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Julius "King Funk" Vissing
Team Captain:
Julius "King Funk" Vissing

Karnage eSports is a Nordic based organisation, first formed in late 2004 as a Counter Strike 1.6 team. In 2005 Karnage took it's first step in the eSports scene with the recruitment of a top UK Call of Duty 2 team. Since then, Karnage has evolved from a community focused organisation to a stepping stone for all competitive UK eSports teams, with players moving onto professional organisations such as TCM Gaming, Team Dignitas and 4Kings.

In October 2011, Karnage recruited it's first UK based Starcraft 2 players. Having achieved numerous top 10 placements at the UK LAN event, Insomnia Gaming Festival, the organisation decided to move to the Nordic scene in May 2013. In July 2014, Karnage formed their Smash Melee team. However, their Smash team disbanded just a few months later, sometime prior to December 19, 2014.[1]



  • July 31 - Karnage announces Smash Melee team with the signings of Android, Tomber, Thomas, Peki & King Funk.[2]
  • Unknown date prior to December 19 - Karnage's Smash division disbands due to financial issues.[1][3]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Main Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden Android Andreas Lindgren Sheik 2014-07-31[2] 2014-??-??[1]
Denmark Tomber Frederik Bruun Ice Climbers 2014-07-31[2] 2014-??-??[1]
Norway Thomas Thomas Karlsen Jigglypuff 2014-07-31[2] 2014-??-??[1]
Finland peki Joonas Kellokumpu Fox 2014-07-31[2] 2014-??-??[1]
Denmark King Funk Julius Vissing Falco 2014-07-31[2] 2014-??-??[1]


Name Position
United Kingdom David "Davesan" Brooks Managing Director
Sweden Rasmus "iNs8T" Sandström CEO
Germany Christian "Windfall" Otto Esports Director
Germany Marc "Vitamin" Stiebe Starcraft 2 Manager
Denmark Julius "King Funk" Vissing Fighting Games Manager



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