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Team Information
2009 – Organization founding
11th September 2015 – Smash division
Recent Player Trades:
2015-09-11: mYinsanity starts a Smash division by picking up Ice


mYinsanity is an eSport organisation based in Switzerland. It was formed in 2009 as a Counter Strike: Source team and subsequently picked up a Call of Duty 4 team in 2010. mYinsanity became the most offline-active organization in Switzerland by attending over 12 events every year. Over the years, mYinsanity transitioned from a team focused on the Swiss and German scene, into an international organisation with players from around the world for a variety of eSport titles including StarCraft II, League of Legends, Call of Duty 4 and Dota 2.

In September 2015, the organization signed Ice as their first Smash player.


  • September 6th - Ice leaves mYinsanity[2]
  • September 11 - mYinsanity starts a Smash division by picking up Ice[3]

Player Roster[edit]


Wii U Players[edit]

ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2018
Switzerland Destany Destan Huynh Little Mac Meta KnightWiiU 2018-02-08


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date Leave Date Moved To 2015 2016
Germany Ice Mustafa Akcakaya Fox Sheik 2015-09-11 2016-09-06 A59 - 12th The Big House 5 DreamHack Winter 2015 A57 - 8th GENESIS 3


ID Name Position
Switzerland Schloc Cédric Schlosser Executive Director
Switzerland Dos Dominique Hostettler General Manager