: SCL Q4DQUnited StatesChem
2020-02-29A11stGucci Gang: Leap Year EditionDQUnited Statesbobby big ballz$432
2020-02-16G17 - 8thSmash Summit 9Fox1 : 3United StatesFoxiBDW$2,774
2020-01-26D14thGENESIS 7Fox2 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox$978
2020-01-22A11stHax's Nightclub - Season 1 Episode 4Fox3 : 1
3 : 0
United StatesCaptain FalconCaptain Smuckers$307
2020-01-18A11stGIGA HoG: Era 2Fox3 : 0United StatesPeachRyobeat
2020-01-04D14thScorpius 2020Fox0 : 3United StatesJigglypuff2saint
2019-12-21A11stGarden State SmashdownFox3 : 1United StatesPeachRyobeat$292
2019-12-08C13rdMango's Birthday BashFox2 : 3United StatesJigglypuffHungrybox$853
2019-11-16A11stSmash Hall: Melee at the BiergartenFox3 : 0United StatesSheikJflex$405
All Results
2019-12-08E15 - 6thMango's Birthday BashHax$FoxUnited States
Swedish DelightSheikUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSheikShroomed
United StatesCaptain FalconS2J
2019-09-08A11stDreamHack Montreal 2019Hax$United States
3 : 1CanadaRyan Ford
CanadaDamian Tyson
2019-08-25E15 - 6thShine 2019Hax$FoxUnited States
0 : 3United StatesSheikCaptain Faceroll
United StatesFoxArkouda
2019-07-21A11stParadigm ShiftHax$FoxUnited States
MichaelJigglypuffUnited States
1 : 3
3 : 2
United StatesSheikCaptain Faceroll
United StatesFoxZamu
2019-06-09G17 - 8thOmega IIIHax$United States
JflexUnited States
1 : 3United StatesRose-Colored Boy
United StatesSypherPhoenix
2019-05-25A11stMajor FlavorHax$United States
JflexUnited States
3 : 0
3 : 2
United StatesSlox
United Stateslintgod
2019-03-31B12ndBattle of BC 3Hax$FoxUnited States
2 : 3United StatesFoxSFAT
United StatesMarthZain
2019-03-09R725 - 32ndThe Gang Steals the ScriptHax$United States
AbsentPageUnited States
DQUnited Statesphazil
United StatesShortCircuit
2019-03-02A11stHouse of Paign 20Hax$United States
AbsentPageUnited States
3 : 2United StatesCaptain Faceroll
United StatesZamu
2019-02-17A11stThe Script - Episode 2Hax$United States
AbsentPageUnited States
1 : 3
3 : 2
United StatesiBDW
United StatesG$
2019-01-26D14thGIGA HOG: EraHax$United States
lintgodUnited States
2 : 3United StatesGHETTOWARMACHINE420
United StatesSes
2018-12-01D14thFireside Open 2018Hax$United States
TheSWOOPERUnited States
1 : 3United StatesTurtle
United StatesAtomsk
2018-11-18A11stDreamHack Atlanta 2018Hax$United States
2saintUnited States
2 : 1United Stateshat
United StatesChuDat
2018-11-11I39 - 12thThe Mango: HomecomingHaxUnited States
BladewiseUnited States
1 : 2United StatesNut
United StatesVavez
2018-10-20B12ndSuper AON 2018Hax$FoxUnited States
maybPeachUnited States
1 : 3SpainSheikOvertriforce
2018-10-14B12ndThe Script - Episode 1: "Race To The Finish"HaxUnited States
La LunaUnited States
2 : 3United StatesWizzrobe
United StatesGahtzu
2018-07-22G17 - 8thNebulous, Pioneers Edition #2Hax$United States
JisuUnited States
1 : 2Alan
United StatesGambit
2018-07-21D14thShort HopsHax$United States
Kevin MaplesUnited States
0 : 3United StatesVist
United StatesPolish
2018-02-17S1533 - 48thSmash Valley VIIHaxUnited States
MilhousUnited States
DQUnited StatesMurkyWaters
United Statesnevets
2017-11-25B12ndRISEHax$United States
SloxUnited States
2 : 3CanadaRyan Ford
United StatesSwedish Delight
All Results
vs. United States Ginger  /
vs. United States Ben  /
vs. United States Gahtzu  /
vs. United States Hungrybox  /
vs. United States Lucky  /
vs. Canada Soonsay  /
vs. United States Ginger  /
vs. United States 2saint  /
vs. United States KoDoRiN  /
vs. United States Iceman  /
vs. Canada Zuppy  /
vs. Canada moky  /
vs. United States bobby big ballz  /
vs. United States SFAT  /
vs. United States Aklo  /
vs. United States Gahtzu  /
vs. United States Hungrybox  /
vs. United States SFAT  /
vs. United States Gahtzu  /
vs. United States SFAT  /

Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in MPGR 2019:

Rank 1 - Hungrybox
Rank 2 - Leffen
Rank 8 - Plup
Rank 13 - SFAT
Rank 15 - n0ne
Rank 18 - Swedish Delight
Rank 22 - Spark
Rank 24 - PewPewU
Rank 25 - lloD
Rank 30 - Shroomed
Rank 31 - Westballz
Rank 36 - Gahtzu
Rank 39 - FatGoku
Rank 40 - Rishi
Rank 49 - Drephen
Rank 56 - slox
Rank 57 - Kalamazhu
Rank 60 - Aura
Rank 73 - Ryobeat
Rank 80 - bobby big ballz
Rank 89 - Pricent
Rank 98 - Soonsay
Rank 99 - TheSWOOPER






  • In 2013, Hax joked about the future of Melee where players had become so good that the only viable character would be Fox. Matches would be decided through a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine port priority. This joke spawned the "20XX" meme, which is ubiquitous in the community.


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