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This article serves as a style guide for Wiki articles concerning Smash games. When writing in and editing the Wiki, please conform to these guidelines, as that will help us keep this resource clean and tidy.


Upper and lower case[edit]

  • Displayed character names are upper cased, and should be written out fully whenever possible;
    • Ice Climbers, not ice climbers
    • Wii Fit Trainer not Wii fit
  • Casing for player tags should match the casing provided by the player;
    • dizzkidboogie, not DizzKidBoogie
    • MacD, not Macd
  • Japanese player tags should be romanized where possible. Romanized tags shall be capitalized unless the player uses an English tag to begin with;
    • Kikoushi, not 貴公子
    • aMSa, not Amsa
    • gyaki, not Gyaki
  • Esports should be spelled with lower case s (as esports, not eSports) unless it is part of a name (team name, brand name, tournament name etc.)


  • If possible, bold the first instance of the page's title within the text. This may be unnecessary for longer titles.


  • Basic punctuation rules apply.
  • Try to avoid use of excessive exclamation marks (!!) or question marks (??)
  • When using a hyphen to introduce a list of one item, or to change a thought mid-sentence, use a space before and after that hyphen:
    • Here is a thought - I want to say something on a small tangent.
  • When beginning a new sentence, use only a single space after a full stop (period).
    • This is the first sentence. This is the second sentence.

Punctuation in Lists[edit]

Lists with individual items only do not have periods, if there are complete sentences, all items in the list have periods at the end.

  • Individual
  • Item
  • List

A list with sentences:

  • This list has sentences.
  • Each sentence has a period.

Note that if a list has both items and sentences (e.g. Build Orders), full sentences receive a period, all the others may be left without.

Naming Conventions[edit]


  • Game titles shall be italicized in all forms.
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee, or Melee
  • Where possible, shortened forms should be used for game titles. The following names are preferred:
    • 64, not Super Smash Bros.
    • Melee, not Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Brawl, not Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Project M
    • Wii U, not Super Smash Bros. for Wii U or Smash 4
  • Full game titles may be used for variety in order to make paragraphs less repetitive. If the full game title is used, the period after "Bros" is to be included
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee, not Super Smash Bros Melee


  • Spelling for stage names should match the name given on the Stage Select screen. If regional differences exist, the NTSC or NTSC-U name shall be used.
    • Pokémon Stadium, not Pokemon Stadium
    • Dream Land, not Dreamland
    • Dream Land (64), not Dream Land for Wii U.
  • If naming changes between games, use the spelling for the game being played.
    • Congo Jungle, not Kongo Jungle for Melee.
    • Kongo Jungle, not Congo Jungle for 64.


  • When referencing professional gamers, use their most common nickname.
  • Team tags should generally not be included due to the issues that arise if a player moves teams or changes their tag. An example, with COG disbanding, all IDs with COG in the name would be out of date.


  • When referencing professional teams you may use abbreviations. If referring to the team multiple times in the same piece, try and alternate the names so that it does not become monotonous.
    • COGnitive Gaming, COG.
  • In info boxes and titles, please use the complete name of the team.
    • COGnitive Gaming or VGBootCamp


  • For general references, add a section at the bottom of the article at the == heading level.
  • It's VODs. The following are all wrong: vods, VOD's, VODS.