Help:Citing Sources

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There are two parts of citing a source: there's creating the citations, and there's the listing of them at the bottom of the page.

Citing a source[edit]

When you cite a source you use the HTML-tag <ref>. You use it in the text you are citing like this:

<ref>[ WP:Citing sources]</ref>

This code when used will look like this: [1]

The number it gets will be counted from the start of the article and is done automatically.

Citing a single source multiple times[edit]

If you want to use the same source for multiple citations you give the first <ref> a "name" by writing it like:

<ref name="WP:SC">[ WP:Citing sources]</ref>

Where WP:SC is the name we've given to the citation. The next time you want to use the source you only have to write:

<ref name="WP:SC" />

(Note the / before the closing >, that's vital.)

Citing content from[edit]

If you are using content from cite it like this:


Make sure to replace SOURCE_PAGE_NAME with the name of the page on ssbwiki that the content is taken from.

Listing citations[edit]

To list the citations at the bottom of the page create a section called ==References== and add {{Reflist}} on the line below it.


it will look like this.