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Mang0 in top 8 at GENESIS 6
Player Information
Joseph Marquez
December 10, 1991 (age 31)
Years Active:
2007 - Present
Alternate IDs:
Mango, Scorpion Master
The Kid, The GOAT
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Current Mains:
Former Mains:
Captain Falcon
Dr. Mario
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Current Mains:
Project M
Current Mains:
Captain Falcon
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Current Mains:
Pound 3Pound 3 Revival of MeleeRevival of Melee GENESISGENESIS Pound 4Pound 4 Revival of Melee 4Revival of Melee 4 IMPULSEIMPULSE Zenith 2013Zenith 2013 EVO 2013EVO 2013 Revival of Melee 7Revival of Melee 7 Get On My Level 2014Get On My Level 2014 MLG Anaheim 2014MLG Anaheim 2014 Kings of Cali 4Kings of Cali 4 EVO 2014EVO 2014 The Big House 4The Big House 4 Press StartPress Start Paragon Los Angeles 2015Paragon Los Angeles 2015 DreamHack Austin 2016DreamHack Austin 2016 WTFox 2WTFox 2 Super Smash Con 2016Super Smash Con 2016 The Big House 6The Big House 6 Royal Flush 2017Royal Flush 2017 Super Smash Con 2017Super Smash Con 2017 Get On My Level 2019Get On My Level 2019 The Big House 9The Big House 9 Mango's Birthday BashMango's Birthday Bash THE CLG MIXUPTHE CLG MIXUP Slippi Champions League - Season 1 Week 1Slippi Champions League - Season 1 Week 1 Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3 Summit Champions League - Season 2 Week 1Summit Champions League - Season 2 Week 1 Smash Summit 11Smash Summit 11 Super Smash Con 2022Super Smash Con 2022 Lost Tech City 2022Lost Tech City 2022 Smash Summit 14Smash Summit 14 Mainstage 2022Mainstage 2022
2013-08-16 — 2014-05-06
2014-05-06 — Present

Joseph "Mang0" Marquez is an American Fox and Falco main currently playing for Cloud9. Due to his numerous major tournament wins, he is one of the Five Gods and is considered one of the greatest Melee players of all time.[1] He is highly regarded on many regional and national Power Rankings, and was last ranked 6th in SSBMRank Summer 2023 as well as 1st on The Melee Stats All-Time Top 100.


Mang0 is a Melee player from Norwalk, California, and is best known for his success with Falco and Fox.[2] However, he was originally a Jigglypuff player, and used the character from 2007 to 2009.

His breakout tournament was EVO World 2007, where he defeated both Mew2King and Ken. Mang0 finished 3rd, losing to HugS in winners finals, then to Ken in a rematch in losers finals. He was 15 at the time.

He won his first major at Pound 3 at the age of 16. This was the first notable losers bracket run in his career, and included victories over Azen, ChuDat, PC Chris, and finally Mew2King in 2 grand finals sets. He cemented himself as a top player after winning Revival of Melee in 2009 over Mew2King. Between Pound 3 and Revival of Melee, Mang0 picked up Falco to prove that he could win without using Jigglypuff.[2]

At GENESIS, he played Falco in winners finals against Armada, widely considered the best European player at the time. He lost this set 3-2. After a quick 3-0 win against Hungrybox, Mang0 earned a rematch with Armada in grand finals. He lost the first game using Falco before switching to Jigglypuff for the remaining games. Mang0 took the first set 3-2 and the second set 3-0, winning what is considered one of the greatest grand finals in Melee history. This kicked off the Mang0-Armada rivalry that would span nearly ten years from 2009 to 2018. In the end, Armada would lead in lifetime sets.

Scorpion Master[edit]

Mang0 was banned from Smashboards in 2010.[3][4] In response, Mang0 decided to prank the community by claiming to be a player from Mexico named Joshua Lopez using the tag ScorpionMaster94, or ScorpionMaster.[5][6] His skill was backed up video, and by players who were in on the joke.[7][8] However, the deception was quickly discovered. "Scorpion Master" entered Apex 2010 and finished 25th, losing to Wobbles and Eggz.

Mang0 continued to exclusively play secondaries in tournaments such as Pound V and Revival of Melee 3, falling short of top 8 both times.

Return to Serious Play[edit]

Mang0 played Fox and Falco at GENESIS 2, but was upset by Taj 3-2 in winners semis. However, Mang0 was able to regroup, and met Armada in grand finals from losers side. Armada won the tournament 3-2 over Mang0's Fox. Mang0's return to form continued with tournament wins at MELEE-FC10R Legacy and The Big House 2.

