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Step 1: Is this tournament part of a series?[edit]

If yes, you must create a subpage containing the tournament's number or subtitle. This makes it clear that the tournament is part of a series.

Eg. The link for Heir 2 is Heir/2. The link for the original Heir tournament is Heir/1. The link to the Heir tournament series is Heir.

In order to make the title of the page human-readable, add {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} to the page.


Step 2: Is this a multi-game tournament?[edit]

If yes, you must create an Overview page. This page will list all the different games being played at the event.

Step 2.1: Create the overview page[edit]

For an example, look at GENESIS/3

You need several things on this page:

  • DISPLAYTITLE - Overrides the default title of the page, which would be GENESIS/3
  • tabs game - Generates tabs that link to each game page. Set |basepage= to the base page of tournament. Eg. |basepage=GENESIS/3
  • Template:Infobox league - Creates an box with tournament information on the side of the page
    • You must have |overview=true in this template. |game= must not be filled in.
  • Game Logos - Eg. Template:Smash 64 Tournament (Replace 64 with other game names if needed). This creates clickable logos for each game.
  • Results - Eg. Template:TournamentOverviewRowSMW or Template:TournamentDoublesOverviewRowSMW. These templates automatically fill in information from the tournament subpages.

Submit your page.

Step 2.2: Create the subpages for each game[edit]

On your overview page, click the logos. They should lead you to the named subpages for each game. Eg. GENESIS/3/Melee or GENESIS/3/Wii U

Step 3: Create the tournament page[edit]

You will need:

  • DISPLAYTITLE - This will override the default page name. Include the game name in italics if the tournament is multi-game.
    • Eg. {{DISPLAYTITLE:Heir 2: ''Melee''}}
  • Tabs game - Only needed for multi-game tournaments. Identical to the one on the tournament overview page. |basepage should be the tournament overview page.
  • Tabs static - See the template documentation. Omit tabs if they aren't relevant (eg. no pools). The standard tabs are:
    • Overview (This page)
    • Singles Pools
    • Singles Bracket
    • Doubles Pools
    • Doubles Bracket
  • Infobox league - See the template documentation. Fill out as much information as you can.
  • Prize pool table - See the template documentation. These are fairly self-explanatory.

Step 4: Create the tournament brackets[edit]

Step 4.1: Set headers[edit]

Typically you will need something like this.

<!-- Tournament info -->

<!-- Player tag disambiguation -->
{{tabs static
  • DISPLAYTITLE sets the name of the page.
  • {{TournamentInfo}} is used to get necessary information regarding the tournament.
  • Replace {{Template:Tabs static}} with the tabs template you used on the game overview page.

Step 4.2: Set tournament info[edit]

See {{TournamentInfo}}

Step 4.3: Select brackets[edit]

These brackets do not save placement data. Use these for winners brackets.

These brackets save placement data. Use these for losers brackets (and top 4).

Step 4.4: Fill in brackets[edit]

There is a utility you can use to get fill brackets using data from or challonge.

For challonge

For further help with these programs, ask in the #Smash channel on Discord.

Step 4.5: Enter match details[edit]

There is a utility you can use to help simplify data entry for match data.