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[e][h]Marth Ken
Player Information
Ken Hoang
October 10, 1985 (1985-10-10) (age 32)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
The King of Smash
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Marth Marth
Fox Fox, Captain Falcon Captain Falcon
MELEE-FC1 MLG Chicago 2004 2004 MLG New York 2005 MLG DC 2005 MLG San Francisco MELEE-FC3 2005 MLG Atlanta 2005 MLG Chicago 2005 MLG New York 2006 MLG Dallas 2006 MLG Anaheim 2006 MLG Chicago Evo 2007
2014-03-18 — Present

Ken "SephirothKen" Hoang is a Vietnamese American professional Melee player who credits the game for financing him through college.

Ken is the 2004-2005 national champion of Major League Gaming, the 2007 international champion of EVO World Finals,[1][2] and was the highest ranked Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the United States. He was also the world champion for several years, having defeated reputable players from around the globe, including top Japanese players in the summer of 2005 and 2006.[3]

Ken possesses the highest major tournament win-to-loss ratio of any Super Smash Brothers Melee player from 2003 to 2007.[4] His three years of dominance earned him the nickname "The King of Smash".[5] His main is Marth, and his secondary is Fox. He received minor television coverage in MTV's True Life: I'm a Professional Gamer and minor coverage in the fall of 2006 on the USA Network's broadcast of Halo 2 on the MLG Pro Circuit.[6] In Fall of 2008, Ken was a contestant on Season 17 of CBS's reality television series Survivor, taking place in Gabon, Africa.

He was ranked 87th on SSBM Rank 2016.


Ken started playing Super Smash Bros. when it was released for the Nintendo 64, but never competed in a major tournament for the game. When Melee was released, Ken initially did not enjoy it, but the game grew on him after a period of a few months. By the time he attended his first tournament, he had already built up a reputation in his town as the best Smash player. This tournament differed from most later Melee tournaments in that matches were free-for-all matches between four players rather than a 1 vs 1 match. The other players teamed up against Ken to eliminate him.[7]

In 2003, Ken competed in his first major tournament, part of the Tournament Go (TG) series, one of the first major Melee tournament series. In this, the fourth installment of the tournament series, Ken won the singles (1 vs 1) tournament and lost in the doubles (2 vs 2) tournament to the winners of the first two TG tournaments.[7][8]

Seven months later, in August 2003, Ken attended and won TG5. This was the first tournament where he partnered with Joel "Isai" Alvarado for doubles. Their victory in the doubles tournament started a two-and-a-half year winning streak. They won every doubles tournament they entered until MLG Chicago in July 2006, where they were defeated by Azen and Chillin in the finals and received second place. However, they reclaimed their title later that year in August at MLG Orlando where they defeated Azen and Chillin 6-3 in the finals.[9]

For the next two years, Ken continued to win nearly every competition he entered. The worst loss he garnered in the prime of his competitive career was in August 2004 at TG6 where he placed 9th out of approximately 128 competitors.

During his retirement, he was regarded as one of the top players long after his departure from the tournament scene.[1] In September 2006, Ken was nominated in "The Dangerous Five" as one of "The World's Most Dangerous Gamers" by Electronic Gaming Monthly, in which he was called "The Duper" for his fast, smart, and aggressive play.[10]

Ken returned to the game in 2012 after a five year hiatus and placed 33rd in Kings of Cali. He proceeded to attend several additional tournaments, including EVO 2013, where he placed 49th out of 696 participates, the largest Smash tournament in history at that time based on entrants.

On March 18, 2014, Team Liquid announced that Ken and KoreanDJ would be joining Liquid's new Super Smash Bros team.[11]

At 2014 MLG Anaheim, his first major tournament appearance since joining Team Liquid, Ken placed 21-24th after losing 1-2 to Lucky one round before reaching the championship bracket. At EVO 2014, he advanced in first from his group to advance to the Quarterfinals Brackets. He ended up placing 33-48th after being defeated by PPMD and Fiction.

Ken continued to compete and place fairly consistently throughout 2015, however his breakout performance was EVO 2015, where he notably defeated Westballz 2-0 to qualify for the Top 32 bracket in winners and ended up placing 13th, losing to Plup and Ice.

Recent Major Results[edit]

2018-01-21S3165 - 96thGENESIS 51 : 2USA2saint
2017-07-16S1549 - 64thEVO 2017LGermanyIce
2017-04-30R725 - 32ndDreamHack Austin 20171 : 3USAChillindude
2017-01-22S3197 - 128thGENESIS 41 : 2USACIZ
2016-05-08Q717 - 24thDreamHack Austin 20160 : 2USAThe Moon
2016-01-17S1533 - 48thGENESIS 31 : 3MexicoEddy Mexico
2015-09-19Q717 - 24thHTC ThrowdownMarth0 : 2USASheikShroomed
2015-09-06S1533 - 48thParagon Los Angeles 20151 : 2USAHungrybox
2015-07-19M313 - 16thEVO 2015Marth0 : 2GermanyFoxIce
2015-06-28S1533 - 48thCEO 2015Marth0 : 2USACaptain FalconGravy
2015-05-10R725 - 32ndPress Start0 : 3USAHax
2015-04-19Q717 - 24thSandstorm0 : 2USAMedz
2015-02-01S3181 - 112ndApex 2015LUSADoH
2014-07-13S1533 - 48thEVO 2014LUSAFiction
2014-07-06M313 - 16thKings of Cali 41 : 3USAMikeHaze
2014-06-22R321 - 24thMLG Anaheim 2014Marth1 : 2USAFoxLucky
2014-06-01R725 - 32ndSKTAR 3LUSADarc
2014-05-25Q717 - 24thPat's House 22 : 3USAS2J
2013-07-13S1549 - 64thEVO 2013LUSALarry Lurr
2012-11-10S1533 - 48thKings of CaliMarth0 : 2USAMarthTai
All Results
Date Place Event Partner Result Prize
2016-01-17 B717 - 24th GENESIS 3 KenUSA
L USAPrince Abu
2015-09-19 A55 - 6th HTC Throwdown KenUSA
0 : 2 USAMango
2014-06-29 A57 - 8th CEO 2014 KenUSA
0 : 2 ChileZeRo
2014-06-01 A59 - 12th SKTAR 3 KenUSA
All Results

Melee Rankings[edit]


Ranking Series Rank
SSBMRank 2016 87
SSBMRank 2015 52
SSBMRank 2014 58
SSBMRank 2013 100


Ranking Series Rank
RetroSSBMRank 2007 2
RetroSSBMRank 2006 1
RetroSSBMRank 2005 1
RetroSSBMRank 2004 1

SoCal Power Rankings[edit]

Ranking Series Rank
October 2, 2016 18
April 18, 2016 16
November 29, 2015 9
May 13, 2015 16
Sep 1, 2014 10









Melee Matches[edit]


  • Was a Grandmaster level Protoss player[12] and visited for StarCraft before joining Team Liquid.
  • Was one of the top finishers on Survivor: Gabon.



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