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When starting out with the wiki for the first time, you'll probably have a few questions. We have collected some common ones here! If your question is not covered, be sure to ask us in the Discord server.


How do you communicate?[edit]

We use a Discord server!

How do I get started?[edit]

While wikicode (the text you see on the site) may look complicated at first, it doesn't take long to become familiar. Key is that you start editing, you learn by doing. The easiest way to start is by creating whatever page you want, e.g. for a player (or even yourself, as long as it's in your user space in that case). Simply grab another similiar page and edit the values. On the main page we have pages that need improvement listed in the Want to Help section. If you are not in the Discord already, join it! You can also find a TODO list in the Discord header or in the pinned messages.

What are templates?[edit]

Templates are a way to easily reuse wikicode on various pages. For example, if you want to display Thanks FAQ bot! on multiple pages, you could stick that in a template called FaqBot and then call it on multiple pages using {{FaqBot}}, which would cause it to display Thanks FAQ bot!. Of course, there are much more complicated uses, for which we'll direct you to the following link:

And for when you're feeling adventurous:

Where do player results come from?[edit]

Player results are automatically generated from the wiki's database. You don't need to manually add results to each player page.

In order for a placement at a tournament to be saved to the database, you need to make a tournament page complete with brackets on subpages. Look at the Tournament Tutorial for more details

These brackets do not save placement data. Use these for winners brackets.

These brackets save placement data. Use these for losers brackets (and top 4).

What are team templates and how do I make them?[edit]

Team templates are used to easily link team icons and team names in tournament and other pages, for instance in brackets. Example: Template:Team/cloud9

We have a good guide here and you can create them here.

What images are needed for teams? Is there a naming scheme?[edit]

For every team, we need a big and small logo. The big logo should be as big as possible (within reason) and can be any dimension, the small logo should be 120x50. They both need to be transparent. The big logo should be named TeamName.png while the small logo should be named TeamNamelogo_std.png. Be sure to give appropiate credit (see the next question).

Can I upload any image, even copyrighted ones?[edit]

We can use anything that falls under fair use under that license, e.g. team logos. You do this by providing the following description: {{FileInfo |license=fairuselogo }} You must gain permission from photographers or photo owners when uploading actual photos. We have a copyright repository that shows individuals and organizations who have granted us permission to use their images:

Copyright repository over on the Commons wiki

These work the same way as the fair use license, simply fill them out and put them in the description. If the copyright repository does not contain the respective license, we need to request it. DM or get into contact with the copyright holder in whatever way you want, and request them whether Liquipedia can use the image. If they are okay with it, please ping one of the Liquipedia staff about it, so that it can be added to the repository.


What is a concept?[edit]

We have a lot of data on our wiki: player names, earnings, match scores, etc. We use two tools to store this kind of data in a database: Semantic Mediawiki (SMW) and the Liquipedia Database (LPDB).

The main difference between the two database types is that SMW is more flexible. LPDB has a limited scope, but is orders of magnitude faster.

For example, go to Mango's player page, click edit and now click preview. Scroll all the way to the bottom. You'll see a number of "properties" being set, e.g. has name: Joseph Marquez. Since this property is now set, we can then ask (aka query) the wiki for this info later: [[Has name::Joseph Marquez]] which will return his page. With this in mind, we can look at concepts. Doing these queries every single time someone visits a page is intensive for the servers, so a concept allows us to ask a wiki for results, and then save those results so that we don't have to ask every single time. For example, the Mango tournament results concept does a one-time search for tournament results from Mango, and then saves the list of tournaments returned so that we don't have to do that every time. Note that because this search is executed once, concepts that need to be kept up to date need to be purged every now and then.

Concepts are not needed for LPDB.

How do I add tournament icons?[edit]

To add an icon to tournaments in the list of tournaments, we need to create a certain template, the LeagueIconSmall template. The name of this template needs to be the lowercase version of the series name of the tournament.

For example, the series name for the Evolution Championship Series is EVO, so we create the following template (note the capitalisation): Template:LeagueIconSmall/evo

The easiest way to create these is to simply copy an existing one and then replace the image and wiki links. Note that when you've created it, you either need to wait for the automatic refresh of the list (happens a couple times a day) or you can manually fill it in here: Liquipedia:Tournaments

I got promoted, now what?[edit]

Congrats, you've been promoted! Thanks for your contributions! You've gained a few more rights on the wiki now, check out this page for an overview.