In 2013, Mang0 went to Europe with Scar for B.E.A.S.T 3. Europe's first big Armada-less tournament proved to be a victory for Mang0, though Ice put up a fight, taking a set from him in grand finals. Mang0 also won Zenith 2013, which had four of the Five Gods present.

EVO 2013[edit]

After a long hiatus, Melee would once again be on the main stage at EVO. The importance of the tournament even convinced Armada to return from retirement. With most top players in attendance, the winner of EVO would be the de-facto best player in the world.

Mang0 advanced to top 16 with relative ease, with only Axe being able to take a game from him. However, Wobbles defeated Mang0 1-2, sending him to the losers bracket before top 8. After defeating SFAT 2-1, Mang0 would not drop another game until the second set of grand finals, defeating Ice, Dr. PeePee, Armada, and Hungrybox along the way. He double-eliminated Wobbles in grand finals to take the tournament, securing rank #1 in the inaugural SSBMRank.

After EVO, he took a break to care for his pregnant girlfriend and to move to Ohio, where he was ranked at the 0 position on the Northeastern Ohio Melee Power Rankings.[9] In his few tournament appearances between EVO and Apex, he mostly played Captain Falcon and Marth.


Cloud9 and MLG Anaheim[edit]

At Apex 2014 in January, Mang0 finished 3rd. One of his most notable sets of the tournament was versus Leffen, where Mang0 took game 5 with a 4-stock.

In May, Mang0 defeated Hax to win WHOBO MLG in Texas. Although Hax defeated him in winners finals in a Fox mirror match, Mang0 took 2 sets from Hax using Falco in grand finals, both 3-0. This tournament victory also qualified Mang0 for MLG Anaheim 2014.

Mang0 was signed up by Cloud9 on May 6, 2014. He had a great start for Cloud9, winning the Canadian MLG qualifier Get On My Level 2014. However, he finished 3rd at his next 2 tournaments, SKTAR 3 and Super SWEET, losing to Mew2King in losers finals both times.

Mang0 placed 1st at MLG Anaheim 2014, taking home the largest prize of the year. In pools, he dropped a game to Armada and was upset 3-0 by Westballz. However, his group score of 5-2 was good enough for him to progress to the winners side of the Championship Bracket. There, Mang0 defeated PPMD and double-eliminated Armada to win. Armada struck back at CEO 2014 with a 3-0, 3-1 victory in grand finals. The two would face off again in grand finals at Kings of Cali 4, with Mang0 emerging the winner.

EVO 2014[edit]

With 970 entrants and backed by the prestige of its brand, EVO 2014 was the largest and most important tournament of the year. Mang0 won the tournament from the winners side, defeating Mew2King 2-0 in winners semis and Hungrybox 3-2 in both winners and grand finals. The back-to-back EVO win was instrumental in solidifying Mang0's claim to top Melee player in the world.

The Big House 4[edit]

At The Big House 4, Mang0 made it to top 8 on the winners side, defeating Hax with his Falcon and Marth along the way. In winners semis, Mang0 was 3-0'd by Mew2King's Sheik. In losers, he defeated long time teams partner Lucky 3-2, Armada 3-1, and Leffen 3-1 (including another set-clinching 4-stock), to reach Mew2King in grand finals. Mang0 used both Fox and Falco against Mew2King's Marth, defeating him 3-1, 3-1 to win the tournament.


Mang0 traveled to Europe for the Apex qualifier B.E.A.S.T 5. He finished 3rd, losing to Armada and Leffen. After Leffen beat Chillindude 5-0 in the Apex 2015 Salty Suite, Mang0 challenged Leffen to a $1,000 money match if they played in bracket.[10][11] They ended up meeting in winners semis, with Leffen winning 3-1. Mang0 would then be eliminated by Armada 3-0 in losers semis, finishing 4th.

In his next tournament, I'm Not Yelling, Mang0 seemed poised to take the tournament after defeating Armada 3-1 in winners finals. However, Armada came back in grand finals in two 3-1 sets. This was followed by a disappointing 5th place finish at Sandstorm, losing to two non-Gods (Axe in winners, Westballz in losers).

Mang0's first tournament win in 2015 was at Press Start. After showing up late and getting disqualified from winners, Mang0 went through the entirety of the losers bracket before defeating Fly Amanita twice in grand finals.

