How to: Historical Templates

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  1. Gather your images (big and small), name them according to normal conventions, but provide some sequence i.e. G2 Esports1logo_std.png, G2 Esports2logo_std.png
  2. Special:CreateTeams
    1. Move the existing template to the correct sub-template name i.e. g2 esports to g2 esports1 using the tool at the bottom of the page.
    2. Now we have to create the other version(s). We do this by creating teams like we normally would, except now with the right logo and by using "Template team name" to have the template go to the right place. For example, we will enter G2 Esports as our normal Team name, but will input g2 esports2 as our Template team name.
  3. Create the historical template. First off is the intended master template name (so g2 esports). Then, for Subtemplate name, enter the template with the most recent logo (g2 esports2). Template switch time is when the team switched logo's and now for the next Subtemplate name enter the template with the logo that was switched from (g2 esports1). Use the +team button in case the team switched logo's more than once.
  4. Special:WhatLinksHere
    1. Search for Template:TeamIcon/[MASTER TEMPLATE] usage on Transfers pages - update these usages to the correct subtemplate
    2. Repeat 4.1. but search for Template:Team/[MASTER TEMPLATE] usage on Team pages
  5. Update the team's page with {{TeamCardImage}}s and a ==Gallery== that showcases previous logo version, as seen here.