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Nash "Hawnty" Hawnt

Justice Esports is an Australian team with active players in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.


Justice Esports at its core is a professional esports organisation with a vision to be both a highly successful business and a vocal advocate of the right for gamers to play without fear of persecution or abuse in what can, at times, be an extremely “toxic” ecosphere. Justice is committed to providing a safe and inclusive multi-platform environment that promotes positive behaviors and interactions within its community. The company will establish and maintain a number of professional esports teams, initially focusing on the games Rocket League, Pokémon, Fortnite and Super Smash Brothers, with a view to expanding the esports portfolio to include other popular games such as (potentially) Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to ensure greater market penetration across the spectrum of competitive esports. The Company will also actively engage in an outreach program in Australia with both Public Sector and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) with a view to providing disadvantaged and disabled children with positive experiences that might otherwise be unavailable to them.


  • June 29 - The creation of Justice Esports is announced, as well as the signing of Luco.[1]
  • June 30 - Justice Esports signs Joe to the Wii U roster.[2]
  • July 1 - Justice Esports announces their coach for the Smash 4 roster, MM.[3]
  • October 11 - Joe, Luco and MM leave the organisation. [4]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date Leave Date
Australia Luco Mungo Jack Lennon LucasWiiU NessWiiU 2018-06-29 2018-10-11[4]
Australia Joe Joseph McCormick ZSSWiiU Bayonetta 2018-06-30 2018-10-11[4]
Australia MM Ricky Glanville Palutena 2018-07-01 2018-10-11[4]