At EVO 2015, Mang0 was upset by Plup in winners quarters, but would make it to top 8 by beating Druggedfox 2-0. His tournament run was ended by Hungrybox, who eliminated him at 5th place. During the awards ceremony, Mang0 famously threw his medal into the crowd.[12]

Mang0 would rebound at Paragon Los Angeles 2015, defeating Mew2King in grand finals 3-2. However, he suffered his worst loss in years at HTC Throwdown, where he finished 17th-24th, losing to Druggedfox and MacD. He was unable to defend his title at The Big House 5, finishing 4th after losing to Hungrybox and Mew2King. Mew2King would again defeat Mang0 at Smash Summit in winners semis, but Mang0 was able to make it to grand finals, where Armada would win 3-2.

Mang0 finished the year ranked 4th in SSBMRank 2015.


Mang0 began the year with a strong performance at GENESIS 3. After losing to Axe 3-1 in winners quarters, he beat Plup, Nintendude, PPMD, Axe, and Hungrybox to reach grand finals. He was able to win one set against Armada, but ultimately lost the bracket reset, finishing 2nd overall. This began a trend of 2nd place finishes at tournaments in the first half of the year, which was only briefly interrupted by a 4th place finish at Smash Summit 2 and a tournament win at DreamHack Austin 2016.

At WTFox 2, Mang0 took 1st place in a dominant fashion. He notably beat Armada twice at this tournament, including several games played with Marth.

At EVO 2016, the largest Melee tournament of all time, Mang0 was favored to win after his performance at WTFox 2. However, he was beaten by Plup and Hungrybox, and finished 4th.

Throughout the rest of the year, Mang0 continued to achieve top 4 finishes, including tournament wins at Super Smash Con 2016 and The Big House 6. The year ended on an underwhelming note, as Mang0 placed 13th at the UGC Smash Open, losing to MikeHaze and Mew2King.

Mang0 was ranked 3rd on SSBMRank 2016.


Competitively, this year was largely unremarkable for Mang0. His performance at Smash Summit - Spring 2017 was marred by a 9th place finish, with notable losses to Axe and ChuDat. He won two major tournaments, Royal Flush and Super Smash Con 2017, but fell short in the rest of the year. Armada also defeated him in grand finals at EVO 2017, once again denying Mang0 the opportunity to "threepeat".


2018 was a particularly poor year for Mang0, as he was unable to win a single tournament. However, he was still able to consistently make top 8 at major tournaments including GENESIS 5, Smash Summit 6, Shine 2018, and The Big House 8.

Armada once again eliminated Mang0 from EVO 2018. As this was the last EVO to feature Melee, his dream of achieving three EVO wins was no longer possible.

At Super Smash Con 2018, Mang0 lost 2-1 to Ice Climbers player Flipsy in the winners bracket. He subsequently forfeit from the losers bracket, finishing 65th.[13] This was his worst tournament result of the year.

Mang0 was ranked 6th in the MPGR Summer 2018 and 5th in the MPGR 2018.


After over 1 year and 9 months, Mang0 finally won another major at Get On My Level 2019.

Following some unimpressive results in the next few months, Mang0 won The Big House 9. After a 3-0 loss to Leffen in winners semis, Mang0 defeated Hungrybox and Fiction to reach Leffen again in losers finals. Mang0 won the rematch 3-2. In grand finals, Mang0 beat Zain in a 3-2, 3-2 victory.

2020 and Online Tournaments[edit]

Mang0 started off the year with consecutive 3rd place finishes at GENESIS 7 and Smash Summit 9.

In March, COVID-19 struck, and the world began to shut down. Melee tournaments were cancelled or postponed until further notice. With no way to enter events, Mang0 began to focus more on his streaming career. During the summer, Project Slippi was released, making Melee netplay viable due to rollback netcode. Mang0 made his online tournament debut at the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2. He finished 2nd, defeating n0ne and iBDW, but getting double-eliminated by Zain. Two months later, Mang0 won THE CLG MIXUP, beating iBDW and n0ne once again. Mang0 also participated in the Slippi Champions League (later renamed the Summit Champions League). He won the first week's event, but was unable to replicate the performance in the subsequent three weeks.

At Smash Summit 10 Online, Mang0 placed 2nd, again getting double-eliminated by Zain. He closed out the year at the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3, where Mang0 defeated Shroomed, Hungrybox, Axe, Wizzrobe, and iBDW to win the event.


Summit Champions League[edit]

Mang0 took a small break from competing after his win at Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2, and entered his first online major of the year at Four Loko Fight Night. In top 16, he lost a close Game 1 with Falco to Kalamazhu, and decided to sandbag with Captain Falcon for the rest of the event, ultimately placing 9th.

