Liquipedia:Player Page Tutorial

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Step 1: Add the infobox[edit]

Use {{Infobox player}}. Pay attention to the following fields:

  • id - the player's tag
  • image - a picture of the player. We must have permission from the photographer before a photo can be used. You can see what photo sources we can use in the Copyrights Repository. Photos should be uploaded to the Commons wiki.
  • name - the player's real name (if known)
  • main or alt - the characters played by this player. Different parameters exist for different games.
  • ids - former tags associated with the player. Do not include clan/crew tags.
  • Feel free to add any social media accounts as well

Step 2: Biography[edit]

Write a summary of the player's career

Step 3: Results[edit]

Results on Liquipedia are generated automatically. Just add {{Results overview |game=}} to the page, with game being one of:

  • 64
  • melee
  • brawl
  • pm
  • wiiu
  • ultimate

Make sure the game name is kept lowercase.

This template will look in the database for matches with the player's page name.

Step 4: Notable Wins[edit]

Use {{Recent ranked wins |game=}}

Step 5: Rankings[edit]

List placements in power rankings if applicable.

Step 6: Redirects[edit]

Redirects are used to direct one wiki page to another. In the case of player pages, they are also used to collect a player's results under a single tag.

For example, Trifasia changes his tag to Trif. By creating a redirect from "Trifasia" to "Trif", any bracket that contains the tag "Trifasia" will now be associated with the page "Trif". In general, anything in the |ids= parameter of a player's infobox should have redirects created for them.

To create a redirect, use the code #REDIRECT [[Target page name]]