In the second season of Summit Champions League, Mang0 once again won the first week of the event, defeating Ginger, iBDW, and Zain. In Week 3, he lost to Wizzrobe for the first time in his career. During the final week, Mang0 lost a game 5 set to Plup, but made a losers bracket run, defeating Ginger, Wizzrobe, moky, iBDW, and SFAT to reach grand finals. He beat Zain in one set, but was unable to take the second, placing 2nd overall. This performance qualified Mang0 for Smash Summit 11, the first in-person Melee major in nearly a year and a half.

Smash Summit 11: The Return of Offline[edit]

At Smash Summit 11, Mang0 decided to use Fox despite playing Falco for the majority of quarantine. He went 3-0 in his pool, taking sets off of Hungrybox, moky, and KoDoRiN. In the gauntlet stage, Mang0 lost a game 5 set to aMSa, but qualified for the winners bracket regardless. In winners quarters of the Final Bracket, Mang0 lost to Plup 3-1. He made an impressive run in losers, defeating moky, n0ne, iBDW, Plup, and Hungrybox to reach Grand Finals.

For the first time ever, Mang0 played Fox against Zain in a tournament set. Mang0 went down 0-2 in the set before making a 3-0 comeback to take the first set. Notably, this comeback involved two wins on Final Destination against Zain, something which was considered nearly impossible for Fox. The second set went to a game five, last stock scenario. Ultimately, Mang0 was victorious, winning his first ever Smash Summit and the largest prize pool in Melee history. At the time, this tournament made Mang0 the oldest player to win a major at the age of 30.

In November 2021, Mang0 was ranked 1st on The Melee Stats All-Time Top 100, and was unofficially crowned the Greatest Melee Player of All Time. After placing 2nd at Smash Summit 12 in December, Mang0 was ranked 1st on the BlurRank.



At GENESIS 8, Mang0 was upset in pools by Fizzwiggle despite being first seed. He made a deep run through the losers bracket, but was ultimately eliminated by Hungrybox, placing 9th. Pound 2022 featured a similarly disappointing result, with Mang0 dropping sets to Fiction and lloD, finishing 13th. Mang0 cited a lack of motivation to compete after his strong Smash Summit 11 performance and being named the Greatest Melee Player of All Time.[14] He said that after Smash Summit 13, he would be taking a break from the game. At Smash Summit 13, he went 3-0 in his pool, including a win over rising star Jmook. However, he lost to Hungrybox and KoDoRiN in bracket, missing Top 8 for the 3rd major in a row.

Despite a 5th place finish at Get On My Level 2022, Mang0's poor performancee in the first half of the year resulted in him being ranked 11th on the MPGR Summer 2022.

Return to Form[edit]

Mang0's results in the second half of the year were much better, with tournament wins at Super Smash Con 2022, Lost Tech City 2022, Smash Summit 14, and Mainstage 2022. He placed in the Top 8 at every tournament in this period, with his worst result being a 7th place finish at the Ludwig Smash Invitational, losing to aMSa and SluG.

Despite his four tournament slump in the first half of the year, Mang0's subsequent results earned him 3rd on the SSBMRank 2022.



Recent Notable Wins

Wins over players ranked in SSBMRank 2022:

Rank 2 - aMSa
Rank 4 - Cody Schwab
Rank 10 - Axe
Rank 13 - moky
Rank 16 - Aklo
Rank 25 - Magi
Rank 29 - Spark
Rank 31 - Salt
Rank 35 - Zuppy
Rank 36 - Mekk
Rank 38 - Trif
Rank 58 - Bbatts
Rank 80 - Kalvar


Project M[edit]




Tournaments Organized[edit]


274 entrants
United States La Mirada
No Tier
350 entrants
United States Norwalk
No Tier
457 entrants
United States Long Beach
No Tier
128 entrants
United States San Bernardino
No Tier


247 entrants
United States La Mirada
No Tier



Vs. Armada[edit]

Vs. Mew2King[edit]

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Combo Videos[edit]


  • Mango played Starcraft II during his off time and was a Masters league player.
  • Mango is infamous for his accidental self-destructs.
  • Mango is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles due to the movie Rocky.
  • Mango has a tattoo of Fox on one arm and Falco on the other.
  • Mango is a father.
  • Mango received his gamertag in the 5th grade while playing the PC first-person shooter Counter-Strike. He entered his name as "I want Mangos" and which shortened to just Mango.[citation needed]



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